Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

This room is the room in which the bath is installed. At the same time, it is quite possible that, in addition to the bowl, other objects will be placed here, such as a toilet, bidet, sink and cabinets. If the area of the room is large, you can install many additional appliances, but more often the standard dimensions of the bathroom only allow you to place the essentials. The main thing is to arrange everything correctly so that there is room for free movement.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The bathroom must contain all the necessary pieces of furniture and sanitary ware

What affects the size of the bathroom: the minimum allowable parameters

If you turn to the legal documents that govern the size of bathrooms, you will only find the recommended standard toilet parameters. According to the norms of SNiP 2.08.01-89, which are indicated in the section “Design of residential buildings. Space-planning solutions “the optimal width of the toilet is considered to be 90 cm, and the minimum depth is 120 cm. These are the dimensions of standard restrooms in most houses of the old stock and in some panel apartments.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The bathroom should be characterized by maximum functionality and convenience

The rooms in the houses of the old foundation were mostly minimal in size and were designed for the installation of a small bath, toilet and a small sink. The dimensions of a standard bathroom in a panel house are slightly larger than in apartments of the old stock. In general, the parameters of the premises in newer apartments are selected taking into account its dimensions and location features. Currently, when buying an apartment in a new building, it is possible to choose a bathroom plan that meets the requirements, but you will have to overpay a little for an improved design.

Important! If at the stage of renovation it is planned to move the walls, it must be borne in mind that after the redevelopment, the bathroom should not be above the living room or kitchen. Otherwise, it is likely that the BTI will recognize such design illegal, which means that the walls will have to be moved again.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The bathroom must meet certain characteristics and requirements

Despite the small size of the bathroom in a Khrushchev or any other apartment building, you need to try to make the most comfortable and functional room out of the room. In general, the following dimensions can be considered the standard dimensions of a bathroom in an apartment or a private house:

  • width – 190 cm;
  • length – 150 cm;
  • height – 250-275 cm.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The parameters of the bath in newer apartments are selected taking into account its dimensions and location features

Standard bathroom dimensions, depending on the type of building: how to install plumbing

As for the combined bathroom, here the rooms, depending on the size, are divided into the following options:

  • small bathrooms with parameters 198×173 cm;
  • medium-sized premises – 150×250 cm;
  • large rooms – 290×200 cm.

The listed sizes are considered standard for old Khrushchev and panel houses of the rebuilding stage. In new buildings, larger bathrooms are usually performed, and several bathrooms can be designed for a large apartment, depending on the area of the housing.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

For a spacious bathroom, division into functional zones is mandatory

Whatever the size of the bathroom, when planning a bathroom in a private house or apartment, the following features of the placement of plumbing items must be taken into account:

  1. The most comfortable is the toilet, which has at least 60 cm of free space in front of it, which is enough for the normal placement of the legs. The back of the toilet bowl can move as much as possible to the wall, but on the sides of the object you need to leave 25 cm of space.
  2. The sink is installed at a height of 80-100 cm, in general, this parameter depends on the height of the person who most often uses the room. There should be at least 70 cm in front of the sink, because a person leans forward a little when washing.
  3. Leave 70 to 120 cm in front of the bathtub or shower cabin so that it is comfortable to enter / exit the bowl or cubicle.
  4. To make it convenient to wrap in a towel, 120-160 cm should remain on the sides at the exit from the bathroom. This distance is enough to spread your arms.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

In a rectangular bathroom, all elements must be within reach of the hand.

