New trends for decorating small bathrooms – wall murals as a decor

New trends for decorating small bathrooms - wall murals as a decorOf course, tile for a modern bathroom is the ideal material. Moreover, the choice of ceramic tiles is huge both in color and texture, and in size. But what if you want to visually go beyond the area of space? After all, our bathrooms are scanty rooms in which you can’t run too much with design. Now is the time to consider moisture-resistant wall murals with a 3D effect.

Sadly, small bathrooms are always a big problem. After all, they need to be carefully planned and efforts must be made to find the right space-saving furniture. Then choose a tile or wall paint. In addition, many other questions arise that cannot be ignored in the decoration. Many people who decorate their bathrooms want to try something original, but the tiles don’t inspire them much.

Are bathroom wall murals a fashionable design trend?New trends for decorating small bathrooms - wall murals as a decor

To answer this question in the affirmative, check out 50 fantastic ideas. First of all, the small bathrooms are decorated with beautiful 3D effect murals. And most importantly, all of these options create amazing optical illusions. They are usually available in an abundance of colors, patterns and textures and will add the style you want.

Creative ideas for decorating a small bathroom will show you how to use wall murals and mirrors to make a tiny space bigger. They can be used to create an effective optical illusion. Thus, you will be able to observe the tropical island of your dreams, for example taking a shower or a bath.

Beautiful lagoons, beaches and waterfalls or images of running water are some of the most popular options. As they relax the eyes and senses, providing a comfortable atmosphere. Warm wall and floor tiles create the perfect backdrop, while the 3D effect wallpaper stands out. Alternatively, accessories in accent colors add the finishing touches to the interior.

Ideas for decorating a bathroom – choosing a photo wallpaper on the wall with a 3D effectNew trends for decorating small bathrooms - wall murals as a decor

The bathroom is one of those intimate spaces where we can relax after a busy day at work. Bathroom wall murals with stylish designs can transform a functional space into a beautiful relaxation room.

Wall murals with 3D effect are a good option, a quick and inexpensive way to change the interior design of a bathroom.  As you consider decorating ideas for small bathrooms, you’ll see how the look can be transformed in just a few hours. How easy you can get a custom decor to your liking.

As a rule, bathroom wall murals are waterproof and will last for a long time. If you don’t have a free wall, they can be installed behind a bathtub or on a wall in a shower stall. Obviously, bright, fun colors always cheer you up.

Meanwhile, choosing certain images will visually increase the space. The illusion of depth and width is important for good perception, especially in a small area. Flowers, landscapes, mountains and forests are the prints that have the best effect and create a sense of spaciousness.

Wall murals on the wall with 3D effect for the bathroom – undeniable advantagesNew trends for decorating small bathrooms - wall murals as a decor

While wall tiles are the most popular and most familiar material, bathroom wallpaper is a cost effective option that can save money as well as bring a variety of custom interior ideas.

Thus, low cost is significant, but not the only advantage. Moreover, the ability to change the decor at any time attracts many people. The choice of color, pattern and texture of wallpaper is much easier than choosing wall tiles.


If you like the idea of a decor using photo wallpaper on a wall or part of it, think over the overall design of the bathroom. It goes without saying that it is necessary to carry out all the decoration of the room in one color scheme. And here the rule of three colors will come in handy, of which only one or two are primary, and the third is auxiliary. Good luck!

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