Toilet size: how to provide a comfortable environment for the whole family

When choosing a home, many pay attention to the size of the bathroom in the last place, which is considered extremely wrong. If the area of the room is very small, then it will not be easy to arrange the essentials, especially since there will be no space left for placing household appliances and furniture. The bathroom toilet size may not be huge, but at least there should be enough space to conveniently install the toilet on which it will sit comfortably.comfortable toilet size whole family

There must be enough space in the toilet to sit comfortably on the toilet

Features of the layout and size of the toilet in the apartment

The amount of work on the design of the toilet primarily depends on the state of the room, because it can be a room with a rough finish or even with brick walls, if we are talking about a new building. In any case, no matter what state the toilet is in an apartment or house, repairs should be started with interior planning. In this case, it is required to take into account the size of the room and the features of the decoration. Depending on the size of the toilet in the house, you will need to solve the following issues:comfortable toilet size whole family

When planning a toilet, consider the size and finish of the room.

  1. Calculate the number of necessary plumbing fixtures that you want to install. For example, if this is just a toilet, then a toilet bowl and at least a small sink will be enough here, but if we are talking about a combined bathroom, then additionally you need to provide a place for a bath and a minimum set of furniture.
  2. Think over how to plan the layout of communications in order to place all the necessary elements. If space is limited, you can purchase multifunctional appliances such as a toilet with a bidet function or a shower cabin with a spacious tray.
  3. Choose the options for the optimal finish. So, in a small toilet, you should not use drywall walls, which will take away useful space. You also need to understand that if the walls need to be plastered, then at least 2-10 cm will be taken away from each surface.

Useful advice! The area of the toilet should be calculated at the stage of finishing and not earlier, because in accordance with the selected material, the area can also change. For example, a plasterboard frame takes up to 10 cm, and plaster, depending on the absence or presence of a reinforcing mesh, takes 2-15 cm from each wall.comfortable toilet size whole family

If the size of the room allows, then it is advisable to install at least a sink in the toilet

What should be the size of the toilet in the apartment in accordance with GOST and SNiPam

At the stage of repairs in a house or apartment, many try to increase the area precisely due to the size of the toilet and very often very little space is left for this room. In order not to be mistaken with the area and then not to have problems with government services, you need to take into account the standard dimensions of the toilet in the apartment adopted according to SNiP.

In the regulatory legal documents of Russia, there is a large list of rules governing the parameters of bathrooms, as well as determining the minimum size of a toilet in an apartment, house or any other public space.

Also, the norms establish not only the size, but also the location of the bathroom. For example, according to the BTI rules, if, as a result of redevelopment, the toilet turned out to be above the living area or the kitchen, the design of such an apartment will be refused, which means that everything will have to be redone. Sometimes condescension is only done when designing two-level apartments. In any case, when calculating the size of a toilet in an apartment of a panel house, you should first think over all the nuances.comfortable toilet size whole family

According to SNiP standards, the minimum size of the toilet should be 0.8×1.2×2.5 m

The only time when you can ignore the accepted norms and rules is when planning the location and size of the toilet in a private house, if you do not use a connection to either the central sewerage system or to the water supply. And yet, before abandoning the established parameters, you need to take into account the standard dimensions of the toilet, regulated by SNiP:

  • width – not less than 0.8 m;
  • length – from 1.2 m;
  • wall height – from 2.5 m.

According to the norms, the standard sizes of the toilet in the apartment are distinguished, which are indicated in this table:

Room type Width, m Length, m Area, m2
Bathroom with installed toilet and washbasin 1 1.5 1.5
Combined toilet and bathroom 1.98
Combined bathroom with shower (instead of a bath) 1.4 1.6 2.24

When planning a toilet in a private house, these standards can be rounded off and make a more spacious room in which all plumbing items can freely fit, while leaving enough space for comfortable movement.

Useful advice! If a large area is allocated for a bathroom, for example, 6-7 m2, and a large number of people live in the family, it can be divided into two full-fledged separate rooms. It is recommended to install not a bathtub, but a shower cabin in one room, but it is better to install a toilet bowl with a sink in both rooms. When designing such bathrooms, you can use double-sided installations. The minimum recommended size of a toilet with a sink in a private house is 2-2.5 m2.

