Popular Bathroom Design Trends 2025

It would seem that it could be easier to make repairs! But today most of the consumers strive for the result not only “nice and clean”, but also “as convenient as possible”.

Thinking over the plan of renovation work and the design of the bathroom, it is worth studying the projects already implemented – fortunately, finding photos and descriptions on the Web is not a problem. In the process of searching, it will not be difficult to notice – the color scheme, the layout of the premises, their content are strikingly different.

The thing is that every year more and more interior solutions appear that work for the required result – an increase in the functionality of the bathroom. Bathroom design trends of 2025 also surprises with new approaches to solving a variety of tasks.

Bathroom design in a new wayPopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

The bathroom is an area where you don’t spend as much time as in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. But, at the same time, it is this space that was created in order to “simplify the transition” from an eventful day to a measured, calm pastime. The bathroom is relaxation, rest, “exhalation”. And new design trends fully support this trend.

One of the important points in bathroom design is the choice of colors and shades to create the most comfortable atmosphere. The second is the selection of the most functional elements, plumbing fixtures, furniture, accessories designed to simplify the hygiene procedures and cleaning the room.

The traditionally highlighted luxury is no longer in vogue. The 2025 bathroom trend is solidity. The bathroom should feel like a single whole, and this is unlikely to be possible if each decorative element and piece of furniture “screams” about its own uniqueness and beauty.

What to use this year? Muted colors, natural raw materials, glass, metal and mirror elements, the highest quality finishing materials, practical furniture. In fashion – simplicity, brevity, balance, naturalness.

The basic repair rules bathroom 2025 are not fraught with difficulties:

  • do not use bright, flashy colors in the decoration (with the exception of small elements to create contrast);
  • use closed cabinets for storing accessories and cosmetics – remove all unnecessary from the sides of the sink and visually open space;
  • use a lot of light by installing separate lights for different areas of the space;
  • try to “lift objects off the floor” as much as possible by purchasing a hanging cabinet, toilet bowl, sink for placement in the bathroom – this way the space will acquire visual lightness;
  • try to get rid of crevices and gaps (for example, using a built-in sink instead of a regular one).

And the last rule – avoid the formation of dark corners and blind spots. A modern bathroom is light, lightness, air, in which there is no room for such nooks.

How to make bathroom renovations with minimal wastePopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

For some reason, when they mention laconic interiors, many consumers immediately talk about how expensive such a solution is. Of course, you have to pay for quality, because it is an integral part of trending design. But, nevertheless, it is possible to make renovations in the style of 2025 and inexpensively.

How to cut costs? There are several options:

  • replace the luxurious bathroom with a compact shower;
  • plain tiles on walls and floors will be cheaper than their multi-colored counterparts or models with prints;
  • give preference to multifunctional furniture and plumbing items.

Will a plain bathroom be trendy? The trend is “Scandinavian” colors – white, gray, mint, black, as well as materials that imitate the colors of stone, wood, concrete. Bulky cabinets are replaced by light and inexpensive shelves, a 2-in-1 device is purchased instead of a toilet and a bidet, a shower can easily replace a bathroom. Renovation in a new style can be really inexpensive. The main thing is to think over all the details.

Small bathroom design: functionality is in fashionPopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

If you think that small bathrooms are a relic of the past, then this is not at all the case. Not only the notorious can not boast of a luxurious bathroom. In some houses built in recent years, too much space is also not allocated to the hygiene room. But even in a small bathroom, you can make a fashionable renovation, especially since there is no room for excesses in this case.

What to look for if the toilet and bathroom are combined and do not differ in size? The design of a small bathroom in Khrushchev and other houses that do not differ in overall bathrooms implies the use of all the same rules – more lighting, no dark corners, clutter, unnecessary items. All plumbing, toilet accessories, furniture must be selected with the utmost care.

Design of a small bathroom with a toilet: design nuancesPopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Be especially attentive to details – it is best to buy plumbing fixtures and furniture that can be placed in corners (sinks, square-shaped cabinets are not uncommon, and the range of corner bowls of toilet bowls pleases with a variety). Such designs will perfectly fit even into a room with an area of 2×2 m.

Choose a shower stall instead of a bathroom. Moreover, if you want to save money, you can easily change the glass partitions for inexpensive shower curtains. The main thing is to select products to match the main interior solution.