You can only get the perfect bathroom in your own custom-built home. In all other cases, much attention will have to be paid to the choice of plumbing items that are compact in size, as well as their correct arrangement. A room is considered comfortable when all the elements are located within arm’s reach. This statement is especially true for a small rectangular room. Other important parameters to consider when creating a bathroom design in a panel house or any other housing include the following:

  1. The hinged shelf above the sink should be at least 30-35 cm from the mixer. Ideally, the cabinet is at a height of 50 cm from the sink.
  2. The height of the lower cabinet with a sink and a tap is 78 cm, in addition, the height of the legs should be taken into account – 10 cm. Even if the cabinet is hinged, it should still be raised 10 cm from the floor level.
  3. The mirror should be at eye level, it is mounted at a height of 130-150 cm, in general, this indicator is influenced by the height of people who most often use the room. For disabled people, the mirror is installed at a height of 1 m.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The passage to the bath or shower must be between 70 and 120 cm

Standard sizes of bathrooms in apartments, depending on the type of building

The size of the bathroom in the Khrushchev is generally either 2×2 or 1.5×2 m. Soviet designers believed that this area is enough to create a comfortable space. If a small toilet and a bathroom are separated by an interior wall, in this case it is recommended to remove the partition and make a combined bathroom, which will be easier to organize due to the additional space.

Standard bathroom sizes in modern homes are generally between 4 and 6 m². With such dimensions, in addition to the standard set of plumbing, household appliances can also be installed: a washing machine and a clothes dryer. Most likely, there will be room for the installation of small wall cabinets and bedside tables under the sink. Most often, plumbing is installed around the perimeter of the room, but in general, placement is affected by the location of the front door, opposite which it is not recommended to mount either a bath bowl or a toilet bowl. Therefore, before planning the situation, you must familiarize yourself with the room plan.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The dimensions of the toilet and bathroom of the combined type are not strictly regulated

Combined bathroom from 7 sq. m, allows you to correctly place all the necessary plumbing and even additional elements that increase the level of comfort. If a large number of people live in the apartment, you can consider installing a separate bathtub, as well as a shower stall, which can be organized behind a small partition so as not to disturb everyone’s personal space. In any case, when it comes to planning a large room of the correct form, it is advised to divide the space into functional zones using decorative partitions and false walls.

What to consider when designing a small bathroom

It will not be difficult to decorate a large bathroom, the main thing in this case is to correctly arrange plumbing fixtures, household appliances and furniture, so that they are comfortable to use and do not have to make unnecessary movements. As for small-sized rooms, there may already be difficulties that do not allow creating a comfortable room and leaving room for free movement. According to the standard adopted for several decades, the minimum width of the bathroom should not be less than 80 cm, and the length should not be less than 1.2 m.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The toilet and sink are installed along the wall, observing the sequence in terms of frequency of use

In accordance with the norms, not only the height of the ceiling in the room itself is regulated, which must be at least 2.5 meters, but also the height of the ceiling in the corridor at the exit from the room. In this case, the minimum value is considered to be an indicator of at least 2.1 m. This parameter is relevant only when it is planned to organize a mezzanine in the corridor under the ceiling. Separately, it should be said about the height of the room, which is organized on a sloped attic floor. In this case, there should be 105-110 cm of free space from the tank to the inclined surface.

If you need to equip a small bathroom in a panel house, you should not try to accommodate a large amount of equipment in a room limited in area, it is better, on the contrary, to save space and instead of a bath, install a corner shower with a deep tray.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

The height of the bath according to the standard should be 55-64 cm

Useful information! The bathroom is considered a high-risk room, because wet and slippery surfaces are often present in the room. It will not be possible to prevent surfaces from getting wet, even with good ventilation, but if elderly or disabled people live in the apartment, a handrail should be installed near each device. It is better to lay an anti-slip coating on the floor.

In general, in order to maintain the ergonomics of the bathroom, the following parameters of plumbing fixtures must be taken into account:

  • bath height – 55-64 cm, models without legs are slightly lower, this figure in this case is 48-51 cm;
  • the minimum size of the bowl is 120×60 cm;
  • the average dimensions of the bath are 160 x70, 150×70 cm;
  • large baths – 180×75, 200×90 cm;
  • standard dimensions of a shower cabin – 80×80, 100x100cm;
  • washbasin width – 25-60 cm, length varies from 40 cm to over 1 meter;
  • the most popular sizes of the toilet are 44×65, 40×60, 36×65 cm;
  • the optimal dimensions of the bidet are 40×60; 37×54 cm.

