Small Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2025

Small Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

If there are no problems with the design of large bathrooms, then when arranging a small one you need to try to accommodate the necessary plumbing and make the room cozy. The review presents interesting ideas and possible modern solutions for decorating a small bathroom. A selection of photos of small bathroom interior design trends 2025 will help you choose the right option.

Small bathroom interior design trends 2025Small Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

Ceramic tiles with patterns imitating wood, marble or concrete are still in trend. You can simply paint the walls with any suitable paint. Plus – the work will go faster, and the result will be a rough, interesting texture. To make a decent framing for the walls, it remains to glue moldings (preferably moisture resistant, polyurethane) to the ceiling.

What plumbing to choose?Small Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

Before heading to the store, it is worth planning in advance the location of the plumbing. The minimum required set:

  • bath (shower cabin);
  • sink;
  • toilet bowl.


Sketch a rough plan, taking into account the usable area, the shape of the room.

Mark on the drawing the communications carried out (pipes, electrical cables) so that when installing the sink it turns out that the bowl will close the outlet. If you plan to put a bathtub instead of a shower cabin, it is worthwhile to clarify in advance the dimensions and the possibility of installation along the width (length) of the room.

If there is very little space, you can install suspended structures. They significantly save space, and in the resulting niche, for example, under the sink, you can organize additional storage space. When choosing plumbing, you should focus on models of a simple, laconic form. That is, the more compact the better.

A shower cabin for a small bathroom is the best option. But if you prefer to relax and lie in warm water, or there is a small child in the family, then take a look at the corner bath models. They are more compact.

For zoning the space, you can use a glass partition instead of traditional curtains. This option cannot be called practical – the structure will often have to be wiped clean. But, firstly, the bathroom floor will be reliably protected from water drops, and secondly, the transparent partition visually looks easier, and the room seems larger and lighter.

Think about color combinations. For convenience, you can sketch out a sketch and see how the shades will be combined with each other. At the same time in the picture you can “arrange” furniture and plumbing.

How to match the bathroom colors in 2025Small Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

Modern design ideas for 2025 allow you to make a cozy place for relaxation out of a small room after working days. It is known that white is able to visually add volume to a small room. But in the case of a bathroom, you should not use exclusively white shades.

In combination with chrome-plated surfaces (towel holders, taps), there is a risk of getting a sterile operating room instead of a cozy bathroom. To prevent this from happening, just add a few bright spots – a border with a suitable pattern, mosaic inserts or colored accessories (toothbrush holders, cups for small things).

Even a pair of beautiful patterned towels can be a complete bathroom decoration. You can combine several tones, the main thing is not to overdo it. Too many colors in the interior will visually make the bathtub even smaller, and later will just be annoying.

Looks good in the interior:

  1. All shades of gray. From light – bleached to dark. In combination with white door trims or a frame on the mirror, they can give the bathroom a touch of rigor and laconicism.
  2. Beige, sandy make the bath warm and really cozy.
  3. The combination of black and white. Timeless, elegant classics. The only condition is that you should not lay tiles of different colors in a checkerboard pattern. This layout will visually narrow the room.
  4. Green, blue, orange shades will definitely cheer you up and help you wake up in the morning. Look great on their own and in combination with a white ceiling and accessories (laundry baskets, cups and soap dispensers).
  5. Muted shades, aged wooden surfaces of the cabinets, bronze-like taps will help make the bathroom not only functional, but also beautiful.

Small bathroom interior – the most popular style trends in 2025Small Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

Many people think that it is simply impossible to create an interesting and relevant interior in a small bathroom, but they are wrong. Modern design solutions and ideas of 2025, which are shown in the photo, will help to form an individual sophisticated interior, even in a small space.

Any style technique in interior design combines the color of the walls with furniture and decor details. At the same time, you should not blindly adhere to one direction.

It is allowed to mix styles, combine details that look harmonious together. This is how the individual interior of a small bathroom is created, different from others, and at the same time fashionable and completely complete.

Classic versionSmall Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

This is one of the most requested designs for a small bathroom in 2025. Its laconicism and simplicity are ideal for the interior of not only large rooms, but also miniature ones.

