Top 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

The importance of the design of your bathroom should not be underestimated. After all, the small but mighty space is where you get ready and relax every day! Look for a bathroom refresh, whether it’s replacing tiles with better colours, adding drama with an accent wall, or simply creating a more relaxing shower space.

Invest your money and effort in 2024 bathroom colour trends that will both look and feel fresh at the start of the year. More importantly, trendy or not, you will want your bathroom to reflect your personality, but at the same time your lifestyle.

What colour trend for the bathroom 2024?Top 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

Situated somewhere between the spartan, neutral minimalism of Scandi interiors and a loud, bold, textural maximalist aesthetic, an intriguing new interior trend is emerging – Danish pastels. A country with a colourful design history (just think of Lego). Danish designers and content creators were the first to launch this interesting move towards pastels in 2021, but it’s only now that the trend is trickling down to living spaces. We looked at emerging colour trends for bathroom spaces and reached out to experts in the home design field to get their perspective, too. Below are the shades and colours expected to be most popular for bathrooms in 2024.

Shades of blueTop 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

From soft baby blues to deep jewel tones, many shades of blue will be popular in bathrooms this coming year. Blue is the colour most often associated with water, making it a natural choice for many bathroom designs. From bright and bold to soft and calm, this colour helps to enhance feelings of rest and rejuvenation, ideal for these spaces. Interior designers believe that blues, mixed with greens, will also have some resistance. It is also a bathroom accessories trend 2024, because it’s soothing and natural yet bold enough. Blue goes very well with green, but also classic white, cream and even some grays and purples. It’s a versatile colour that lets you switch up the accent, without making the space look dated.

Tender Roses colour for the bathroom 2024!Top 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

Soft shades of pink are also becoming a trend colour 2024very popular for bathrooms. These colours include dusty pink, light peach, mauve, and other shades that have a slight pinkish tint. The difference is that these shades are softer, more sophisticated and give bathroom spaces a touch of classic elegance. These softer hues work great with some of the popular metal colours this year, including copper, brass, and rose gold. They also pair beautifully with earthy tones for those who want to add just a pop of colour to an otherwise earthy-toned space. If the intention is to create a bolder retro design, choose bolder colours, such as burgundy, turquoise or black to enhance the vintage look brought by the roses.

Bet on all the shades of green!Top 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

Green, along with other natural shades, was the number one colour choice for bathrooms in 2022. It’s also set to become just as popular in 2024! The shades do soften though, while blending darker shades with lighter hues. Mix green with blue or with earth tones. Some colours that should be seen more frequently in the bathroom also include trending shower curtains in olive, sage and mint. Incorporate green into the bathroom, think about how it will be used with these other shades. Green ranges from yellow to blue, so mix warmer colours like sage with natural hues for a more subtle look or combine brighter greens with blues for a more ocean-inspired design.

Black and whiteTop 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

Black and white bathrooms are a classic design that never goes out of style. And this colour combination is also getting a lot of attention for 2024. They are sophisticated and elegant in their design, but otherwise allow pops of many different colours to be incorporated into the room. Colours like gray, blue, green, and even red can all play beautifully in a black and white bathroom. This combination can look light and airy, or chic and moody, depending on how much black or white is used and how much natural light the space has. Popular bathroom designs for this classic duo include modern and retro.

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