One should not forget about such a mandatory element as a heated towel rail, which is recommended to be installed no closer than 50-70 cm to the shower or bath. It is this distance that is enough to freely reach the device and remove the dry towel.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

Bathroom height must be at least 2.5 m

How to correctly calculate the parameters of the bathroom

To correctly calculate the consumption of materials that will be needed during the repair, you must first correctly measure the room and calculate the parameters of the walls. These characteristics will help determine the exact amount of tile or other material that will be required for surface finishing. To calculate all the necessary parameters, it is enough to measure the lengths of all walls in the room, as well as the height from floor to ceiling. If you want to calculate the total area of the walls, you just need to add the lengths of all the walls and multiply them by the height.

In more detail, you can consider the calculations using examples:

  1. The width and length of the bathroom are 1.5 and 2 m, respectively.
  2. To find out the floor area, you just need to multiply these two indicators. The result will be 3 m².
  3. To calculate the perimeter, you need to multiply the sum of the lengths of the walls by 2. The equation looks like this: (1.5 + 2) * 2 = 7 (m).
  4. To find out the area of all walls, you need to multiply the resulting perimeter by the height of the walls (the standard parameter is 2.75 m). As a result, the following equation is obtained: 7 * 2.75 = 19.25 (m).Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

To create a rational interior, be sure to consider the dimensions of the bathroom.

After you know exactly the area of all walls, you can find out how many tiles will be required to clad all the walls. It is important to take into account that this calculation also includes the area occupied by the door, which does not need to be tiled. The standard dimensions of the bathroom doors are 0.6 × 1.9 m. Accordingly, the area occupied by the door is 1.14 m². It is this value that should be subtracted from the resulting area of all walls: 19.25-1.14 = 18.11 m², therefore, when calculating the required number of tiles, you need to focus on this figure.

How to properly plan a bathroom

To think over the design of a bathroom in an apartment or house, you should first develop an action plan, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Determine the total area of the room, length and area of all surfaces.
  2. Take graph paper or a simple checkered sheet and draw a detailed diagram of the room.
  3. Mark on the plan all niches and irregularities in the walls, as well as show the exact location of the outlet of pipes and sewers.
  4. List all the desired plumbing items that you want to see in the room and arrange them according to the degree of priority so that you can immediately understand what you can refuse.
  5. Select in advance the models of plumbing fixtures and find out their parameters in order to accurately apply them on paper. It’s even better to create their paper layouts that can be easily moved around the drawing.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

Plumbing is most often placed around the perimeter of the room or on opposite sides.

Useful advice! If an ordinary bathtub does not fit into the room in terms of dimensions, it is better to choose a corner model. Even though the bowl will occupy the same area, it will use the area of the unclaimed corner and free up space in the center. It is also better to give preference to hanging corner furniture, which looks more harmonious in a small bathroom.

When creating a bathroom design in a house, you should be especially careful when choosing the dimensions of plumbing. In order not to be mistaken when buying, you need to understand who will most often use the bathroom and choose the plumbing that will satisfy the needs of all family members.

It is necessary to decide in advance whether the installation of a bath is exactly required or whether it will turn out to be limited to a shower cabin, because this technique will help significantly save space. If the apartment is supposed to design a bathroom without a toilet, it will be much easier to properly organize the room and install at least a washing machine, which is not recommended to be placed in the kitchen.

Additionally, at the repair stage, you need to think over the lighting and the placement of the outlets in order to lay out the wiring in advance. It is important that the sockets are located as far as possible from the taps. In a humid room, it is better to choose options that are closed with a lid, which will prevent water from getting inside.

When organizing the design of a standard bathroom, which has a rectangular or square shape, it is better to place all appliances along the walls so that there is enough space in the center of the room for a normal exit from the bath or being near the sink.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

At the stage of building your own house, you can adopt a plan according to which you can choose any suitable parameters of the bathroom

How to organize a comfortable space in a small bathroom

When planning a small bathroom design, it is important to consider the presence, location and size of niches, protrusions and other wall irregularities. You should not immediately attribute such features of a room to disadvantages, because with a competent approach, they can be turned into advantages. Often, a niche is used to install an installation for a toilet bowl, cabinet-case, or it houses a built-in washbasin with a small bedside table, which hides all unnecessary communications.

