Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2025

Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

As a rule, bathroom renovation is both time consuming and costly. Therefore, knowing the main trends of the next year will help solve the main problem – where is fashion going. Are there any drastic changes in interior solutions, what style to give preference to and what color range to rely on. So, 2025 bathroom designs does not provide for dramatic changes in trends, but something will still differ from past years.

Along with the development of our lifestyle, interior trends have therefore come a long way. Thankfully, 2025 bathroom design trends include the largest color palette.

The hideous color combinations of the 60s and 70s seem to be forgotten forever. In other words, the next bathroom colors of 2025 will change the way you look at the interior of the coming years.

1. Gray bathroom trends 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Gray is the neutral color of the color wheel. As a design element, it was first used in the 1980s. Gray continues to dominate 2025 bathroom designs.

Typically, in vintage interiors, gray is used as a background. Thanks to its neutral hue, it works well for highlighting antique décor without distracting attention to the background.

However, gray is now an important part of 2025 bathroom ideas. This is the most modern and versatile color, but 2025 is bringing its own surprises. To keep shades of gray from looking boring, you can mix them with pastel colors. As a result, you will get rich and deep, but at the same time neutral and not bright dominant tones.

2. The golden hue in bathroom design 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Obviously, gold is one of the most valuable metals. If there is any detail that can create an atmosphere of wealth, then it is definitely gold. Of course, not everyone can afford to use real gold in a bathroom interior. Therefore, designers use other metals, such as copper, which has the same color tone as gold. Metal objects are widely used for 2025 bathroom ideas.

Gold shades are never used alone. Naturally, there is a reason for this. Unfortunately, there are people who think that the more you show off expensive materials, the better the design. However, it is not. Gold works best when paired with black. It gives a feeling of pure luxury.

3. Black in bathroom design trends 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Older designers believed that a white-on-white bathroom was the best solution for this room. However, the modern view does not deny that black on black is striking in the most pleasant way.

Thanks to advances in technology, modern manufacturers are able to offer different shades of black. By the way, there are a great many of these shades. These combinations add value to the design and make it visually more expensive.

4. Bright ideas for the bathroom 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

The use of brighter hues in the 2025 design trends aims to create a more joyful and upbeat atmosphere in this room. Unfortunately, an overly bright 2025 bathroom interior can look silly and not serious. However, when combined correctly, it definitely has a style of its own.

Colors such as red, green, blue and yellow, as well as orange and purple create a cozy atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to use stimulating colors like this. It is important to know when to stop and to compensate for bright colors with neutral tones.

5. Green shades in bathroom design trends 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

There are several reasons why green is present in the 2025 interior trends. One of them is the impact of the environment on humans. Green automatically makes you feel close to nature. The second reason is the special mood that green creates.

Green blends easily with any shape. This makes it easy to incorporate the entire green palette into your hygiene room.

6. Beige bathroom interior design trendsTop 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Beige is one of the neutral colors on the palette. It is mainly used as a background color. Shades of beige look amazing when paired with light tones and warm colors. As a rule, visually beige is associated with nature and suburban dacha mood.

Obviously, minimalist interiors look great with this color. Many interior design trends 2025 include this color in their 2025 bathroom ideas. Most likely, this is due to the unique harmony of beige with the entire main palette of trending colors.

7. Blue shades and tones in bathroom design 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

For decades, people in European countries have preferred blue the most. It is the color of relaxation, trust and class. Over the past few years, modern technology has been able to create a huge range of shades of blue.

Incorporating these colors into the 2025 bathroom trend brings the most chic bathroom designs of 2025.

Accent tiles and colorful accessories for the modern bathroomTop 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

A little about the beautiful trends of modern design in decoration. Obviously, it is the bright colors that look exciting. As a rule, in a modern bathroom interior, the colorful design of tiles and accessories allows you to create practical and attractive solutions in the design of the room.

Why? First, modern ceramic, porcelain stoneware and other tiles offer incredible interior design ideas. Secondly, they are easy to clean. Thirdly, it is the most popular finishing material, which is functional and attractive at the same time. Besides, tiles are timeless.

It is beauty and elegance that make the new tile collections the perfect solution for modern hygiene room design. Moreover, they are suitable for both modern design and renovation projects for old bathrooms.

Designers believe that trendy tiles and stylish accessories brighten modern bathroom interiors, showcasing the latest interior design trends. It is a unique tool for creating fun spaces and personalizing any design solution.

Combinations of black and white or brightly decorated walls and floors with black or white décor are a stylish way to create a modern bathroom interior. The design effect is important, where people can relax and rejuvenate while enjoying beauty and style.

Modern tiles in bathroom design 2025Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

As described above, bathroom tiles are versatile and aesthetic. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive and suits all design styles. In the new year, tiles imitating wood, metal, concrete and brick, as well as glass tiles, are in trend.

These collections underline the modernity of the interior and fit perfectly into both minimalism and classic styles. In addition, their reflective surfaces create a spacious and light effect.

Breaking away from traditional brick wall ties, the most popular in 2025 will be vertical bathroom tiles. Designers are constantly proposing new solutions and ideas. As an example: matte tiles in champagne tones.

Which interior color should you choose?Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Warm tones such as reds, oranges, and yellows are more appropriate for energetic people. However, cool tones are more acceptable for a person who prefers to spend a long time in the bathroom. Moreover, the use of essential oils lengthens the relaxation time.

All blues and greens, mid-grays, and even blacks are great choices for those on the go.

The color that has been the most sought after in the past few months is undoubtedly pink. But not all of its shades, but only royal and beige and pink. These tones, popular back in the 50s, have undergone significant changes. And in 2025, they’ll be some of the trendiest shades you can choose from.

Bathroom lightingTop 7 Bathroom Design Trends 2022

It is obvious that modern bathroom lighting lends chic and style to the interior. In addition, it enhances the richness of colors, adding luxury to the bathroom interior. It goes without saying that modern fixtures are a great accent for both large and small bathrooms.


Another great way to create a relaxing scheme in your bathroom is to bring in natural elements. When it comes to stone, marble is the most popular for its luxurious appearance and characteristic veins. Happy viewing.

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