The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

The bathroom is an essential space in the home. And with the latest trends in bathroom tiles 2024 that we bring you, you can make great combinations of colors and elegant shapes to suit your style. Thus, you can give a new personal touch to your bathroom. Therefore, knowing what is the most used in 2024 will be key to making a successful remodeling. Do not miss any detail in this Blog. Let’s see it!

Tile ideas to design a trendy bathroom 2024The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

If you need inspiration, we present the following tile ideas for bathrooms that it offers us this year.

The noble wood returns

It not only returns as a decorative accessory in furniture or accessories, but also in wall and floor coverings. You will have all the warmth that this material offers with imitation wood tiles.

You can only place them on a part of the floor, decorate a bathroom wall or on the sink countertop with stainless steel accessories. It combines very well with colors such as white, gray or black. The wood-inspired porcelain tile with the latest digital printing technologies makes warmth fully reflected in these ceramic collections that combine with all kinds of other styles such as stone or marble.

Marble or stoneThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

These materials, widely used in other times, are back with us and with great force. They are back to stay. Although the marbles that we currently have are nothing like those that were made years ago. We say out loud that ceramics does in hours what nature does in centuries.

You can create a very elegant bathroom with marble-look tiles. Both on the walls and on the floor or countertops, it will give you that touch of luxury that you need in your bathroom. You can also choose between a matte or gloss polished finish.

The marble colors in trend are white, red, black or gray that you can combine perfectly with the wood-type floor. If you want a more contemporary style, place it on the walls and combine it with a hydraulic mosaic floor in white, gray and black.

But, if you prefer something a little rustic then choose tiles with relief imitation stone. Stone is a natural element widely used today and it will look incredible on a bathroom wall. The stone effect is a classic that will always be in our interior and exterior decorations as it is a reflection of what stone has always been used for.

The metals

Yes, metallic look tiles can also be used in the bathroom. This gives it a touch of glamour, seeing the reflections emitted by the metal. You can use them in rectangular format and make combinations of shapes and colors.

Another idea would be to install mosaic mesh on the walls of the shower, these come with metal and glass inlays or simply porcelain metal designs that with their reflections offer light to the bathroom. This small format is very fashionable today.

Cement is trendingThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

Within all these materials we also have cement and the imitation cement coating is perfect for your bathroom. This gives you a relaxing and calm style.

Combine it with wooden accessories and chrome or black taps. For the sink, use a wooden or polished concrete cabinet and if you want a more traditional look, add baskets to store towels or toilet paper.

What’s hot in bathroom tiles this year?The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

First, we will talk a little about the bathroom styles that are prevailing in 2024. So that you can select the wall tile and accessories that best suit these trends and your taste.

  • Eclectic style : where designs from different eras are mixed.
  • Warm minimalism : offers an intimate atmosphere of well-being and tranquility by combining colors such as earth, beige or cream.
  • Renewal of Art Deco : it is about using different colors and patterns, but in a softened way. The combination of pastel and light shades with gently curved accessories will offer a romantic atmosphere.
  • Natural prevails : crafts, wood, stone and plants offer an organic style where you can choose between rustic and classic. Inspiration tiles are a great on-trend alternative. There are those that imitate wood, stone, marble and cement with extremely real characteristics.

Combine tiles for the bathroomThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

As we have mentioned, combinations of tiles for bathrooms can be made, so that they have various shades, different colors, provide different textures and even use different formats.

Play with tiles of geometric shapes on the walls. With the gradient single color hexes you can install them on the sink wall and tie the design together with paint or wood. Combining earth tones and white or the widely used pastel colors.

Different shades of gray in the bathroom, very fashionable. It uses different formats, for example, on the floor and two facing walls with large-format gradient dark gray ceramic, giving continuity.

You can place medium-format white rectangular tiles in the shape of a herringbone on the back wall with gray joints or any other color (playing with the color of the joint is a very good aesthetic). The faucets in colors or simply black and wooden furniture with white for a cozy feeling.