The bathroom design is 2.5 sq. m (and less), there is hardly a place for a washing machine, so its installation should be thought out in advance in the kitchen or in the corridor near this room. It will be extremely difficult to organize a full-fledged bathroom in a small area, especially if the parameters of the room do not exceed 2 m². In this case, it is better to install a corner shower cabin of small dimensions instead of a bath.

The most common bathroom sizes are 2×2 or 1.5×1 meters. With such parameters, you should not try to fit large-sized plumbing into the room – it is better to stay on built-in models. It should be noted that the installation for the toilet does not take up less space than the usual solo version, but the bowl suspended “in the air” makes the room visually more free.

In general, in a small bathroom, it is recommended to give preference to furniture without legs, which, firstly, does not look so bulky, and secondly, it makes cleaning the room more comfortable. The installation of an illuminated mirror visually increases the size of a small room, and instead of a wall cabinet with doors, you can mount ordinary transparent glass shelves that do not burden the space.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

In urban apartments, small spaces are usually reserved for bathrooms and toilets.

What a small bathroom might look like in Khrushchev: photo of interior options

If there is a separate bathroom with a toilet near the small bathroom, it is better to combine these rooms. In some cases, it is possible to take away some area from adjacent rooms. In the photo of bathroom designs in Khrushchev, you can see how this room is separated from the neighboring rooms by sliding translucent doors, which do not take extra space from the apartment, both visually and in fact.

Important! If you need to move the walls to increase the area of the bathroom, you should study the registration certificate of the apartment, because it is strictly forbidden to touch the load-bearing walls.

Bathroom 3 sq. m. still refers to small, but nevertheless makes the process of decorating a room much easier. If we are talking about a square or rectangular room, then it is better to place a bathtub and a washbasin in the corners, and fix the toilet on the wall opposite the bathtub. When installing a toilet, you need to pay more attention to the outlet of the sewer pipe than to the convenience of location. This is due to the fact that it is not recommended to make a sewer corrugation more than one meter long. With the corner arrangement of the main plumbing fixtures, you can leave enough space for installing a washing machine or a basket for dirty laundry.

If you need to think over the design of a bathroom in a panel house, the size of which is 4 m², you can even organize the installation of a large hydromassage bathtub in the corner. Probably, in this case, there will be enough free space for placing a toilet with a bidet function and a washing machine, above which shelves with towels and bath accessories are organized for convenience.

Features of the layout of the bathroom design in a panel house: photo of medium-sized premises

In a large bathroom with an area of 5 m², you can not save on the amount of plumbing and even choose additional accessories, for example, install a bidet or urinal. To provide more intimacy in such a room, you need to separate the toilet with a low partition and, if desired, make a small sink near it for washing hands.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

When renovating or planning a bathroom in a panel house, many parameters must be taken into account.

The 5.9 m² bathroom is characterized by a length of 2.5 and a width of 2.35. Such a room is considered optimal for a family of four. In this case, it is possible to organize a full-fledged closet here, equipped with a large number of shelves, on which all household chemicals and cleaning accessories can be folded. The toilet is installed both along the wall and in the corner.

Modern bathrooms in new buildings have a large area that allows a large family to comfortably accommodate here. At the same time, in apartments of significant size, there are usually 2 bathrooms, and in one of the rooms a full set of plumbing is installed, and in a small room only a toilet bowl is mounted, and sometimes a shower of a minimum size. In a family with more than 5 adults, including adolescents, installing two toilets and bathing areas will avoid a lot of family quarrels.

