Small bathroom really big: 7 tips for small wellness oases

Small bathroom really big: 7 tips for small wellness oasesBathrooms used to be neglected rooms. They were narrow, dark, and functional. In terms of color, too, they were a sad sight. In the meantime, the opposite has happened: bathrooms are spacious, offer a high level of comfort and often serve as a wellness oasis in your own four walls. Dream bathrooms for dream houses.

The furnishing options have become enormously diverse and providers have luxurious equipment ready for the private sector. Steam cabins, whirlpool tubs with lighting or scenting and walk-in showers with a rainforest feeling are just a small part of the range. Homeowners can quickly dream – and may wake up suddenly: what to do if your own bathroom only offers little space?

Do residents have to do without luxury and wellness in the bathroom? No, they don’t have to. This article provides 7 tips for the perfect use of space with a feel-good guarantee with a focus on small bathrooms.Small bathroom really big: 7 tips for small wellness oases

A shower with a functional massage element ensures the desired wellness factor.

Tip 1: Open small areas

Small areas appear larger if they are not subdivided. Openness has a generous effect. A fully tiled bathroom with an open walk-in shower creates a generous effect. Avoid wide tub edges, high shower entrances and oversized vanities. The fewer components there is in a small bathroom, the tidier and bigger it looks.

Tip 2: shower instead of tub

Bathtubs in small bathrooms are real space wasters. In view of the fact that they are used relatively rarely in comparison to a shower, the absence of a bathtub ensures an enormous gain in space. Instead, there are luxury showers that have many additional functions that make spa treatments possible even in a small bathroom.

Atmospheric light showers with stimulating color scales, rainforest showers, showers with a warming bench or shower cubicles with massage jets can also be installed in small bathrooms. The adjustment is made individually to the circumstances and a glass partition is the first choice. Because then the generous impression remains.

No matter how unusual or angled the layout of a small bathroom is, with a shower partition from you can create a wide variety of shower options.

  • Corner showers
  • Walk-in showers
  • Niche showers
  • U showers
  • Foldable showers
  • Showers with bathtubs

This means that owners of small bathrooms are also spoiled for choice and have to decide which variant best suits the floor plan and how they can most skillfully upgrade the new shower with luxurious details.Small bathroom really big: 7 tips for small wellness oases

Large tile format, laid throughout and only interrupted by a high-quality glass partition – this ensures generosity.

Tip 3: plain instead of showy

Keep it simple, this is how you could summarize the trend towards rest, relaxation and relaxation. If the topic of wellness is at the center of interest today, the trend will intensify in the coming years and decades: Healthness will be the new wellness. Institute even speaks of “Integrated Privateness ” and states: “Baths are changing from the place of an embarrassingly hidden body hygiene to a zone of well-lived health – an opportunity for new concepts.”

If you look at the pictures that already visualize the bathrooms of the future, one thing is striking: simplicity in the design language, sophistication in the (technical) detail. The principle can be applied unfiltered to today’s small bathrooms, because it hits the very heart. Small bathrooms become a luxurious wellness oasis with a coherent amount of space if the design is restrained but the technical equipment offers the highest level of comfort.

Tip 4: Showcase niches in a charming way: Courage to tile

Make a virtue of necessity – this applies particularly to small bathrooms. If a bathroom is angled and has niches or corners that are actually of no use, then an optical trick helps: high-quality tiles with beautiful patterns and colors.

If an actually unnecessary and unused corner is provided with high-quality tiles, it provides that certain something in the bathroom. Especially when the toilet, shower and wash ceramics are simply chosen and otherwise rather calm shades predominate, motley tiles with beautiful patterns bring individual accents.

An advantage of small, unused corners is that the number of square meters is small and a luxurious detail can be realized with relatively little money. Tip: Gold-shimmering mosaic tiles, handmade Spanish wall tiles or artistic Mexican tiles look very classy.Small bathroom really big: 7 tips for small wellness oases

Decoration makes every bathroom even more beautiful

Tip 5: Target the mirror

Mirrors enlarge a room. This also applies to the bathroom. The placement of the mirror elements plays an important role. If room corners are clad with narrow mirrors from top to bottom, the impression of space is created. Opposite corners are ideal, both of which are provided with mirrors. The effect is surprising, because the space multiplies optically. In addition, the view no longer ends at the corner of the room, but supposedly extends to infinity.

If this trick is not possible in a small bathroom, then a recommendation is to provide the surface above the washbasin with the largest possible mirror. This immediately makes the room look bigger, brighter and more inviting. Mirrors with a nano-sealed surface are ideal. They bring with them the lotus effect, which ensures that water and dirt simply roll off the mirror and leave a flawless sight.

Tip 6: Set clever lighting accents

A small bathroom looks much more cozy when it is pleasantly illuminated by warm light. The trade has lamps with different color temperatures. They range from ice cold to sunny and warm.

The light color for the comprehensive illumination of the bathroom should not be chosen from the neutral spectrum, because that creates an objective mood. Warm white tones are recommended, which provide cosiness as indirect lighting.

The color temperature (details in Kelvin) is printed on the packaging of the lamps as follows:

  • Warm white – 2,700 to 3,300 Kelvin
  • Neutral white – 3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin
  • Daylight white – more than 5,300 Kelvin

The higher the color temperature, the cooler the light color. It has proven useful to equip the bathroom with 2 different circuits. A circuit operates the light sources that provide the basic illumination. The second circuit controls the light sources that provide individual highlights, for example in front of the bathroom mirror or in the shower.

Wall-mounted, illuminated cosmetic mirrors with concertina joint have proven themselves for the ladies, which they need for make-up and make-up removal, cleaning, plucking and care. They provide intensive illumination of the face and help the women to carry out the applications precisely. Men also appreciate separate cosmetic mirrors for shaving. They can be individually adjusted in height and angle and simplify precise beard and face care.Small bathroom really big: 7 tips for small wellness oases

With a little skill and careful planning, fine wellness oases can be created in a small bathroom.

Tip 7: Use integrated heaters

A radiator is neither beautiful nor particularly space-saving. In a small bathroom, however, every cubic centimeter of volume counts. For this reason, integrated heaters are a perfect solution for small bathrooms, which also bring real wellness character and provide a touch of luxury.

Mirrors with integrated heating perform two functions. In addition, heated mirrors do not fog up and can be used even in high humidity. Heated seating is also a good option with a luxury factor: if the bench radiates heat in the open shower, the wellness effect increases immediately. The latest design generation of warm seating furniture, which works like a heated seat in the car by electricity, offer comfort and take on three functions: they heat, provide a seat and act as a towel holder.

And of course there are also the wall-hung heaters that serve as towel racks. They are space-saving, practical and flexible to install, since they can also be operated with electricity. Of course, this radiator variant is also available as a fixed element with connection to the normal heating circuit.

Simplicity in design and sophistication in detail ensure space and comfort

With a little skill and careful planning, fine wellness oases can be created in a small bathroom. In terms of color choice and design, users should get ideas for bathrooms and be inspired by individually designed bathrooms . With these inspiring suggestions it is much easier to plan your own wellness oasis.

It is helpful to commit yourself to a color concept and to furnish it as sparingly as possible, because less is more in a small bathroom – especially when individual furniture has double and multiple functions with a luxury effect.

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