The light colors inherent in this style and the abundance of lighting devices will visually increase the narrow space. The modern ideas in the selection of photos below will help make the bathroom a place to relax after a hard day.

However, the classics in the interior are also characterized by luxurious details, for which there is hardly a place in a small bathroom. A large bathtub, a stately framed mirror, or a huge chandelier won’t fit in here.

But this does not mean that you need to give up this style. Fortunately, the classic design can be easily created from small furnishings, and the bathroom looks just as luxurious.

  1. The walls of the room should be light and airy. The most preferred shades are white and pastel beige.
  2. It is also better to choose pieces of furniture of a light shade. It is recommended to purchase external fittings for cabinets in bronze or gold color.
  3. In modern plumbing stores there is a huge selection of showers and doors to them. Stained glass is best suited for classics.
  4. Ceramic tiles with a pattern of marble or porcelain will give a truly luxurious look to the room.

Eastern motivesSmall Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

The style solution inherent in the East is an eclecticism of bright colors and natural patterns, as well as interior elements decorated with natural materials. Of the drawings for the walls, the most popular is a branch of delicate sakura.

Someone may doubt that this option is suitable for limited space. However, the most daring admirers of the East can try to add several decorative elements so that the bathroom will sparkle with Asian motives.

The oriental style has directions – Arabic, Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese. You can choose jewelry according to one of them. The only thing that must be in an oriental interior is scented candles or aroma lamps.

  1. For wall decoration, it is better to choose warm colors. Beige tiles will make a small room feel very cozy. If the owners choose lighter colors, they will get more visual space.
  2. The oriental style of the interior is unique for its colorfulness, so it does not require a lot of decor details. Moreover, the abundance of jewelry can create a clutter effect. For small spaces, this requirement turns into an advantage.
  3. A great reason to emphasize the oriental style is to decorate the doors of the shower cabin with a pattern. Beautiful flowers or landscapes, as well as abstract patterns are great choices.

Scandinavian styleSmall Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

Since the Scandinavian style involves the pursuit of a minimum number of pieces of furniture and various decorations, it is ideal for a small bathroom. Another advantage of this option is that the wall decoration contributes to the visual increase in the size of the room.

To complete the interior in a Scandinavian style, you should adhere to some recommendations and modern ideas in the 2025 photo:

  1. For walls, designers recommend a white shade. It is allowed to take other colors, for example, blue, but only as an accent.
  2. Scandinavian interiors involve the use of a large number of mirror and glass surfaces. An elegant mirror above the sink, firstly, will help the hostess to direct the marafet, and secondly, it will visually expand the area of a small room.
  3. When choosing doors for a shower stall, it is better to give preference to a transparent or shiny option. The matte dark surface still visually conceals the space.
  4. A pot with a living flower or a beautiful towel is enough to decorate a Scandinavian bathroom.
  5. Straight, laconic lines are one of the characteristics of the northern style.

ProvenceSmall Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2022

If we take as a basis a classic Provence style bathroom, then it will be a spacious room with a bath in the middle. However, the footage of the room is 4-5 sq. m does not allow placing massive plumbing there, especially in the center. But it is a mistake to think that this style is not suitable for a small bathroom.

Designers find a solution to how to make a small bathroom in a provincial French style. To do this, you need to adhere to several recommendations and proposed modern ideas of 2025:

  1. Storage systems must be open. They will make the room closer to the chosen style and at the same time allow you to conveniently place all the necessary things. Moreover, such shelves do not take up much space. The main thing is that they are made of natural materials, preferably wood.
  2. The preferred shades for the French style are light and pastel. It is noteworthy that it is these tones that look best in bathrooms with a shower stall. Plus, light and pastel tones of the walls visually increase the space of a small room.
  3. A small bathroom decorated in the Provence style can be decorated with towels or small items such as a cup for toothbrushes or a soap dish. The best pattern for these decor details is floral motifs on a light background.

Using the techniques described above is unlikely to help double or even triple a small bathroom. However, a well-chosen style solution and a competent layout will allow the owners to feel comfortable in a truly cozy bathroom.

The original designs can be found in the photo selection. Modern ideas of bathroom 2025 will help to beat a small bathroom in a new way.

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