Features of furnishing a bathroom in a private house

When organizing a bathroom in a private house, there is a choice of area, especially at the stage of construction or space redevelopment. In this case, you can independently decide whether you need a separate toilet or you can stay on a shared bathroom, which has its own advantages, namely:

  1. Expansion of the usable area of the premises. If you remove one of the walls and one doorway, you can not only increase the dimensions of the bathroom, but also make the corridor more functional by reducing the number of doors that open.
  2. Savings on the purchase of building materials. It is much easier to finish the common room, because there will be a minimum consumption of material due to fewer tile scraps. It is also much easier to complete the finishing of one room.
  3. The opportunity to show more imagination even when organizing the design of a small bathroom. It is much easier to arrange a comfortable and attractive environment in one room.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

Proper design of a bathroom and toilet in a private house is a guarantee of safety and convenience

When creating a toilet according to personal parameters, it should be borne in mind that a shared bathroom differs in negative aspects, which include:

  1. Redevelopment costs. This applies to those situations when it comes to refurbishing a room in an already built house. This is due to the fact that at the construction stage it is possible to determine in advance which bathroom is planned: separate or combined with a toilet – during construction this will not require a lot of funds.
  2. Some of the inconveniences of using a shared bathroom. In a large family, a situation in which the location of the toilet bowl is closely adjacent to the area for bathing and cosmetic procedures can cause certain difficulties.

The main thing that determines the success of the design of a combined bathroom in a private house is the correct organization of the space, which takes into account the dimensions and features of the configuration of the room. In the bathroom, which has a rectangular shape and a door located along the long wall, the following layout is considered the best option for interior design:

  1. A bath bowl or shower stall is mounted along the end wall.
  2. The washing machine is installed opposite in the corner. Also, a tumble dryer can be placed separately above the washing machine, which will greatly simplify the washing process.
  3. A sink with a bedside table and a wardrobe is located against the longitudinal wall, roughly opposite the doorway.

Useful advice! If the bathroom in a private house has a window, then it is better to place the bath opposite so that you can relax while admiring the view of the green space. This option is recommended to be issued in a room located on the second floor, and if the window does not overlook the neighbors’ houses.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

In private houses, the area allows you to allocate for “convenience” spacious enough rooms to fulfill design fantasies

In a small bathroom, combined with a toilet, the corners should be used as much as possible. A good option is to mount a corner countertop with a built-in sink, under which a space is organized for installing a washing machine. Above the washbasin there are shelves for hygiene products, and in the opposite corner, depending on needs, it is planned to place a bath or shower cabin.

Features of organizing a spacious bathroom larger than 10 m² in a private house or apartment

The presence of a large bathroom gives many advantages to the owners. In such a large space, zoning must be done correctly. For example, using decorative plasterboard walls, you can divide a large room and organize an additional guest bathroom with a separate entrance.

A bathtub looks very beautiful in large rooms, to which steps lead, and the bowl itself rises above the floor level. This option should not be made out if the bathroom will be used by the elderly, disabled or small children, for whom the steps will not only create significant discomfort, but also become an additional element that is dangerous.

Not only a bowl on a pedestal looks attractive in a large room, but also a model on unusual, beautiful legs, installed in the center of the room. A washbasin is attached to the side of the bath, and the toilet and urinal are separated from the main area. If several women use the bathroom at the same time, a large number of shelves, drawers and cabinets for cosmetics will be more useful than ever. During the development of a bathroom project, you need to take into account such details that at first glance seem unimportant:

  1. Check the amount of light. In case of its lack, in addition to installing additional lamps, you can decorate the room with a large mirror.
  2. Do not place the heated towel rail behind a door or too close to a sink or bathtub.
  3. Consider additional space for a bathtub panel, which is considered an integral part of an acrylic product.
  4. Pay attention to ventilation. With insufficient outflow of moist air, the furniture in the room will quickly deteriorate and permanent problems with the fungus will arise.Standard bathroom sizes: optimal space for comfort

Large bathroom area starts from 10 sq. m

The size of the bathroom primarily affects the choice of the number of plumbing fixtures and their dimensions. The main condition for a small room is not to try to place all the desired items, so as not to end up with a too cluttered space. It is better to buy multifunctional items when arranging a small bathroom, for example, a toilet with a bidet function or a washing machine with a built-in dryer. To get a comfortable and comfortable space, you need to take into account not only personal preferences, but also planning recommendations.

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