Practical Small Bathroom Design Tips

Practical Small Bathroom Design TipsSadly, in addition to the layout and placement of plumbing and furniture, the design of small bathrooms has many other problems. Therefore, this review will only cover colors, accessories, lighting, and accents. Everything that works for the visual perception of the size of the room. In other words, for the most comfortable use of the bathroom space.

Everyone wants to create a beautiful bathroom. But you shouldn’t let the size of your bathroom limit the decor. In addition, for small bathrooms, you can still find decorative items that will decorate the room.

Best colors for small bathrooms

A small bathroom doesn’t have many complicated fixtures and fittings, so it is possible to create a beautiful room with just a few transformations. And the first touch in the rework is the color palette.

Wall colorPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

If possible, choose a cool tinted color for your walls. First of all, cool colors such as blue and gray. When viewed, these hues move away from the eyes, making small spaces appear larger. So here are the colors that work well in existing bathroom color schemes – blue, aqua, as well as dark gray and gray.

Advice 1. If your flooring is a dark, cool color, consider choosing a lighter, cooler shade of the same color for the walls. For example, if your floors have marbled tiles in a greenish tone, choose a pale green with a blue tint for the walls.

Tip 2. If your floor is light or neutral, consider choosing a very similar color for your walls. The presence of floors and walls of the same shade forces the eyes to move continuously around the room. This will most likely make the space appear larger than it actually is.

Plumbing colorsPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

The color of the metal on the plumbing and finishes should match the cool tone of the rest of the room. This means using matt or satin chrome or some shades of bronze. Avoid nickel, brass, or copper colored faucets and equipment cases; these warm tones will reach out to the eyes rather than fading into the rest of the design of a small bathroom.

Floor tile color

If the old ceramic bathroom tiles are warm or very dark, get ready to replace them. With a variety of color palette tiles in hardware stores, perhaps it is worth stopping at the tones: medium gray, dark brown, as well as white and cobalt blue.


Accents are small design elements that can make a big impact in a small room. They are often added after the main components of the room have been installed. But they can help improve the visual design of a small bathroom just as effectively.

Mirrors and first aid kit (cabinet) for the bathroomPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

Use multiple mirrors and reflective shiny surfaces to create a sense of space. It is a fact that large, flaring mirrors create the illusion of a larger square footage. Therefore, consider installing a ceiling element to create the maximum visual experience in the room. You can also place mirrors at corners or opposite each other to increase reflection.

By adding extra first aid kits for the bathroom, you primarily increase storage space in a small room. Although the first aid kit is traditionally placed over the sink, consider the following options to allow you to have a large mirror:

  • Place a cabinet mirror over the sink. Of course, this is the most comfortable accommodation, since everything is at hand. In addition, the variant provides more flexibility in the choice of mirror sizes.
  • Place the first aid kit on the wall next to the shower. Keep razors, extra soap, and bath salts in it. Thus, access to the first aid kit is quite convenient and, by the way, the visual space increases.

It’s worth adding a little mosaicPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

Think about decorating the wall and mirrors around the sink in a small bathroom. This is easily done by adding glossy or polished mosaic tiles. Each tile captures light separately, reflecting it back intensely, which provides a visual expansion of the room. But the design of a small bathroom will only benefit from mosaics.

Most mosaic tiles do not require any kind of framework. Therefore, you can use them as a protective covering for a sink, mirror frame or curb, and also as a base for glass shelves.

Visible parts of plumbing

Nothing stands out in a stylish bathroom like a water inlet valve in unflattering colors, finishes and style. Replace all valves and pipes with the same color, do not forget about the style of faucets on the water pipes. Since the bathroom is small, a sense of unity is important to ensure the integrity of the design. Replacing these small parts will mean they fade into the background rather than sticking out and grabbing attention.

Shelving and storagePractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

The smaller the bathroom, the more important good shelving and storage space is. You need storage that will keep the room as organized and clutter-free as possible. But at the same time, storage space should not take up much space. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this.

Towel holdersPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

Towel racks often have an extra hanger attached to the bottom. They do not take up much space, neither visual nor physical. Install one on the wall next to the shower and one next to the sink. Make sure they are above shoulder height and do not take up valuable space. Don’t forget about the color and style of the towel rails and how they match with other bathroom accessories or faucets.

Glass shelves

Small bathrooms usually have a small sink. This can be a problem for storing things that are usually on top of it. To solve this problem, use a glass shelf under the mirror or medicine cabinet, but above the sink. These small, unobtrusive shelves can hold a variety of toiletries but are relatively small. You can find them with or without a metal band to help keep things in place. Just make sure the brackets have the same trim as the rest of your bathroom accessories.

Glass shower door

A glass shower door is one way to enhance the look of your small bathroom design. The transparent shower door creates the appearance of a larger room. A door or shower curtain that prevents your eyes from seeing the whole space makes that space small and closed. Glass shower doors, whether sliding or swinging, equally increase visibility in a small space.

Storage space above the toiletPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

A storage space above the toilet is practically a must for designing a small bathroom. These shallow closets, shelves, or shelves are designed to hang over your toilet and generally match the style and decor of the room. They are compact and designed to hold toilet paper, extra soap, shampoo, and even a small makeup kit. To help visually enlarge the space of a room, it is recommended to purchase storage cabinets with mirrored doors.

Wire baskets

Small bathrooms that have showers can be decorated with multiple wire baskets in the corners or in the shower. Wire baskets come in a variety of sizes, from small to hold a bar of soap, to very deep ones that can freely accommodate several shampoo bottles.

Place them in the corner opposite the shower head, away from the shower opening. Place them at different heights so that they are accessible to all household members. Most importantly, keep your shower floor clear.

AccessoriesPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

The smaller your bathroom, the more creativity you need with your choice of accessories. Obviously, it is they who will help make the bathroom as functional as possible. In addition to cabinets and shelving, there are many bathroom accessories that can help make your bathroom look much bigger than it is.

These include:

  • holders of toilet paper;
  • swinging towel racks that swing away from the wall for use;
  • soap dispenser, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes that attach to the wall to hold these items above the sink.

Buy all accessories at once to ensure that all colors, shapes, and styles match. This is important for harmony and a holistic look.

Small bathroom decorationPractical Small Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms, whatever their size, are great for decorating. You can play with color, pattern and accessories. It is important to know the measure and maintain one style and color palette of the room. Remember, too, that the style of the bathroom should match the style of the rest of the house.

If the apartment is modern, then the design of a small bathroom should also be modern. Likewise, if the home is classic and traditional, then the bathroom interior should reflect that aesthetic. Incorporate the same decor elements as in any other room.

Light and luminaire dimensions

Designers recommend installing sufficient lighting that can fill the entire bathroom with light. This usually removes any shadow that may be created. Plus, bright lighting prevents shadows from appearing in corners or along the back of your shower. Shadows, like dark corners, make the room look smaller. Use fluorescent light as it provides softer, more even lighting. Use a multi-level lighting system. It should be borne in mind that the fixtures are selected in accordance with the scale of your small bathroom.


By following a few simple remodeling tips, you can add a larger sense of space to your small bathroom design. Meanwhile, the added stylish elements enhance the look of your apartment. But still, the main thing is that the bathroom, albeit of more than modest size, pleases with its style and harmony.

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