How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small SpaceWhile bathrooms are reused every day, they are often the smallest rooms in the home. Thus, the desire for a luxury bathroom is usually limited to space. In the absence of a window, there is unfortunately a lack of natural light, which can interfere with a bright, crisp feel. In general, a small bathroom is a big problem.

The good news, according to the pros, is that a few color and design tricks can make a small bathroom look more voluminous and luxurious at the same time. Master this delicate balance by following the tips below.

Basics of luxuryHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

When thinking about how to add luxury to a small bathroom, it’s helpful to learn about the design elements that characterize a luxurious interior.

Light is one of the hallmarks of luxury design. Obviously, there is enough natural light in large rooms with a window. But even in small bathrooms, there are ways to create the illusion of light through color combinations and mirrors. Plus, the luxurious bathrooms use mostly natural materials. Therefore, owners of small bathrooms should add a little granite and marble, as well as river stone or teak, if possible.

The designers add that luxury spaces often borrow elements from other rooms. This technique allows you to transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious space. Plus, a vintage stool and bright lighting can add warmth and appeal to a design.

Color strategy in a small bathroomHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

Choosing the right color is usually critical in a small bathroom. For example, a monochrome bathroom concept adds the illusion of space. You can paint the ceiling the same colors as the walls. An effective method of mixing the shade of the tile with the color of the walls for a smooth, seamless expansion.

To add luxury to a monochromatic color scheme, you must agree that the inclusion of an elegant element, such as a pendant lamp, is ideal. But there are other ways to add luxury through color – this is to focus on low contrast tones that feel warm and inviting.

Obviously, tonal shades create a sense of relaxation. Lightly textured walls have a similar feel. Pros warn that over-polished surfaces and materials like chrome add glare. In this case, the glare does not visually match the stated task. Since luxury is all about absolute tranquility, matte or muted tones work much better.

Understandably, simple monochromatic color schemes are best for adding luxury to small spaces. But who said that these tones should always be white. In fact, some designers choose to paint small bathrooms in dark colors to add depth and space. This gives the room a sophisticated look and enhances the look through better light reflection.

WallpaperHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

Usually, when decorating a bathroom, you stay away from wallpaper. Most likely, fearing that, due to the wallpaper decoration, a small bathroom will seem too small. But in reality, wallpaper is a smart way to claim luxury in small spaces.

Contrary to popular belief, this wall covering makes modest-sized bathrooms more luxurious and expensive. For example: elegant floral wallpapers or brightly colored wall coverings in a warm tone.

Small bathroom tileHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

When choosing bathroom tiles, size, shape and color are of great importance. Of course, not only the visual volume of the room, but also the appearance depends on these parameters. The explanation that large-format tiles are perfect for any bathroom size overturns previously held beliefs about acceptable tile sizes for small areas. But a surface with small tiles may appear to be divided into smaller pieces, and it also seems like there are too many tiles. This effect is especially noticeable in narrow corners and dark areas. On the contrary, large tiles help the space feel larger and more open.

Plus, marble is the perfect choice for large, luxurious looking tiles. This effect is achieved by the difficulty of determining where the tiles end and begin. Agree, marble plays amazingly with the boundaries of perception of tiles and walls. Therefore, marble is like one huge sheet on a wall or floor, above all, adding space and depth easily and elegantly.

RegistrationHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

Luxurious décor certainly plays an important role in the small bathroom. But its use should be limited to taste. Too many elements can add clutter to a space, detracting from the calm, upscale look of a bathroom.

In order not to complicate the situation, it is better to apply simple and effective design techniques. For example: a new bath mat can play a decisive role in a room. Getting rid of a tired and dirty rug in exchange for a chic, ornate piece is one of the easiest ways to replace. Keep in mind, ultra-soft fabrics like tufted wool and oriental prints simply exude a luxurious vibe.

Lighting fixturesHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

Without a doubt, lamps do their part to add luxury to a small space. Meanwhile, the fixtures make the small bathroom look more voluminous and elegant. High-end designers usually use unique or creative techniques to design lighting.

For example, instead of adding a traditional lightbar, they use wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Thus, adding capricious elegance to the interior. Crystal chandeliers, pendants and pendant lights are also popular in luxury spaces.

Storage in a small bathroomHow to Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Small Space

You can make the most of the elegant storage options in a small space. In practice, a luxurious first aid cabinet with “age” will become a focal point and thus raise the space. Built-in or back-to-back cabinets will only work in a luxury space if they have the right finishes.

Consider freestanding furniture that can be moved at any time. Movable furniture such as a chair or stool can be folded down as it is used. It lends luxury to the space, adding the comfort of exclusive or elegant pieces. In addition, this furniture can be moved to other parts of the apartment.

As a general rule, owners of small bathrooms are advised to add hooks to the dead zones of the space. For example, on the back of the door. This will provide easy accessible storage for towels and bathrobes.


Check out the photos for chic bathroom ideas. Who knows, maybe there is one among them that will help you create a unique design for your own small bathroom.

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