Presentability for 2022 on a modest budget – how bathroom accessories work

Presentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories workThere is no doubt that the bathroom should be a sanctuary for hygiene, cleanliness, beauty and comfort. However, bathroom accessories can create or break the look and feel of a room. However, accessories are not only about aesthetics, as many of them fulfill necessary and sometimes clever functions. With the right additives, you can transform the smallest room in your home into something truly amazing.

Typically, carefully selected bathroom items are essential. The right accessories can give a room a sense of glamor, comfort, and luxury. If you are working on a tight budget, then with finely selected items and accessories, your bathroom can quickly turn into a cozy space.

In fact, updating bathroom accessories is the most cost effective way to furnish this important space. This is especially true if you do not have funds for a complete reconstruction. The range of bathroom accessories is endless and includes mirrors, heated towel rails and towel racks, soap dishes, rugs, curtains and more. In addition, it is advisable to include part of the plumbing and lighting here.

So, this review offers expert advice from top bathroom accessories designers. According to the pros, these trends are best suited to host preferences, budget and needs.

Tips for choosing luxury bathroom accessoriesPresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

Luxurious fittings and fixtures in the bathroom add a little sparkle and a lot of tranquility. If you’re unsure of how to achieve the perfect balance, check out these tips.

First, coordinate your accessory sets. Everything from the toothbrush holder to the napkin should be of a certain material or shade of color. Thus, your room will be “assembled” into one whole.

Second, choose high quality materials such as chrome, copper, ceramics and some stones for your accessory kits and finishes. Artificial marble is always a smart choice, serving as a reminder of the world’s most beautiful sights.

Third, swap out the wall holder for a chic, separate towel rack that becomes your personal butler. Installing a stylish heated towel rail is even cooler.

Fourth, lay a bamboo or teak bath mat. These standard spa accessories help protect your bathroom from bacteria. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and elegant. Wooden slats allow enough air to quickly evaporate the pool of water that forms under your feet.

Fifth, remember about greens. Fresh, hardy plants, mind you, add color. But they also give the Zen feeling that only nature can offer. Stick to one or two plants to avoid jungle clutter.

Install large mirrorsPresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

Bathroom mirrors are not just a functional necessity. Viewed as a focal point, mirrors are the definition of luxury home decor.

For traditional designs, the classic frame options are installed. Alternatively, the dark wood frame fits perfectly into the classic interior. For modern bathrooms, it is better to install a mirror with LED lighting. Check out everything about mirrors here.

If you have wall space, upgrade one large mirror to two different design features. Your bathroom will instantly feel like a contemporary art gallery.

If you are decorating a small bathroom, it is best to order a wall-to-wall mirror to visually increase the modest square footage. One caveat: in this scenario try to get the maximum reflectance.

Add a mirror that magnifies. A small vanity mirror is a glamorous touch, whether it’s makeup, brow care, or just reflecting more light.

Let the light inPresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

No bathroom renovation is complete without sophisticated lighting fixtures that must be perfectly positioned for optimal effect. When buying bathroom fixtures, don’t forget:

Lighting must cover all corners. Also, to pamper yourself in front of the mirror, make sure the light shines from all directions. This means that you will need a light directly over your head and left and right. Use a sconce depending on your style. Chandeliers and spotlights. Read more about lighting here.

Regardless of which finish you choose for your faucet and bathroom accessories, make sure your fixtures belong to the same “family”. Styles may not match each other a bit, but metals will help maintain a coherent design.

Choosing the right finish for your bathroom accessories

Chrome is of course chromePresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

If you’re on a tight budget, chrome is your best bet. First, chrome plating is durable. Secondly, plumbing items are easy to clean from it. And thirdly, chrome surfaces are suitable for almost any color scheme. Plus, chrome is a great choice because it’s much easier to find a variety of accessories with matching chrome finishes than any other type of finish.

Stainless steelPresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

Stainless steel is a great choice for a better look and, above all, it is rust resistant. With its presentable look and durability, your bathroom accessories will look brand new for years to come. If you are going to opt for a shower stall, it might be worth choosing a product made from stainless steel. Obviously, the stylish lines of the shower enclosures are specially designed to complement any decor. In addition, the stainless steel models stand out for their quality and durability.

Silver glitterPresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

Silver gloss is the second most popular bathroom finish. This is a misnomer, since items with a silver luster are not only made not of silver, but also not of metal. Rather, they are made of durable ABS plastic with high quality paint and a luxurious gloss finish.

However, silver glitter accessories defy the old myth that plastic can’t look as good as metal. Typically, the silver gloss is slightly less reflective and more matte than the chrome. This makes it look cleaner and less distracting. In other words, the silver glitter accessory set accentuates other elements rather than distracting from them.

The modern lines of accessories with a silvery gloss come in high quality. Most importantly, the coating prevents water and soap stains. Glossy silver is not as expensive as high quality metal parts. However, on a tight budget, it’s a surprisingly great choice to replace your bathroom accessories.

Expensive metals

More expensive bathroom accessories include nickel, brass and bronze metal finishes. All of these finishes are most commonly used in bath, washbasin and shower faucets. As an option, the premium shower baskets have a chrome finish made from solid brass, guaranteed to stay rust-free forever.

White plasticPresentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

According to the designers, there is nothing wrong with white (or gray) plastic. As a rule, it has a clean appearance, is easy to clean and matches with all elements of the bathroom interior. If you and your guests have no prejudice, there is no reason for something brighter. However, you should still get quality white plastic bathroom accessories that look good and last for decades.

Black in bathroom accessories 2022Presentability for 2022 on a modest budget - how bathroom accessories work

Black is back. In the bathroom, an ode to luxurious black has become a necessity thanks to the small elements that take center stage. First of all, elegant taps and bathroom accessories painted in matt black are at the height of fashion. Most importantly, this trend provides high aesthetics that perfectly link product quality, beauty and usability.

Obviously, with the faucets for sinks, showers and bathtubs, matt black “travels” around the entire perimeter of the room. Meanwhile, it is worth paying attention to bathroom accessories in black – their peak of popularity is only gaining momentum.

Fashionable equipment is very practical and comfortable. Among them are black models of heated towel rails, soap dishes or hangers. Among other things, these models complement the modern and sophisticated bathroom interior.


As you can see, luxury bathroom accessories are sometimes quirky and sometimes daring. But since these upgrades symbolize peace of mind, they are always a guaranteed investment.

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