Minimum toilet dimensions to consider when planning the space

Separately, it should be said that according to accepted standards, if the toilet room is located on the attic floor, then the distance from the toilet bowl to the sloped ceiling should not be less than 105 cm.Other important rules that must be followed when planning the size of the toilet in an apartment:comfortable toilet size whole family

The bidet must be at least 25 cm away from the toilet

  1. The door of the room should open strictly outward. It is strongly discouraged to install a door that swings open inward.
  2. The exit from the bathroom should be organized only in the corridor or hallway. It is impossible to place the toilet door close to the living area, and even more so to the kitchen.
  3. When leaving the corridor, the ceiling height should not be less than 210 cm, which is important if you plan to make a mezzanine in the corridor.

The standards of GOST and SNiP also regulate the installation of plumbing. Therefore, if it is planned to install not only a toilet in the bathroom, but also a bidet, washbasin or shower, the following indicators must be taken into account:

  1. There should be at least 70 cm of free space in front of the shower stall or bath bowl.
  2. The bidet must be removed from the toilet at a distance of at least 25 cm. The device can be positioned on either side.
  3. The optimum distance from the center axis of the bowl to the side wall is 45 cm.
  4. There should be 60 cm of free space from the front side of the toilet to the nearest wall, it is recommended to leave 25-35 cm on the sides.
  5. If a washbasin is installed, the distance from it to the nearest surface should not be less than 70 cm.comfortable toilet size whole family

It is advisable to install the washbasin at a distance of at least 70 cm from the toilet

It should be noted that the proposed standards are more suitable when it comes to a toilet with a large area, when it is difficult to decide how to place all the plumbing items. Often, the area of the toilet in the Khrushchev does not exceed a few squares. In this case, the toilet bowl is installed at the back wall in the middle of the booth, and there is rarely additional space for other elements. It should also be noted that the above standards are more related to the layout of a separate toilet. When designing a combined bathroom, such strict rules do not apply – when redeveloping, you need to rely on personal comfort.

Useful information! The minimum area of the toilet that can be found is 1.8-2 m2. With a competent approach, even in such conditions, it will be possible to create a comfortable corner by correctly positioning the furniture and using modern functional plumbing.

Standard size toilet for people with disabilities

Separately, when discussing the standards, mention should be made of the size of the toilet stall for people with disabilities. So, the norms of SNiP 2.08.02-89 concerning public buildings, which are spelled out in paragraph 4.36, regulate the standard sizes of bathrooms for disabled people. According to the requirements, the following sizes of toilets for disabled people are distinguished:comfortable toilet size whole family

The door to the toilet for people with disabilities should only open outward

  • room width – 1.65 m;
  • depth – 1.8 m.

A prerequisite is the fact that the door must open strictly outward, so as not to interfere with the free movement of the wheelchair. According to the regulations, additional equipment such as urinals or bidets is not required, but their installation is considered highly desirable.

In addition to the fact that the size of the toilet cubicle should be taken into account, it is also necessary to select the optimal location for its location so that a person with a disability can easily get there without additional assistance. The presence of handrails both near the toilet and near the sink is considered mandatory. The optimal height of the handrail is 75 cm. In this case, it is necessary that on the side from which the person will be transferred to the toilet from the chair, it should be folding.

Important! The dimensions of the doors to the bathroom and toilet should be such that a person in a wheelchair can safely pass through them.comfortable toilet size whole family

Toilet plan of standard sizes for people with disabilities

In a restroom intended for a person with a disability, the sink should be installed at a level not higher than 80 cm, and the mirror – at a height of 1 m. wheelchair user. The drain button should also be mounted at a convenient height, it is best if it is located on one of the handrails.

If a person has problems with hip or knee joints, then the height of the toilet bowl in the toilet should be higher than the standard – about 45-60 cm. In this case, you need to pay attention to the size of the toilet installation. The installation allows you to adjust the installation height of the toilet and does not require the installation of unnecessary podiums or other types of bases. The minimum dimensions of a toilet in a private house or apartment intended for people with disabilities are:

  • the width of the bathroom with the installed sink is 1.6, and the length is 2.2 m;
  • toilet combined with a bath – 2.2×2.2 m.comfortable toilet size whole family

The minimum dimensions of a toilet for people with disabilities: depth – 180 cm, width – 165 cm

If a bathroom for disabled people is located in a public place, a special sign must be placed on the door, and an alarm button must be installed inside at a convenient height.

