Beautiful Bathroom Trends: 20 ideas for the dream bathrooms

Beautiful Bathroom Trends: 20 ideas for the dream bathroom

There are many ways to make the bathroom a real place of wellbeing. The design of beautiful bathrooms is usually at the top of the wish list for new builders or renovators for house and apartment owners. Beautiful bathrooms: the wellness oasis within your own four walls We spend a lot of time in the … Read more

Bathroom trends: what’s customers want in 2025

Bathroom trends: that's what customers want in 2022 in the bathroom

Rosé, round, tube and rain – and of course colors, like bright, but above all black.  When it comes to bathroom trends for 2025, diversity is key. We bring you up to date. How will bathrooms be used in the future? This question concerns furniture experts and trend researchers. Showering habits and bathing rituals are … Read more

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathrooms

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathrooms

What invigorates you in the bathroom in the morning? Ideas for a fresh bath are the very best elixir of life! Today’s modern bathroom trends are much more than mere wet rooms – they should be inviting and provide the necessary relaxation in stressful everyday life. Here you will find ideas for furnishing small and … Read more

Bathroom design trends 2025: 9 most important rules for a successful interior

Bathroom design trends 2022

Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom, adding decorations to an outdated one, or creating an interior from scratch, here are 9 top bathroom tips 2025 to get you started. Indeed, a bathroom design with a photo with a few key rules will help create a unique setting or update the atmosphere of your room. First, … Read more

Bathroom design trends: 8 TOP ideas for 2025

top ideas bathroom design trends 2022

If you decide to freshen up the bathroom, or even more so to carry out reconstruction or renovation, then you will be interested in fresh design ideas. We present the latest bathroom design trends for 2025. Among them: gray cabinetry, black accents, smart technology and spa-worthy features. But first things first. 1. Matte black accents … Read more

Bathroom design 2025 without mistakes and outdated trends

Bathroom design 2022 without mistakes and outdated trends

In other words, trends and anti-trends. As in the past years, something in design is going out of fashion, new trends are replacing old trends. But bathroom renovation is an expensive undertaking, and therefore, in addition to outdated trends, the review presents eternal views that allow not to be mistaken. So, bathroom design 2025 – … Read more

New Bathroom Trends 2024-2025

New Bathroom Trends 2021-2022

And although it’s only February outside, it’s time to get acquainted with the latest trends in bathroom design 2024-2025. What’s important is that trends continue to follow the triumvirate of naturalness, individuality and harmony. Thus, very sophisticated smart home applications, which, by the way, continue to spread in our lives every day, are based on … Read more

Bathroom 2024-2025: several stylish design trends

Bathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

What are the new trends in bathroom design? Are there any special features? Undeniably, bathrooms are sensitive to fashion and design trends. It’s simple, in this case new items are slowed down and considered more carefully. And there is only one reason – investments in repairs are more significant and need a great idea. So, … Read more

10 Bathroom Trends 2025 – Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Planning a bathroom renovation? Before you start, check out what trends are on your way in 2025! Bathroom 2025 is a huge selection of fashion trends, among which there is always an idea that catches the soul. Perhaps this is a design inspired by the love of green plants. Or sophisticated and detailed tiles in … Read more