Best Bathroom Colors 2023

Best Bathroom Colors 20232023 is the year that sees natural and material coatings as protagonists, furniture and surfaces embellished with textures, combinations of matt and glossy surfaces. The accent is placed on the most extreme personalization of the furniture and bathroom fixtures: metal details and transparencies enrich the environment with a modern taste. There is also plenty of room for the introduction of resins and ceramics for accessories and coverings for an interesting total look.

To transform our bathroom according to the latest trends, choosing new colors and combinations is a good starting point. Which bathroom colors suit our style? What materials to choose? How to enhance a smaller bathroom? Let’s see what are the best bathroom colors 2023.

Textures and geometries 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

The trendy bathroom sees a particular focus on introducing custom textures on the walls and furniture. Not only tiles, but also resin coatings and synthetic materials.

We can opt for a monochromatic total look and, in contrast, a single protagonist element to be chosen between a piece of furniture, a wall of the room or, even better, a wall inside the shower box. For those who love the retro look, the textures that can be inserted can be decorated tiles for the floor, such as, for example, majolica.

Exposed materials for the trendy bathroom 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

A growing trend for modern, industrial and shabby chic style is the use of exposed materials. Following the motto “Less is more”, all that is superfluous is eliminated: purely aesthetic and non-functional coatings, furnishings and decorations.

The most popular facing materials are concrete, bricks, wood. If combined with neutral colors and taps with a design that follows the chosen style, we are able to recreate an innovative and welcoming environment.

The hottest metals for the bathroom 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

Metals in warm colors are mostly chosen in these new trends. Inserts, decorative elements, perhaps also taken up in the textures on the surfaces, become the protagonists of the bathroom. The most popular metals are gold, bronze, brass and rose gold. However, we do not give up on customizable furnishings : here the taps take on nuances even far from natural colors.

Colored bathroom tiles 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

In 2023, great attention is paid to colored tiles. Furniture, wall and floor surfaces, shower stalls and bathroom accessories: everything takes on a coherent and much accentaestethic, to make our bathroom a room to live and admire. Furthermore, the size of the tiles tends to decrease more and more and to thicken. The recommended colors :

  • white and gray
  • peach pink and white
  • black and ocher yellow
  • bright white, gold, wood
  • blue, beige, white
  • bottle green and white
  • light blue and wood.

Dark colors for the trendy bathroom 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

A modern-style bathroom in 2023 also gives a lot of attention to darker colors. In fact, black becomes the new neutral reference color, with which it is possible to combine light contrasting shades.

Darker colors are used in bathrooms with larger dimensions and in the presence of a window or French door. In fact, when we design an environment with dark surfaces and furniture, we have to balance both natural and artificial lighting well. Recommended l ‘ use of polished tiles for rooms total look :

  • nero
  • dark blue
  • dark green
  • dark violet
  • dark brown.

Marble for furniture and surfaces 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

Marble coverings or simply textures with a marble effect are widely recommended to recreate environments with a modern and industrial taste. The veins that the marble presents thus become the motif for decorating the bathroom in the furniture or in the floor.

Be careful not to overdo it : it is necessary to dose the quantity of these textures in a thoughtful way, avoiding creating excessive continuity between the surfaces present. Precious marbles are preferred:

  • Botticino
  • Travertine
  • Pearly of Sicily
  • Carrara white
  • Black of Marquina
  • Sicilian red
  • Emperor
  • Ivory Cream
  • Green Alps
  • Pink, black, yellow and gray granite
  • Blue jeans
  • Calcatta.

Colored sanitary ware 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

The bathroom is increasingly customizable. Each element can be embellished to recreate a very specific scenography and aesthetics. Elegant and pop or modern and young, the bathroom with colored sanitary ware becomes very aesthetic and captivating, Instagram-proof!

Wood and its shades 2023Best Bathroom Colors 2023

A material that is confirmed as versatile with its many shades and veins, wood is a very popular element in the trends of 2023. The bathroom is a sustainable environment of the house and for this reason it faces natural and environmentally friendly materials. The warmest and lightest shades are recommended to create a welcoming environment:

  • Beech tree
  • Larch
  • European steel
  • Canadese steel
  • Ash tree.

If, on the other hand, we do not love the Scandinavian look for the bathroom, but want to give a more severe and modern look, the darker shades are recommended to be alternated with neutral shades such as white and gray.

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