Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Design IdeasHow to design a small bathroom: ideas and advice from experts. Features of repairing a small bathroom – the choice of materials, colors, lighting. The interior is in the style of classic, modern.

The most common problem faced by owners of small-family apartments is the very modest size of the bathroom. During the renovation, you have to solve a difficult problem: how to correctly plan a room so that it is both functional and not cluttered? In fact, everything is much simpler – you just have to connect your imagination and work a little. Our article will help make your task easier and suggest interesting ideas for a small bathroom.

Features of the layout

If you are starting renovation “from scratch”, and the size of your bathroom is already very small – you can think about increasing it by redeveloping the walls and partitions. Just decide first with the walls – where are “bearing” and where not. Invite the appropriate specialist for this. As a result, it will be possible to combine a bathroom with a toilet, a bathroom with a corridor. However, this is a very difficult job, it is better to save this option as a last resort.

A more affordable option may be a thoughtful layout and design of a small bathroom. Due to visual effects and the placement of plumbing, you can significantly expand the visible boundaries of a room and not change its real size.

First you need to pay attention to the location of the plumbing – perhaps the toilet is too far from the wall, or it can be moved closer to the drain. The sink can be removed in general, if you have a bathroom – put a handy mixer and the need for a sink will disappear. Doors can also take up space, especially if they open inward. It is necessary to rearrange the door in such a way that it opens outward or even to put a retractable version – this is much more convenient.

Preparation for renovation in the bathroom

Before starting repairs in the bathroom, you need to decide on the design. If redevelopment is necessary, if you need to expand a small room, the transfer or building of partitions is approved. After that, you can start preparatory work. What are they?

  • The walls and floor are cleaned to the ground. It is necessary to remove all the old coating: tiles, paint, old glue, plaster, lime. If the floor tiles are very difficult to remove, then a new one can be laid on top of it or a leveling layer of mortar can be poured over. When choosing this option, you need to ensure that the standard doorway height (206-210 mm) is maintained.
  • The cleaned surfaces (together with the ceiling, if it is not planned to install a tension), are covered with a primer.
  • They start plastering. The walls are lined up. If there are large differences on the floor, it also needs to be leveled with a building mixture. If the height difference is small, it can be corrected with an adhesive when laying the floor tiles.

The preparation for the renovation of the bathroom also includes plumbing and electrical work. This is the replacement of pipes and risers, meters, heated towel rails, hoods, replacement of wiring, transfer of sockets, etc. After that, a plasterboard box is mounted to hide the plumbing pipes.

When these works are completed, you can start repairing and installing plumbing.

Materials used for finishing

The most common and ideal option for covering walls and floors in a bathroom is ceramic tiles. Its variety is so great that it can satisfy any, even the most sophisticated, requests. Just remember the main thing – tiles for a small bathroom should be small. The ideal option in this case would be a mosaic.

Choosing a tile is one of the primary tasks. After all, it sets the basic tone for the bathroom, after laying the tiles, plumbing is installed, the ceiling and all other work are done. However, you should not rely only on tiles, there are many other finishes:

  • You can paint the walls with moisture resistant paints;
  • To glue moisture-resistant, vinyl wallpaper or even liquid wallpaper;
  • Decorate the walls with plaster;
  • Sheathe the walls with plastic panels or plastic tiles.
  • Lay glass tiles, which are becoming more and more fashionable.

It is better to lay tiles on the floor. Not ordinary, with a smooth glossy surface, but a rough one. This kind of tile is made from porcelain stoneware. It is much more durable and will protect you from falls and injuries on wet floors.

The ceiling should not be overlooked either – it must be protected from moisture and fit into the interior. Here are the ways to decorate the ceiling:

  • Moisture resistant plasterboard;
  • Plastic panels;
  • Stretch ceiling.

The first option is less practical, although it is also used. Plastic cladding is good because moisture will definitely not damage the ceiling, and it can be easily washed. Well, stretch ceilings are more popular due to their modern look and large palette of colors. Will definitely fit into any interior.

Color palette

The design of a small bathroom involves the choice of color as the main solution. After all, the main task is to visually enlarge an already small space. In any case, the tiles should be chosen in light colors – like the floor and ceiling. But do not get carried away with white and chrome interior details. It will give the impression that you are in the operating room and not in the bathroom.

However, if you combine white with bright colors: yellow, green, red, then the interior will acquire “richness” and you will be able to focus on some specific details. Designers do not recommend using more than three colors at the same time – take note. Moreover, you can use matching accessories with interior color finishes. You get the effect of “merging” – the objects seem to be there, but they do not stand out against the general background and do not come to the fore.

It is better not to use large drawings on the walls, floor or ceiling at all – your bathroom can only visually decrease due to this.

Let there be light!

Of course, you can’t do without light. The layout of a small bathroom also provides for a pre-prepared space for lighting. A dim light bulb is absolutely not an option in this case. A bright artificial light is needed here. How to do it? Firstly, you can install many bulbs on the ceiling – then the light will be evenly distributed throughout the room. It is also advisable to have a light bulb above the sink.

