Small Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

Small Bathroom Trends In 2023Small bathroom trends 2023. Regular changes affect many areas in the apartment, including the bathrooms. For this, many of the most original and non-standard solutions are found. Today we will look at how the design of a small bathroom will change in 2023, using cutting edge trends.

Major small bathroom trends 2023Small Bathroom Trends 2023

Designers call small bathroom trends 2023 simple and natural. Already in the distant past, luxury and chic decoration turned out to be. Modern designers act in the mainstream of peace and quiet, creating a harmonious room from the inside and outside.

The trend in modern small bathroom design is functionality. This is necessary to make the most of the available space. First of all, you should have enough bathing area. It is often possible to do this by combining the space for a shower and a bath. You can also opt for one of these elements.

By planning this in a small bathroom, you can visually make the room look larger than it actually is.

On the eve of the New Year, designers have taken care of how to hide the clutter in the bathroom. It is for this reason that the design of such rooms cannot be imagined without the use of various cabinets, baskets, special racks, rails, boxes, so that each item is in its place. In the vastness of the Internet community, there are many photos with various containers for a small bathtub that has enough space for a washing machine.

Important! To remove clutter and not lose the necessary centimeters, designers recommend the use of special systems for storing things. They will make the room comfortable and convenient.

For many years, people tried to share a bathroom with a toilet, although each of the rooms was tiny. The opposite trend has now begun. Increasingly, they are developing the design of a small bathroom combined with a bathroom. In 2023, many projects are being developed in this direction. Let’s take a closer look at other trends.

The predominance of natural materialsSmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

Designers in the modern world pay attention to naturalness and serenity when decorating bathrooms. Many experts are trying to attract natural components for cladding, due to which the room becomes airy and light.

For this, the designers undertake the following techniques:

  1. Painting the walls in a neutral tone. This solution contributes to the complete relaxation of vision. Beige, gray, brown, pale green and muted tones will dominate in the next season.
  2. Stylists refuse to use the brightest textures, replacing such a solution with the tangible beauty of natural stone, marble, terracotta and other similar substances.
  3. Another trend in the coming season is light and transparency. Designers refuse from bulky structures when designing. Many experts suggest improving the room by installing glass partitions, walls, glass shelves.
  4. Designers call the trend of the next season a lot of green plants. Modern bathrooms are considered by 2023 design in this vein. Experts suggest making a choice in favor of heat-loving and moisture-loving plants, thanks to which a person’s life will be comfortable.

The predominance of geometric shapesSmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

In the distant past, according to designers, the use of whimsical patterns in the classic and baroque style remained. They were replaced by the use of extremely clear geometric shapes. A similar solution looks especially preferable for a small bath located in the Khrushchev. Geometric shapes make the room rhythmic and harmonious.

Achieving this effect is facilitated by the use of the following design solutions:

  • the use of a strict and laconic ornament on the surface of the tile;
  • the use of abstract figures in the room;
  • small tiles are often used.

Advice! To decorate the room, rectangular tiles are often used. The patterns are repeated sequentially. This solution makes the room visually larger. To increase the space, you can also use mirrors, hanging them on one side or making a kind of “mirror corridor”.

The use of simple lines in the interiorSmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

Design with rounded shells remains in the trend of the new season. Exclusive curved bedside tables placed under the sink will become unacceptable in modern interiors. Bathroom design should be concise. This applies in 2023 not only to small spaces, but also to spaces of impressive size.

On the territory of the shower area, it is worth deviating a little from the rule. A rectangular pallet, a straight sliding partition, and a ventilation grill of the same shape will look attractive. All such techniques will allow you to balance the room.

The choice of furniture and accessories plays an important role. Along the perimeter, it is possible to arrange laconic consoles, high rectangular cabinets, mirrors. This solution harmoniously organizes the space with the washing machine with minimal effort.

