New Trends In Bathroom Interior Designs 2023

New Trends In Bathroom Interior Designs 2023The modern bathroom has turned from a utilitarian space into a full-fledged room with its own design solutions, furniture and decor, and a cozy space for living. What finishes, furniture, plumbing and color palette to choose for bathroom decoration next year.

Environmental friendlinessNew Trends In Bathroom Interior Designs 2023

Ecostyle, one of the global trends, has not bypassed bathrooms either. Natural materials (or their skillful imitations), houseplants, sufficient natural light are actual elements of bathroom design.

MaterialsNew Trends In Bathroom Interior Designs 2023

The trend towards naturalness has also touched on finishing materials, in fashion – finishing with the texture of wood, stone, marble, concrete or even metal – modern tiles wonderfully imitate all this. The rougher and more raw the texture, the better.

The use of warm and cold materials in the design of the bathroom is at the peak of its popularity. It can be a contrast between warm wood and cold concrete, or a combination of cork and stone.

Marble remains at the peak of its popularity. With its help, you can create both a strict minimalist interior and give a bathroom chic. For example, combine marble in wall decoration, stucco on the ceiling and complement the interior with exquisite details.

Concrete finish. The hit remains the decoration of the bathroom with materials with the texture and color of concrete. In the collections of tiles and porcelain stoneware, you can find herringbone patterns, imitation leather, hexagonal and small square formats, mosaics, etc.

A fashionable design technique based on contrast – the use of simple, rough textures in combination with expensive materials, for example, concrete walls and marble floors.

Due to the interesting shape and relief surface, fashionable gray shades of graphite, smoke, wet sand enhance expressiveness and are suitable not only for an industrial style, but also for a more traditional cozy environment. Especially in combination with brass, bronze, marble and wood.

A growing trend: small, narrow tiles. It looks like a mosaic, visually makes the ceiling higher and creates an interesting texture on the wall. When laying, you do not need to adjust the elements to size.


Finishing is the background, the main role in the bathroom is assigned to the plumbing. Its design is becoming more and more laconic. Faucets and toilets are increasingly being installed in the wall, abandoning the legs. It’s attractive and practical.

An interesting move is the mixer on the side of the sink. This arrangement of the tap will help save space in the case of a narrow cabinet or table top.

A freestanding bathtub is in the top of current solutions for bathroom decoration.

Colored washbasins. Another current trend: sanitary ware models made of natural stone or wood. And also plumbing of non-standard shapes or bright colors.

Light and dark gray, brown, green ceramic sinks are complemented by cabinets in the same color. Completing the look is a metal console – matte black or bronze.

A contrasting colored tile grout can add charm to even a bathroom with a simple budget plain tile and revive a boring renovation.

Matte dark plumbing. Faucets, shower sets, shower and towel holders are available in three dark matte shades – platinum, brass and bronze. Warm earthy shades create a cozy feel, the surface texture is pleasant to the touch. Clean contours of equipment and accessories look good in interior minimalism, traditional or eclectic style.

FurnitureNew Trends In Bathroom Interior Designs 2023

The bathroom, as a rule, does not differ in large dimensions, therefore, square meters should be used with maximum benefit. Place shelves in the corners for storing small items and shampoo and soap bottles. Use hanging structures – cabinets that can be hung over the sink or toilet.

LightingNew Trends In Bathroom Interior Designs 2023

In bathroom design, it is worth considering several lighting scenarios. The lightest area should be at the mirror: there the most hygiene procedures are carried out. Spotlights can be placed on the ceiling, a wall lamp can be hung near the bathtub, thus increasing the lighting for hygiene procedures or, for example, reading.

Bathroom design in 2023 is experiencing a comeback of color

A fashionable technique for decorating a bathroom is monochrome. It is ideal if the color is used not only in its pure form, but also in the form of various shades and halftones. Even without adding contrasts, this results in a subtle sense of depth, which is extremely expressive thanks to the monochromatic palette.

White is relevant as a dominant color, it perfectly acts as a background for brighter tones. An interior in white tones is associated with cleanliness, so it is chosen very often. The best way to highlight the design qualities of white bathroom fixtures is to pair them with colorful accessories, furniture, floor tiles, or contrasting black details (faucets or furniture handles).

Gray is a trendy base shade that can smooth out or highlight the desired companion color. The space, decorated in gray tones, will look relevant for more than one year. All shades of gray can be combined with blue, green, brown, white. With gray, you can create any atmosphere – from ultra-modern to cozy. Both white and colored plumbing look great with gray, as does the standard chrome fittings.

Black looks luxurious, elegant and modern at the same time. Today everything is available in this color: plumbing, finishing materials, new furniture. Combined with marble (especially trendy green) and leather, black becomes a stylish classic.

Brown. The secret of topical brown is in the choice of delicate undertones. The variety of shades is great: olive, clay, terracotta, bronze, rusty, shades of dust, stone and wood. Brown looks good in classic bathrooms and eco-friendly interiors.

Bright colors are used for adult bathrooms – bold colors and contrasts are used to create an upbeat atmosphere. In addition to intense shades of reds, greens and blues, this also includes warm orange, mysterious purple and elegant amber yellow.

Green is a trendy color, it creates a great mood, especially when combined with plants, and makes the space harmonious. The love of the living is a trend that has taken over the design world in the last few seasons, dictating the use of shades of green. Combining different shades of green is pretty hassle-free. In the bathroom, you can not only paint the walls in this color or put green tiles on the floor, but also add indoor plants.

Blue can be used for wall decoration (blue marble is gaining momentum), choose such a palette for plumbing. Manufacturers have redesigned the palette of blue shades, creating new shades for tiles that also create a cozy effect in the bathroom. The brighter the ultramarine shade, the more luxurious it looks.

As a companion to blue, you can choose sand – the perfect combination for Scandinavian interiors. You can replace black with blue if you want to experiment.

Gold allows you to create the feeling of an expensive interior. Another similar color, copper, is also very popular and is widely used in traditional bathrooms.

Gold accents need to be used with care, shiny surfaces are more impressive when not used too much. Gold shouldn’t be the only color in the palette. Companion colors can be black, dark green, white and blue.

The combination of black, white and gold creates the feeling of a cozy and balanced luxury interior. Black can be used for wall decoration, white can be used in plumbing, and gold can be added with accessories such as gilded picture frames or mirrors on the walls. This palette looks good in traditional and retro interiors.

Pastel colors. Pastel shades (dusty pink, pale blue) are used for plumbing and wall decoration in the bathroom. The pastel palette visually expands the space, especially when combined with wide-format tiles and smooth walls. A color scheme based on a delicate pastel shade and dark contrasting accents is another current trend. The combination of pink with brown elements, such as light wood flooring or tiles, enhances the cozy look.

Gray beige. The gray-beige shade has received a special name – greige (from the English greige). Ideal for loft style, vintage, minimalism. It’s associated with nature and country houses, but also a bit like a New York loft floor. An unusually harmonious and complex color. If mixed with blue, the interior will be cooler, and in combination with brown, it will be warm.

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