The Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2025

The Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

Tiny bathrooms exist, especially in many newly built flats. To get the most out of it, all you have to do is know how to plan it. From the storage options, to the type of light that enters but, above all, you have to know how to choose the color. If you don’t know where to start, today we show you the best colors for small bathrooms 2025.

And it is that choosing between several trends this year, perfect for bathrooms that are not very large, is not easy. For this reason, we are going to see the trends for this year, shapes and colors for small bathrooms 2025.

Colors for small bathrooms 2025 | how to choose the colorThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

When decorating our home, there are many details to take into account. One of the most important is knowing how to choose the colors with which you are going to paint the different rooms. One room you can’t go wrong with is the bathroom.

Knowing how to select the colors and combine them so that they affect you in a positive way is essential. Natural colors like beige and cream are one of the most common choices. They are colors that soothe and make the shower moment really relaxing.

However, you can also try pale blues, greens, grays, etc. If you dare with these colors, we show you some photos to inspire you and try these colors in your bathroom.

Choosing a color for a bathroom can be tricky if it is something small. Sometimes we like a color that we think will look great on bathroom walls, but then it doesn’t. We realize that being a small space it looks much smaller, so the best option is to always take size into account

Small bathrooms in particular should be well lit. In addition, they must have colors that make them look wider. But sometimes trends can, so we have to combine. Thus, one option may be to choose some elements of the bathroom ( towels, furniture or curtain ) in that strong color that we like so much. The rest would be a shade lighter.

The bathroom should be a room in which order is the main thing. It would be nice to try creating a “home spa. ” A room that invites you to stay enjoying the bathtub. A place where you can relax.

Therefore, based on the latest 2025 bathroom color trends, we can choose the most attractive ones and apply them to our washbasin. To inspire you, we are going to show you some of the best colors we currently have.

Black and whiteThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

Despite being a small bathroom, the black color suits you very well. It is time to put an end to those old black beliefs. A nice combination of black and white, they create that elegant positive, negative effect.

A very functional bathroom, where the design of the shower, uniting with the floor, is a great success. By including the black color on the back wall, it gives a sense of depth, giving it a greater appearance than it has. The idea of a shower without a screen also influences the feeling of depth, since a bath screen would have thrown the whole design into the ground.

We can conjugate this combination of black and white in multiple ways. But the black wall, we must always debase with light colors, fine white, beige, etc. Black bathrooms require very special lighting, as it is a color that absorbs light. Good natural and artificial lighting will make a black bathroom look like the ideal place to relax.

YellowThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

The bathrooms in strong colors, envelops us in an atmosphere of encouragement, joy and strength. The yellow color in a small bathroom produces a visual effect of spaciousness. And if we add the combination with white, we will be able to add even more light, despite not having great natural lighting. It is a very youthful and cheerful bathroom.

Another option is to combine yellow with black. And you can get a result as splendid as this one that we show you in the photo.

BlueThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

A great idea for a small bathroom is to use a light and pleasant color such as light blue. A combination of light blue wall with subway porcelain tiles makes the space visually double.

If you prefer deep blue, you can create contrast with white to prevent the dark shade of blue from visually damaging the space as it is such an opaque color. The white marble floor is spectacular. And the mirror as well as the light and airy curtains expand the appearance of depth while reflecting natural light.

RoseThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

Another great idea is to use wallpaper to color a small bathroom. There are special wallpapers for bathrooms, treated so that humidity does not affect them. In the previous photo, a romantic-inspired bathroom with an elegant and beautiful wallpaper in pink tones. The rest of the romantic accessories, including the shower curtains, make it a bathroom fit for a princess.

Actually, a pink bathroom like this one seems more appropriate for a girl. However, there are also women who cannot resist the Barbie influence. Joking aside, using two shades of pink in a small bathroom can be a bit stressful. But as to taste the colors, we leave you an example of the use of two shades of pink in a feminine bathroom.

Intense bright pink, turning purple, a very brave bet. In this case, combined with the white of the doors, moldings and toilets, it manages to reduce the aggressiveness of a color as intense as this one.