What toilets are considered standard in old and new apartments

The area of the toilet in the apartment has always been determined according to the norms of SNiP. In recent decades, these indicators have not changed, at least the minimum dimensions have definitely remained unchanged. Apartments of the old fund could rarely boast of large bathroom parameters, but even in a limited area, you can arrange a comfortable and convenient space with enough free space.

When planning the interior of a small toilet, experts recommend adhering to the following rules:comfortable toilet size whole family

Old apartments rarely have large toilets

  1. Make careful measurements of the room and draw a diagram of the room, taking into account all sizes, niches and openings.
  2. Think over the floor plan in detail, draw all the plumbing fixtures taking into account the dimensions and see if everything fits in the room and if there is enough free space for unhindered movement. At this stage, you can determine the number of devices in order to understand what you can refuse.
  3. Arrange niches and corners. For the correct organization of a small area, it is advised to use built-in and hinged structures to the maximum. To save space, you can arrange a toilet installation in a niche or make a built-in wardrobe for small things.

It is also important to think in advance about the dimensions of the chosen plumbing. If the toilet is small, you should not purchase a toilet with a depth of more than 60 cm, because it will be inconvenient to use a large and improperly installed device.comfortable toilet size whole family

In new buildings, there are toilet rooms with an area of 4 m2 or more

As for modern layouts in new buildings, here, as a rule, a large area is allocated for a bathroom. Small modern apartments are usually characterized by the presence of a toilet of about 4 m², while apartments over 60 m² can boast either a separate bathroom or a large toilet combined with a bathtub, the size of which reaches 6 m².

Also, modern luxury housing can be complemented by a toilet, the size of which is equal to 9 m². This area will be enough to arrange the most comfortable room with all household appliances, spacious lockers for linen and household chemicals. In some cases, a built-in ironing board is installed in such a large bathroom, on which it is convenient to iron linen.

If we talk about new buildings, then for any area of the apartment, certain rules are observed regarding the size of the bathroom. So, in new one-room apartments, the area of this room allows you to freely place all the necessary elements: a bath, a toilet, a sink. Often there is a corner for installing a washing machine or a basket for dirty laundry.comfortable toilet size whole family

A spacious toilet can be equipped with everything you need for comfortable use

In two- and three-room apartments, it is most often planned to place a separate bathroom. The layout of apartments measuring 80-100 m², depending on the total area of housing, provides for two bathrooms of various sizes. The recommended sizes of toilet doors are 55-60 cm openings, excluding the width of the jambs.

How to calculate the parameters of the restroom, which will be comfortable for all family members

In most cases, expanding the boundaries of a small toilet in a high-rise building or any other public building is considered unrealistic, because this will require not only taking the area from another room, but also thinking over the demolition of walls and their construction in a new place. This issue is quite different when organizing a toilet room in a private house, when you can plan the optimal size of a bathroom even at the construction stage and create a layout for rooms.

Before creating a plan for a house, it is necessary to decide in advance what kind of bathroom you need to arrange: joint or separate, and you can also think about the presence of several toilets in advance. In this case, most often they make a separate small toilet with a sink and a toilet bowl, and in the second room a full-fledged combined bathroom is made out.comfortable toilet size whole family

It is necessary to create a comfortable bathroom for the whole family even at the design stage

Useful advice! Everyone at the stage of building their own house wants to make all the rooms as large as possible. It is better to realize this desire when planning a large bedroom or kitchen, but it is not considered reasonable to allocate more than 6-7 m² for a bathroom. This area was calculated taking into account the standards and features of the placement of plumbing fixtures.

The table shows the optimal area, which is sufficient for the installation of one or another plumbing:

Device name Free area, m2
Shower cabin 2-2.5
Bath 2-3.5
Toilet bowl 1-2
Sink 0.7-1

Before planning the situation, you should familiarize yourself with the standard dimensions of plumbing, for example, the length of the toilet, depending on the model and size, varies from 460 to 605 mm, the width is from 300 to 400 mm, and the height reaches 40 cm. and compact toilets of reduced size, as well as bowls with increased parameters, designed for very large people and disabled people with disabilities.