Also mosaic type. Varying in colors will make it possible to create more creative and personalized decorations. On the floor you can use porcelain in neutral colors and calm designs or simply a large-format matt white porcelain that goes with everything.

If you want to evoke the natural, install imitation stone embossed tiles on the back wall and on the wooden porcelain floor. White fixtures and a beautiful natural wood countertop for the sink.

There are a thousand ways to combine them, for example, the walls can be beveled matt white ceramic installed subway type. And the floor with the beautiful hydraulic type pavement.

Large format tiles to cover the wallsThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

The large format is in trend both for the floor and on the bathroom walls. It offers multiple advantages, for example more natural styles that evoke stone, cement or marble. They provide a clean appearance and expand the space offering an elegant style and in many cases luxurious.

It’s simple, if you want an impressive and luxurious bathroom on one of the walls, install large tiles with dark gray imitation marble. On the floor and other walls, he places large-format white porcelain.

Complete with stainless steel taps and a white or wooden cabinet for the sink. Accessories should offer touches of modernity. You can also install white imitation marble ceramic tiles with gray veins on the walls at mid-height and black and white hydraulic-type flooring on the floor.

To create a sober yet modern environment, install large imitation stone ceramic tiles on the back wall in continuity with the floor. The other walls of the bathroom with matte white tiles, the taps in chrome or color and wooden accessories to provide warmth.

Wood as the protagonist: Imitation wood tilesThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

These are an opportunity to keep that elegant and natural touch. They manage to imitate very well even the sensation of warmth or to the touch that wood leaves.

You can use them for the floor, the walls or to cover the bathroom countertop. Make different combinations such as installing them on the floor and on the walls, use bright white tiles, white accessories and natural wood.

If you prefer you can combine marble with wood. Install white marble ceramic with gray veins in the shower and imitation wood stoneware on the floor of the rest of the bathroom. Complement with white accessories, in natural wood.

Place the imitation wood horizontally on a bathroom wall. The other walls with large-format bright white or rectangular ceramic tiles arranged in a subway type and the floor with designs of the old hydraulic or vintage-type pavements.

Vertical tilesThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

This vertical style for the walls is also a trend in bathroom decoration.

Place the vertical rectangular ones on a bathroom wall and mix different shades of pink. The accessories and taps in gold or bronze, the sink cabinet should be light gray or white or the always good choice of wood. And on the floor you can use the pavement decorated with the same colors.

Also, place them vertically white on one wall and blue, green or pink on another. You can place them on the others horizontally, it looks great.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to play Installed forming studs on one wall and horizontal on the others. Create a wall in your bathroom with very narrow rectangular tiles. Or arrange them horizontally like bricks, highlighting the joints with a color that matches the style of the bathroom.

It combines with a diagonal layout in the cladding inside the shower and vertically in the rest of the bathroom. It allows to vary in bright colors, matte and textures.

Modern tiles 2024 for modern bathroomsThe Latest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2024

What is the latest in bathroom tiles? Ceramics in 3 dimensions, technological innovations also make their contribution to the design and offer these modern original bathroom tiles. You get them with different reliefs, shapes and colors offering a modern and attractive style on the bathroom walls.

For example, use a combination of black and white beveled edges in a rectangular format on one wall, creating a harmonious composition. If the bathroom is large, you can have one wall with beveled tiles in black and another in white. You join them by combining both colors.

You can also use them in black with a glossy finish on the wall of the sink, which will combine perfectly with the white of the sink. The ideal faucet would be stainless steel. So you will have an incredible design with modern bathroom tiles.

Before remodeling, you first need to plan what you want to do. Knowing the trends in bathroom tiles will help you to have new ideas about what is taking in 2024.

As you can see, the combinations you can make in your bathroom are endless, from colors, shapes and textures to mixing sizes and shapes. We have the best tiles, taps, furniture with designs so that your bathroom is simply spectacular. If you have any questions, call or write to us at, we are here to help you.

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