To store the necessary little things, cosmetics, textiles, household chemicals, use narrow pencil cases that can be placed on the wall. Such an original hanging cabinet can be made in the same style as the bathroom design, be decorated with a mirror or bright decor.

Useful little things will add an aesthetic look to a small bathroom. Buy them in the same style – dish soap for the bathroom, paper holder, toilet paper, bar with hooks in the bathroom (it is easy to replace a large hanger).

The design of a small bathroom with a shower cabin visually enlarges the space of the room and makes it functional in a fashionable way. Nothing superfluous, easy to clean, moving around in the room is also not difficult. If you don’t want to give up the bath, choose compact options, for example, a sit-down bath or a narrow model.

How to decorate a large bathroom interiorPopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

The decorative value of spacious bathrooms is enormous. There is where to embody many of the most original ideas! But when equipping a large bathroom, you should not forget about trends and convenience – a fashionable interior does not accept unnecessary details and pomp. Use all the same items as when decorating a small bathroom, with the only difference – you can not save on dimensions. In this case, the washing machine does not need to be hidden under the sink or countertop – it will already find a place that is comfortable to use. The ceramic washbasin can be installed on a beautiful cabinet (its drawers and shelves are convenient for storing towels and other textiles, as well as household chemicals, cosmetics are best stored in hanging drawers).

A large bathroom is a great opportunity to use pleasant little things. Here you can buy a bin for the bathroom, baskets for dirty linen, a large mirror.

The trend is an artificial stone that can show itself in all its glory in a large space.

In a spacious bathroom, it is easier to implement the most popular design solutions, among which are the styles used over the past years in Europe and Ukraine.

Actual bathroom trends 2025

Yes, that’s right, not all trend solutions become outdated as soon as the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins. There are several trends in the design of bathroom interiors that remain at the peak of popularity in 2025.

Loft style bathroomPopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

One of them is the timeless Loft style, built on such whales as freedom, maximum functionality and no boundaries. A Loft-style bathroom is a space with a minimum of partitions, open storage systems, an abundance of glass, metal, and stone. Zoning in such a room is conditional. It can be:

  • folding perforated partitions;
  • glass screens;
  • lighting.

Loft-style interiors are warm, cozy and modern. You want to be in such a bathroom, every detail in it makes you want to touch. The modern Loft for the bathroom bears little resemblance to rough industrial interiors. In this case, only brick-styled tiles, metal lamps and strict forms remain from the familiar “attic” details.

Open pipelines and minimalistic colors emphasize the stylistic affiliation. In order to diversify it, you can buy a liquid soap dispenser or a set of bath and toilet mats in a bright design. Colors for a loft interior are relevant – gray, black, red, blue, white.

Scandinavian style bathroomPopular Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Another enduring trend is a light space filled with lightness and naturalness in a Scandinavian style. In this case, the ceiling, walls, all surfaces are decorated in white or close to white colors.

To create a Scandinavian-style interior, adhere to several principles:

  • more light and space, do not use unnecessary objects and decor;
  • monochrome, lack of bright, catchy shades, contrasts;
  • functionality – all items in the bathroom are designed to make the life of the owners easier and more comfortable;
  • minimalism, implying smooth lines, harmony of textures, color combinations;
  • naturalness, excluding the possibility of using a large number of artificial materials and unnatural forms.

Scandinavian style is simple and concise. Perhaps, it is these characteristics of it that have kept the trend direction in the leaders for a rather long period of time.

Important: Do not forget about accents, which are perfectly acceptable when decorating such a space. As such a part, you can buy a glass for toothbrushes, towels or hangers in an unusual design. The brush created by the spirella company can serve as a bright and unusual accent – these functional elements are made by the manufacturer in the most trendy colors.

Fashionable bathroom layout

As it becomes clear from the bathroom design trends, freedom and the absence of obstacles remain in fashion. The more space, the fewer partitions in it, the better. This approach has a reasonable rationale – the absence of partitions, walls, nooks simplifies the operation of the bathroom, promotes better ventilation to get rid of moisture, and provides more opportunities for the implementation of design ideas.

If you need to zone the room, use tempered glass partitions – they will create a feeling of separation, but at the same time they will not visually reduce the area of the bathroom. Use niches to place built-in furniture, plumbing fixtures. The more items are hidden, the freer, lighter, more spacious the bathroom will be.

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