In order to save money, you can install energy-saving light bulbs, and enhance the lighting with mirrors. But we’ll talk about this further. If possible, make a window in the bathroom – much better when there is sunlight in the bathroom during the day! If this option is not suitable, then you can make an imitation of a window with appropriate lighting – a very original idea.

Which furniture to choose

Small bathrooms look very organic when combined with the right furniture and fixtures. We’ll talk about plumbing later, let’s pay attention to furniture. As you may have guessed, furniture in no case should be large, dark and clutter up all the free space. If there is an opportunity to choose, then install the shelves in the place of cabinets with doors. Furniture should create the illusion of transparency, “weightlessness” of the room, and not oppress with its quantity and dimensions.

The color of the furniture should be light, ideally blend in with the walls or have similar colors. Instead of cabinets, you can use hooks and hangers, hang a rack over the toilet.

Choosing plumbing

This is also an important aspect that must already be taken into account when you just started making repairs in a small bathroom.

Which is better: shower or bath?

The first thing to consider is who will use the bathroom in the future. If there are elderly people or children in the house, then it is best to put a bathroom. Again, it is more convenient for overweight people to use the bathroom. The bathroom can be selected and seated – everything is individual here. In other cases, it is better to put a shower stall.

Where to put the washing machine?

If the washing machine does not fit into the design of a very small bathroom or takes up a lot of space, you can move it to the kitchen or even to the balcony (if it is adjacent to the kitchen). Another option is to install a washing machine under the sink. You can free up space for it by replacing the bathtub with a shower. Then there will be space not only for a typewriter, but also for household chemicals.


The design of a small bathroom must include mirrors. When combined with the right lighting, they can work wonders and dramatically enlarge a room. Just don’t make the following mistakes:

  • Do not make full-length mirrored walls – mirrors tend to enlarge the area only at eye level;
  • A mirrored floor is a very unfortunate solution. Otherwise, you will feel at the bottom of a well.

Corner mirrors look much more original and can create a beautiful play of colors and highlights. If you want to install a mirror above the sink, be sure to add lighting to it.

Decor for a small bathroom

For a small bathroom, it is better to adhere to the principles of minimalism and not use an abundance of decor. If the design involves tiles of bright colors or unusual shapes, a small space does not need additional decor. In other cases, it is better to use items that decorate the interior and are functional at the same time:

  • Mirror. If you hang a full-width mirror over the sink, it will reflect light, visually increasing the area of the room. And if it is equipped with colored lights, it will become a full-fledged decorative item.
  • Rugs, towels. Bright textiles will add the right accent, provided that the tiles in the bathroom are not “dazzling”.
  • Shower curtain. An original curtain for a bath or shower will decorate the whole room. Neutral or similar in design, textiles will go well with it.
  • Laundry basket. This item can be chosen based on the style of bathroom decoration (wooden basket for eco or scandi style, metal basket for loft, modern, etc.)
  • A set of holders for towels, toilet paper – it is better if the set is from the same series.
  • A set of dispensers for soap, shampoo, shower gel. Multicolored bottles and jars will not decorate the bathroom. Therefore, it is worth choosing kits consisting of dispensers and containers of the same design. It is better if they fit into the design of the bathroom interior.

Expanding space

Here are some ideas for a small bathroom that will help you save space:

  • Use tiles with a vertical pattern – the room will appear taller and larger;
  • Better to install a bathroom or shower with transparent glass walls;
  • Instead of a shower stall with walls, it is better to hang a curtain, and instead of a pallet, make a niche in the floor. Or, conversely, instead of a pallet, make a ledge of brick, tiled or mosaic;
  • Cabinets can be built into walls (but not into load-bearing ones); it is not necessary to install doors for them. And the back walls can be closed with plasterboard or plastic;
  • The mirrored ceiling will perfectly expand the space;
  • Try to avoid sharp corners – streamlined furniture and plumbing will win you a little space.


It will always be relevant. The main focus is the bath. In the original, it should be made of marble, cast iron or brass. And always on bent legs. Such a bath itself is very light; faucets, taps and mirror frames are made of copper, gilding or bronze. Marble and stucco are welcomed in the interior. The look of such a bathroom is expensive and sophisticated.


The design of a small bathroom in this style is characterized by a bright combination of colors and original solutions. The zones are clearly separated, the plumbing is small and functional. It is better to take accessories for decoration of non-standard shapes and colors.

Japanese style

It is becoming more and more popular and in itself is quite original. But be prepared to spend money on natural materials in the decor: bamboo, rice paper, silk, wood. It is better to use tiles with oriental motives on the walls. Candles in colored glass candlesticks and an aroma lamp are a must. There may be hieroglyphs on the shower curtain, towels.

In general, there are many styles – it all depends on preferences and budget. In any case, the design of a small bathroom, made in a certain style, will add zest to the interior of your home.

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