The Best Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Best Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023There is a bathroom in every apartment or in a country house. The bathroom meets us in the morning and sees us off in the evening. The bathroom charges us with energy and strength before the working day and gives us relaxation before going to bed. Whether your bathroom will be an oasis where you can relax and unwind, or a purely utilitarian room for water treatments, depends on its design. How to design a bathroom in an individual style, and, at the same time, keep up with fashion? We will tell you about the bathroom trends 2023 and innovations this year, and show you how to turn the bathroom into a place of the hidden power of water energy. What questions will we consider in this article?

  • New trends in bathroom materials
  • What bathroom interior design should look like in 2023
  • What styles will be popular in bathroom design in 2023
  • How to choose bathroom accessories in 2023
  • Is 3D bathroom design a thing of the past?
  • What colors will be popular in the bathroom this year

Bathroom Materials 2023Best Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

When it comes to the choice of materials for the design and decoration of the bathroom, then the eyes run up from the abundance of proposals. There are moisture-resistant wallpapers, decorative plaster, wood, natural stone, porcelain stoneware, hand-molded ceramic tiles. What to choose and how to keep up with the ever-changing trends and fashions in bathroom design? You need to listen to yourself and choose from our advice the solution that you like.

In 2023, the bathroom is in demand for the design of emotional minimalism, individuality and the natural basis of all finishing materials. This will personalize your bathroom, and the natural materials will bring an aura of calm and serenity to the room. Today, there is a clear return to the abandonment of artificiality and bright colors in favor of a calm range, pleasing to the eyes, which can be given by:

  1. Eco-materials
  2. Natural wood
  3. Stone or tile

Eco-materials for the bathroomBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Eco-style bathroom is a union of branded sanitary ware with natural finishing materials. For example, in 2023, a countertop round sink made of natural stone, like Antonio Lupi Bull, and a countertop made of solid wood or marble, will perfectly complement each other. But the real chic in this year’s bathroom will be the combination of a designer collection of countertop washbasins from France by Gessati with a dark brown or black wooden countertop. The main feature of the Gessati collection is that round, rectangular or oval sinks are made of 2-centimeter dies connected to each other, cut from real Carrara marble. This creates a play of light and shadow, which is delineated by clear geometric lines at the junctions of the marble strips.

The second option is to combine the rustic style with its deliberately rough, untreated texture of natural materials and snow-white sanitary ware with a smooth surface. The play on contrasts attracts the eye, creates a mood in the bathroom. The main thing is not to overdo it and maintain a balance by combining two different materials in one piece of furniture. Bring eco-friendly touches to your bathroom. It can be textiles, ethnic-style towels, wicker laundry baskets or live plants. One of the main trends of the new year is natural wood in the bathroom.

Natural wood in the bathroomBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Furniture, countertops for sinks, bedside tables for storing things and detergents, as well as frames for mirrors are made of wood in the bathroom. Wood is used as a floor covering or decorative element on the wall. A bathroom is a room with high humidity, which has a destructive effect on wooden elements. Therefore, use moisture-resistant woods treated with water-proofing agents. These are oak, elm, beech, Brazil nut, bamboo, cedar, teak, larch and such exotic and expensive species as rosewood and ebony.

A natural bathroom with wooden elements does not tolerate flashy palettes. It is necessary to maintain the color balance. Consider a washbasin or freestanding bathtub in white or matt white as a base, while any shades of brown, sand, gray or terracotta will act as a background. Dilute the painting with soft strokes using natural colors: coffee, hazel, green. Natural style is incompatible with brightly shiny metallic surfaces. Choose between noble and matte shades. For example, faucets with a warm gold palette, antique silver or bronze finishes, copper, or play on dissonance – go for a faucet in graphite or matt black finishes.

A sample of the trendy faucets of 2023 are faucets from the Corvair collection, from the French brand THG. The faucets have a puristic design, while white, gray or dark marble inlays enhance the texture of the metal surfaces.

The 2023 trend is metallic matte shades and marbleBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

And what is now better to lay in the bathroom: stone or tiles? Let’s say right away that tiles and natural stone do not go out of fashion. They are always relevant, but in 2023 the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • Now the trend is the naturalness of materials.
  • Fashionable – large format and uniformity.

The decor has gone into the past when several types of tiles were combined on the wall. In 2023, the wall or floor will be covered with one type of stone or tile, without focusing on the seams. For example, a slab (slab) – a large-sized thin slab made of natural stone. A stone slab, from granite or marble, must be finished off the entire wall to avoid seams. This gives the effect of the architecture of the room. But this is an expensive pleasure. The way out is to use porcelain stoneware with imitation of a pattern of granite, marble, Corten steel with its rusty texture. The larger the size of the porcelain stoneware slab, the better. Ideally, if the room is not very large, cover the entire wall with one slab, making joints only at the corners of the bathroom.

But the tile is not losing ground either. It must be laid so that a monolithic plane is visually obtained. To do this, the tiles are glued to the wall without bandaging, i.e. stacks on top of each other, joint to joint, horizontally or vertically, and the seams are rubbed in the tone of the main color of the tile. Hand-molded tiles with a shabby and textured aged surface and small chips look luxurious in the bathroom.