The importance of versatilitySmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

For a small bathtub with a washing machine without a toilet, the following stylistic solutions are used in modern conditions, due to which the room performs a wide variety of functions:

  1. Use of smart mixers. For small bathrooms, designers recommend choosing models equipped with touch buttons and LED lighting that can change color depending on the temperature of the water. This will allow water procedures to be carried out without getting burned or hypothermia.
  2. Backlight equipped with motion sensors. This solution is especially suitable for owners of small bathtubs combined with a toilet. The use of additional energy-saving lamps contributes to the creation of soft, diffused and comfortable light. This solution allows you to move freely and safely around the room without fear of touching anything.
  3. The use of heated cabinets. This innovative solution will keep the bathroom tidy. In this case, you do not need to use heated towel rails. Bath towels should only be placed on the shelf. They will dry out on their own.
  4. The electronic shower control system will be an indispensable solution. One has only to press the button, as the temperature regime of the water, lighting and much more will be adjusted.

If the room has glass partitions, this allows you to attract enough light here. In this case, to create privacy, you should consider the question of what curtains will be on the windows. Experts recommend the use of frosted glass that can hide from prying eyes what is not provided for them.

Lighting optionsSmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

In the coming season, designers will finally abandon chandeliers and large ceiling lamps. For a small bathtub in a Khrushchev without a toilet, zone and spot lighting devices will look attractive. In the design of the bathroom, the following lighting options are supposed to be used:

  • spotlights located at a certain distance;
  • LED illumination of mirrors or spaces above the bathroom, on the ceiling and along the floor surface;
  • minimalistic interior lamps located along the walls.

What colors should you prefer?Small Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

For a bathroom with a washing machine and toilet, stylists offer the following colors:

  • the room will become warmer, brighter and larger with the help of beige and peach tones;
  • is a cool, neutral and soothing gray shade;
  • you feel cleanliness, freshness and a pleasant sea breeze with the help of blue and green tones, which can be pastel or rich;
  • the choice of earthy and coffee colors will add elegance to the interior;
  • promotes cleanliness, freshness using white in the interior.

The use of matte black elements in the form of pieces of furniture, mixers or accessories will accentuate the style of the room. This will make the room look more harmonious.

Deciding on the tilesSmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

Quite often, tiles of all kinds are used in the bathroom. The design of 2023 is also being developed by specialists using this material. There are many options for coating with a photo for a bathroom with a shower or combined with a bathroom.

Among the options presented, a photo of the following design solutions looks especially preferable:

  • the option in the form of a tile with a 3D effect looks original;
  • elegance, luxury, rigor is promoted by the option in the form of imitation of black marble;
  • a tile with a floral pattern attracts attention;
  • for high-tech and modern style, you should make a choice in favor of imitation of polished and oxidized metal;
  • the use of mosaics contributes to giving the interior the correct rhythm and geometric clarity.

Fact! To make the bathroom look harmonious, you should select floor tiles in the same style as for wall surfaces. Also an attractive solution would be the choice of terrazzo, cork flooring, pebbles, natural wood. The choice should be made depending on the taste preferences and financial solvency of the homeowner.

What is worth giving upSmall Bathroom Design Trends In 2023

When new trends appear in the interior, the old ones are assimilated with them. Designers recommend abandoning the following in the next season:

  1. Plastic will not look attractive and fashionable. For this reason, you should abandon plastic hooks, shelves, accessories, replacing them with wooden, stone or iron ones.
  2. Do not paint walls in bright colors. This will not give you the opportunity to relax. For this reason, do not use bright accents in the room.
  3. Discard open storage systems. Give preference to wall cabinets and built-in structures. This will help create an attractive look and keep things out of sight.

The bathroom should be convenient and comfortable. The room should be decorated so that it looks harmonious, and the person feels comfortable in it. Every little detail in your bathroom design can be crucial. For this reason, you should first consult with the master. He will advise what will fit perfectly into the design and what should be discarded.

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