The bidet usually has standard dimensions – 60×40 cm.The most common width of the bathtub is considered to be 70-85 cm, and the height, depending on the absence or presence of legs, varies from 48 to 64 cm.Many bowl options stand out along the length, for example, there are small sit-down baths up to 120 cm in size. The optimal length is 150-170 cm, which is enough to accommodate a person of average build. Showers can be either square or any other shape. Washbasins are of different widths, and the depth is usually 40-60 cm.

How to repair a small toilet: photos of finished interiors

Before you design a small toilet in a panel house or any other housing, you should first think about the features of the repair. The toilet and the bathroom, even if they are divided into different rooms, are nevertheless considered a single bathroom, when decorating which one should use the same style, color, texture and the same finishing materials. Also, before starting the repair, you need to decide on the amount and type of plumbing, because the installation under a wall-hung toilet or bidet should be fixed before finishing the walls.comfortable toilet size whole family

A cozy and comfortable toilet interior can be created even in a small room

Useful advice! In a shared bathroom of any size, it is recommended to use ceramic tiles on all surfaces except the ceiling, which retain their appearance for a long time and are not exposed to moisture. In a small, separate toilet, wallpaper can be used for wall decoration if desired, but ceramics is still considered the best option.

You can visually expand the boundaries of even a small bathroom with the help of light finishes, but when creating a toilet design 4 sq. m you can already show more imagination and apply any combination of colors. Here, in addition to the sink and toilet, it will already be possible to provide additional plumbing, household appliances, small furniture, for example, you can install a wall cabinet with sliding or swing doors for storing household items.

It is important to arrange a toilet of a very small area in the loft style, because the direction accepts the presence of open communications, as well as a minimum amount of decoration on the walls. A characteristic feature of a loft is the presence of brickwork, so you can save on finishing at least one wall. In this case, you need to be sure that open bricks in a small toilet will not cause injury.comfortable toilet size whole family

You can make the room visually larger with the help of decoration

If you look at photos of toilet designs for a small area, you can often note the presence of corner furniture and built-in plumbing. This technique allows you to maximize the unclaimed areas around the corner and free up more free space in the central part of the room. A large selection of photos of small toilets interiors is presented on the Internet, proving that even a small space can be made unusual and comfortable.

How to properly position a country toilet: dimensions and drawings

The manufacture of a small outdoor country toilet is planned in the case when it is rather difficult to make a toilet in the house. In addition to the fact that you need to figure out the size of the toilet in a private house on the street, you should pay great attention to the choice of a place, because in this case there are also some rules and regulations. It is considered an extremely bad idea to install an outdoor toilet in the central part of the local area or near a neighboring site. The best place is considered to be the far inner corner of the cottage, located 1 m from the rear and lateral demarcation line.

In addition to choosing a convenient location for the building, you should also adhere to the sanitary norms of SNiP, prescribed in section No. 42-128-4690-88. In accordance with the rules that relate to private development and the territory of garden and dacha associations, it is necessary:comfortable toilet size whole family

Project of a wooden country toilet with dimensions

  1. Execute a cesspool no less than 10-12 m from the nearest residential area.
  2. Do not locate the place of accumulation of sewage closer than 25 m to a drinking well or stationary water source.
  3. Install a toilet cubicle at least 1 m from the fence.
  4. Think over the building so that it is not closer than 12-13 m to the basement or cellar.
  5. The nearest fruit trees from the toilet should be at least 4 m.

You can deviate from some rules, especially for dacha associations located along rivers or lakes. In this case, it is recommended to organize a hermetic septic tank instead of a cesspool, which will not harm the surrounding reservoirs. The container with waste should be located so that a sewer truck can easily drive up to it. When planning a waste pit, it is necessary to take into account the wind rose, so that the constant smell of the sewer does not interfere with normal rest.