The Current Bathroom Interior Design In 2023

The main demand for bathrooms and toilets, which emerged last year – naturalness, has been developed this year as well. This trend can be summed up in one phrase: “We are returning to nature.”

Geometry and simple linesBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Gone are the dazzling snow-white and, as it were, sterile rooms. Simple geometry, clean lines and functionality rule the score. Room design tips:

  1. Choose geometry without abstract or asymmetrical shapes. The trend is extremely clear boundaries.
  2. When decorating a room, use strict lines with a mathematical pattern, small ornaments and ethnic patterns are allowed.
  3. Put ergonomics at the fore. In the bathroom, everything should be done for the convenience of the person.

FunctionalityBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Let’s focus on the third point. This primarily applies to furniture, plumbing and accessories. Fully open bedside tables and shelves have come out of the trend. Personal belongings and cleaning utensils should be hidden from view in drawers or behind doors. As an option, a bedside table with an open shelf and a closed bedside table looks harmonious. In 2023, freestanding bathtubs, wall-hung toilets, bidets, washbasins, consoles and cabinets are in vogue. So places that are difficult to reach when cleaning the room disappear from the bath. Forget about plastic shower enclosures. Open shower areas with glass partitions are in fashion.

Plumbing is getting more and more functions. Thermostatic mixers and flush buttons with non-contact sensor switching are now relevant. Mirrors with LED backlighting in varying degrees of intensity. Heated lockers to enjoy a warm towel or a heated bathrobe, as well as shower systems with various jet types: for relaxation or intensive body massage. The trend of 2023 is wall-hung toilets with a bidet cover equipped with a hygienic shower, which saves space in small bathrooms. For example, sanitary ware with a TOTO NEOREST bidet function, equipped with a heated seat, warm air drying, night lighting and deodorization function.

Is it fashionable to decorate bathtubs with living plants?Best Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Decorating the bathroom with live plants is another trend this year. For the bathroom, it is preferable to take a small plant in a ceramic pot or make vertical landscaping on the wall.  In a bathroom with living plants, use moisture-loving varieties that are not afraid of shade and the absence of direct sunlight.

3D design in 2023

3D design is trending and always attracts attention. For example, you can lay ornamental tiles or mount a suspended bedside table with a textured, volumetric wave-shaped facade or with clear geometric lines.

What Styles Will Be Popular In Bathroom Design In 2023Best Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

We will answer this question in the blitz-answer mode. We have already said above that in 2023 everything natural, natural will be fashionable, i.e. – well forgotten old. Here are five basic bathroom styles this year:

Vintage is a return to the 50s of the last century.

Mediterranean style – you can feel the breath of the sea, the charm of Italy and the attractiveness of ceramics and stones.

Ethnic style – you can recreate the flavor of Asia, the mystery of the East or the animal magnetism of Africa in the bathroom.

Eclecticism is a simple, but not cheap style with an abundance of natural materials and stylization for a long-lived space. Industrial is a replacement for the out of fashion loft. Only metal, aged wood and gray concrete with a deliberately rough texture.

Bathroom Accessories In 2023

Accessory TrendsBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

Accessories are the final touch to complement the bathroom design. Shelves, hooks for clothes and towels, dispensers, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, trash bins and a host of other “useful things” add completeness to the room. Avoid plastic accessories. Items made from natural materials are in trend – glass, metal, wood, stone, imitation of the texture of wood or stone. The abundance of shiny chrome has lost its relevance. Matte shades and gray or dark tones are in fashion.

Mirrors and lightingBest Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

The conversation about accessories will not be complete if you ignore the bathroom lighting and mirrors. Definitely out of fashion massive ceiling lamps with artsy design and an abundance of decor. In the trend of the so-called. “Invisible light” – lamps with point mounting and a soft, as it were, a blurry spot of light that does not hit the eyes. In the trend of this year are discreet, purely functional mirrors with LED lighting, and mirrored cabinets built into the wall.

What Colors Will Be Popular In The Bathroom In 2023Best Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas In 2023

The undisputed leader in 2023 is gray and its shades – light gray, concrete gray, gray with ornaments and gray with a warm shade. Gray should be combined with other matte shades – blue, light blue, green, aqua, turquoise, purple, coral and sand.

A combination of gray and golden colors looks expensive and stylish in the bathroom, provided that the golden hue does not dominate, but gently shades off the gray. A fashionable combination – gray and matte pink, which, in shade, resembles powder. Complement this mix with gold, for example by installing a faucet with a warm gold finish on the sink, and you have a real hit this season. In demand: black for ceramics, matt white for bathtubs and green for marble. Do not be afraid of daring experiments – it is not necessary to follow the principle: “For the bathroom – everything from one collection”.

For example, for the washbasin and sanitary area, choose ceramics in different colors from different series. Do the same with the mixers, not forgetting that bright walls are also a thing of the past, giving way to discreet monochrome finishing solutions.

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