These Are The Bathroom Trends For 2023

These Are The Bathroom Trends For 20232023 will still be all about “we’ll stay at home”. So now is the time to plan and freshen up one of the most important comfort zones for you and your family – your bathroom. No matter whether you want a breath of fresh air for the existing bathroom, whether you are planning a complete renovation or whether you will soon move into a new building. Here’s an overview of what’s trending for the bathroom in 2023.

Bathroom trends 1 – bathroom furniture in matt black combined with a stylish wood lookBathroom Trends For 2023

The new furniture releases are increasingly presented in cool dark tones such as anthracite and black. The surfaces contrast with rustic and honest wood decors. The decors are lively and powerful: flowing grains, knotholes and changing colors are not only allowed, but desired. Elements such as the vanity top made of real wood or with a wood look are also allowed stand out, while the vanity unit and the washbasins themselves remain neutral. Both monochrome, dark surfaces and natural decors are matt. If you don’t like it so woody, you can choose simple, single-colored fronts for numerous bathroom furniture models. A lot of bathroom furniture has surfaces with a velvety look that are very insensitive and easy to care for with an anti-fingerprint coating.

Bathroom trends 2 – Loungy ambience through natural tones and living accessories in the bathroomBathroom Trends For 2023

If you need even more wood optics to feel good, you can choose from a huge selection of chic floor and wall tiles that are designed in wood optics in addition to the furniture. There is a large number of variants on the market, all of which are non-slip and easy to care for and are available in both stoneware and ceramic models.

Absolutely trendy and always an asset even if there is little space: small pieces of furniture for your bathroom. A bench that invites you to linger or a sideboard that can be decorated with pictures, stones and candles. An open shelf or a glass cabinet provide an additional feel-good factor. The living room furniture for the sanitary area is consistently equipped with insensitive and easy-care surfaces and optically matches the furniture ranges for the bathroom. Decorative items made of real wood and with a natural character round off the cozy ambience in the bathroom with style.

Bathroom trend 3 – fittings, bathroom accessories and sanitary ware in blackBathroom Trends For 2023

So cool and loungy, and still something cozy in the bathroom: the new chrome is black. This applies to wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays and toilets as well as to all bathroom fittings. Many models are available with a black, matt coating. You have the choice between straight types and series in retro style, whose design language is rather playful and fits the vintage look. Of course, this also applies to accessories such as toothbrush cups, soap dispensers, towel racks and the like.

Bathroom Trend 4 – Practical and comfortable: the walk-in showerBathroom Trends For 2023

One thing is clear: a walk-in shower not only looks nicer, it is also easier to look after and you can even take care of the old age. Whether completely open, partially closed or closed, depends entirely on the individual user. Freezing cats should rather fall back on a partially closed, such as so-called walk-in showers or a closed shower cubicle. If you are not that sensitive, you can even do without a shower partition completely and turn the shower zone into your own small room, accessible and floor-integrated. Advantage: the annoying removal of the shower wall is no longer necessary. On the other hand, there are now also super easy-care shower stalls, provided with a noble glass coating and flattened hinges on the inside, which can be removed in no time.

Profiles and hinges of shower cubicles and shower walls are also available in the trendy color to match the “black bathroom” theme.

Bathroom Trend 5 – The free-standing bathtub as an eye-catcher for every bathroomBathroom Trends For 2023

Make the tub the focal point of your wellness zone. Pure relaxation by candlelight and soft music in your free-standing bathtub, your very own spa area. Here, too, the advantages (in addition to the increased feel-good factor) are obvious, because a free-standing bathtub can be kept free of dirt and limescale as there are no joints. You can also choose between linear models and bathtubs in a retro style. If you do not have enough space in the bathroom, but do not want to forego the look, you can use semi-free-standing bathtubs (back-to-wall bathtubs).

Bathroom trends 6 – More plastered surfaces and tiles only in wet areasBathroom Trends For 2023

This year, too, the trend continues towards the fact that the bathroom is no longer completely tiled up to the ceiling. It just looks more homely and much more comfortable. The wellness and spa concept is becoming more and more important. In recent years and decades, the bathroom has increasingly developed into a place of rest and relaxation. Away from the purely functional wet room.

Tiles are mostly only used in wet areas, i.e. showers, washing areas, bathtubs and toilets. The remaining areas of the wall are plastered or covered with wallpaper. If, on the other hand, you want to do without tiles in the bathroom entirely, you can fall back on wall cladding, such as the Renodeco design panels from HSK. These wall panels are particularly popular for renovation work. Laying is relatively easy and the unloved, old tiles disappear behind them.

Bathroom trend 7 – rimless toilet or shower toilet for more comfort and hygiene

It has found its way into the public sector for a long time. Now it is also gaining ground in the private sector: the rimless toilet. With this technology, the flushing water ensures cleanliness in the entire toilet bowl from a central point, thanks to balanced pressure and good distribution. The shower toilet adds another plus point: it already cleans rimlessly like a bidet with a small shower device. This is the latest state of the art, which also meets the highest hygiene standards. Take a look around our range and contact us if you have any questions or find out everything about the function as well as the advantages and disadvantages of rimless toilets.

Bathroom trend 8 – indirect LED lighting installed on bathroom furnitureBathroom Trends For 2023

Make the design perfect and emphasize the room with indirect lighting. LEDs behind the mirror or for discreet accentuation of room edges and furniture round off the bathroom ambience. However, the rule here is to mess up, not to mess: Indirect lighting should be used sparingly in order to create an effective effect in the bathroom. Optional motion sensors provide sufficient light when visiting the bathroom at night without having to look for the light switch in the dark.

Bathroom trends 9 – mirrors and mirror cabinets with smart home functionBathroom Trends For 2023

The latest trend and already established in many other living areas is the smart home function. Smart mirror lighting or integrated screens are finding their way into modern bathroom technology. Control the switching on and off of the light using a smartphone app or swipe through various multimedia applications on the touch panel integrated in the mirror. We offer some models in our range that are equipped with a smart home function. Different sizes and shapes can be selected. Treat yourself to a piece of the latest smart home technology for your bathroom.

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