And if you prefer tiles, check out this combination of pink and white tiles to decorate a small bathroom. Even one more touch of color is added, in this case black, on the floor.

GrayThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

Gray has become one of those essential colors for various spaces in the house this 2025. We can find gray walls in the bedroom, kitchens but it also looks great in the bathroom, although small. In fact, most toilets and bathtubs are white. So, with walls painted gray, or tiles of the same tone, you will have an elegant bathroom like few others.

Combining small gray tiles on the walls and wider ones for the floor is a great idea for a bathroom as small as the one in the photo. Small, straight-lined toilets create a more secluded space.

Sea waterThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

A very fashionable option. This seawater color is ideal for a small bathroom because it is a very relaxing tone. Ideal for small rooms, the tile provides the necessary shine to create a warm and maritime atmosphere. On the other hand, if we use another tone or matching color in the shower, we can achieve more visual depth

On the other hand, sea water is also a fashionable color this year. If you like it, you can easily choose it for your bathroom. In fact, it is an ideal color for a space like the bathroom, even if it is a small one.

As we have seen with gray, we can combine it with white furniture.

CoralThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

The previous model leads us to think of the coral color and also the salmon color, both in high demand today. The bathroom model that we see above dazzles with its decoration of lively and vibrant tones. When we contemplate it, it seems that something activates our senses, a truly spectacular design.

Another option is to use a thematic effect like in this photo. Using the coral color, a very special coral reef has been recreated. It is an option that we can create with paint and a stencil, always using a contrasting color, as in the white photo.

And if we combine it with white marble walls, the result is wonderful. See proof of the excellent effect in the image above.

Or the perfect balance between coral and green. If we add a mirror, we solve the problem of small space because it allows you to visually expand the bathroom.

BeigeThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

Combining a beige tone with baroque-type tiles in golden tones, highlights a bathroom that is not very large in terms of dimensions. With this balance of colors a nice, beautiful, cozy and organized bathroom is achieved.

Bathrooms in beige or neutral tones are a safe bet. Although it is hard to believe, we must change the conception of the decoration, since it is not the color that decorates, but the accessories, which can be more or less splendid with them.

Beige is a color that causes warmth, delicacy and elegance. A color that relaxes. If to the predominant beige color, we add notes in brown, in addition to good natural and artificial lighting, we will achieve a perfect bathroom to relax.

Colors in pastel tones so soft and delicate, if we combine them with designer furniture and a beautiful and original distribution, like the one in the image, they achieve this relaxing effect, the detail of combining a smooth wall in beige and another with tile small, for the shower the contrast with tile in darker brown tones in contrast.

For those who want a tone with which to make their bathroom look much more spacious. We have the choice of beige, which is a trend color and that will allow you to have a bathroom with some color without everything being white. If you also put elements in other shades, such as the pink towels in the photo, or the flowers, your bathroom will have all the style you have always wanted.

RedThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022

Red is a color that gives even the most boring and monotonous space a touch of character, joy and personality. When designers combine neutral colors, they use red as an accent. But in the bathrooms, the use of this vibrant color deserves more attention, to take advantage of the ability to transform a space into an elegant and bright one.

When red is used in the design of a bathroom, a well-planned lighting system is necessary, especially in small bathrooms. Being a strong color, the light should be discreet. We can use red, introducing it as small details, if what we want is not to intensify the color too much. A combination of gray tones with small details in red, will bring discretion to a small bathroom.

Bathroom decorated with an intense red on the walls with furniture in gold and silver, Touches in black accompany strong colors very well.

For those of you who like the most striking colors, you can choose the color red, although being a small bathroom, perhaps the most advisable thing is to be able to combine it with white. In this way, you will make the space stand out without making it look too small.

GreenThe Best Colors For Small Bathrooms 2022A

And the same can be said for green. With the image above we see how well our small bathroom will be in green and yellow, along with white.

Another way to combine green and white, a small bathroom in a nice leaf green, in contrast to the white wall and green stripe. The detail of the shower mosaic in white, green and yellow tones, gives it that point of modernity that this beautiful bathroom provides.

We have already seen some ideas of colors that are ideal for a small bathroom in 2025, but if you want more ideas, watch this very practical photos.

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