How to correctly determine the optimal size of the toilet

To correctly determine the size of an outdoor toilet, you should first think about the type of construction. This can be the usual widespread version of the “village” toilet with a deep cesspool, or a modern “backlash closet”, during the construction of which a septic tank with full waterproofing is thought out to prevent contamination of soil and groundwater. Another, less common option is considered to be a dry closet, which is simply installed inside the erected booth, but the complexity of caring for it did not contribute to its popularity. The following are considered the standard sizes of a country toilet:comfortable toilet size whole family

The minimum optimal dimensions for an outdoor toilet are considered to be 1.2 m wide and 1.5 m deep.

  1. An ordinary rectangular house with four parallel walls, with a toilet seat or an ordinary hole in the floor, must have a depth of at least 1.5 m, a width of at least 1.2 m is considered convenient.
  2. When planning a toilet that has a triangular shape of a hut or a hut, the depth should be thought at the level of 1.5 m, and the width should be at least 1 m.In order to be comfortable in the toilet, more than 40 cm of space should be left from the head to the inclined walls in a standing position…

In general, the optimal height of a street toilet is considered to be 2-2.5 m, which is quite enough for people of average height. If it is planned to place a toilet seat as a seat, then they also adhere to the norms for installing toilets in an apartment, the height of which does not exceed 50 cm.The main advantage of installing a toilet hut is good structural stability and less susceptibility to loosening under the influence of wind compared to a standard rectangular toilet.

DIY toilet: dimensional drawings, the main stages of construction

The creation of a diagram and a drawing of the building is carried out at the stage of planning an outdoor toilet. In addition to the fact that the preliminary diagram will help in choosing the right dimensions, but also with its help, you can calculate the consumption of building material that will be needed during the manufacturing process and protect yourself from unnecessary purchases.

Useful information! The plan shows the structure in detail, taking into account the required dimensions, shapes and type of building. You can try to develop a drawing yourself or find ready-made projects for country toilets on the Internet.comfortable toilet size whole family

Drawing of a country toilet in the form of a hut for making with your own hands

The easiest way is to build a traditional wooden booth, which, if necessary, will be easy to reinstall in a new place. Clapboard, board, chipboard sheets or plywood are used here as the main materials. The fastest way is to make a toilet out of wooden boards. When building a conventional single-slope toilet, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • rear wall height – 2 m;
  • front wall height – 2.3 m;
  • width 100-150 cm.

The optimal size of the base is 150×150 cm, which will be enough for a person of any build. You should not rely on an eye during construction – it is better to install panels using a level. In general, the construction of a country toilet consists of the following stages:

  1. A small foundation is poured in the form of a curb slab, it is placed no closer than 20 cm to the edge of the cesspool.
  2. In the case of creating a capital building of brick between the base and the frame, it is recommended to put a layer of insulation in the form of several sheets of roofing material. You can skip this step when building a regular wooden house.
  3. Then the frame is erected with its subsequent plating.
  4. At the final stage, a hole with a diameter of 28-30 cm is cut in the floor and a door is installed.comfortable toilet size whole family

A plastic pipe is used for air venting in the toilet

The roof can be made from a traditional sheet of slate or steel, but roofing material is considered lighter, more practical and safer, which, even in the event of a strong hurricane, will not be able to cause severe damage. To make the structure stronger, diagonal jibs are made on the side and rear walls. A window is usually made in front. The size of the window in the toilet in a private house should be such that it could not only provide additional ventilation, but also did not interfere with quiet privacy. The service life of the building can be significantly extended by coating the wooden walls with varnish or paint. It will be useful to treat the wooden base with fire-fighting solutions.

Even with the independent construction of a country toilet, one should not forget about ventilation, the main purpose of which is to remove air from the pit into the atmosphere. A large-diameter plastic pipe is used as an air duct – at least 10 cm.The lower part of the riser is immersed under the cesspool lid to a depth of 10-20 cm, and the upper part of the pipe should be brought out above the toilet roof by 20-25 cm.

The size of the toilet is of great importance, therefore, during the planning stage, the area of the bathroom should not be significantly reduced in order to increase the adjacent rooms. If the size of the toilet is small, it is necessary to correctly position the toilet so that it is comfortable to use. It is also useful to install a small washstand in the room. All other plumbing items are mounted whenever possible and if there is a large amount of free space.

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