Bathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Before you get started, check out what bathroom trends will be relevant in 2023. Design inspired by love for nature, sophisticated tiles in neutral, natural tones, bathroom accessories that will leave no one indifferent…

We’ve brought together the 2022 TOP bathroom trends to help you decide what your new bathroom will look like!

Bathroom Design With Love Of NatureBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

This trend will appeal to nature lovers. This image restores the connection between man and nature. It has been proven that we are much more efficient and productive, calmer and more focused when surrounded by nature. You may have even noticed this trend in the design of commercial buildings, in the interior of which green plants are picturesquely inscribed.

Embodying the trend: The quickest way to decorate a bathroom as if it were part of nature is to add a variety of plants to the decor. You can decorate one wall with greenery, choose tiles for natural materials and a freestanding bathtub, as well as a custom-shaped sink that evokes associations with nature. As for the color palette, opt for soothing tones with whites, grays and greens.

For a powder room, wallpaper with greenery is best. Lighting also plays a fairly large role in achieving a natural look. A skylight or just a large window will allow you to take advantage of natural light, while dimmable lighting will help simulate it.

Baths And Sinks: According To Cultural TraditionsBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Freestanding bathtubs and washbasins look great. Inspired by Japanese bathrooms, natural asymmetrical shapes and a handicraft atmosphere, designers create new contemporary designs. This is a kind of return to the origins, albeit to imperfect, but pleasant and refined forms.

The embodiment of the trend: the freestanding bathtub can be installed against the wall, in the center of the room or even in the corner: it all depends on the space you have. For washbasins and sinks, opt for natural, rough materials such as stone, concrete, marble, etc. The use of a natural, not polished to a gloss (matte) surface of the stone is ideal, and the presence of veins in it is simply wonderful!

Investing in renovating your bathroom can provide an 85% increase in your investment when evaluating the total value of your home

Simple Decor: Lighting The FittingsBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

If you are a fan of minimalist bathroom design, this look is for you! Open showers with full-height clear glass walls have become like huge showcases for the fittings inside, and many plumbing companies have gone out of their way to offer a rich assortment of unique and interesting minimalist pieces. Goodbye chrome! It’s time to choose between black, gold, copper or matte elements.

Embodiment of the trend: Get a simple washbasin. It is better to combine unique plumbing fixtures with ordinary tiles to emphasize a fashionable solution. Better to install an open shower or separate the shower area with transparent glass walls.

Demanded Colors For Your BathroomBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

If you look at the Milan Design Show, in 2022, champagne will be in vogue, as well as light yellow and pumpkin red shades. Since both yellow and orange are pretty flashy colors, it’s important to use them separately or discreetly.

The embodiment of the trend: use bright colorful accessories in the interior.

Terrazzo Is In No Rurry To LeaveBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Terrazzo… A combination of natural stone, cement and marble. This year, mosaic concrete is back in vogue, and it looks like designers will continue their passion for it in 2022. The “terrazzo” effect can now be found everywhere: in decorative accessories, on the surfaces of walls, tables and aprons. In the bathroom, this material is most often found in the shower area, both on the walls and on the floor, and also instead of the ceramic sink. This Italian style solution is definitely never boring thanks to its unlimited mix of colors and materials.

The embodiment of the trend: Terrazzo is a durable material, which makes the choice in favor of it quite reasonable. Terrazzo, by its very nature, has a fragmented surface, and this effect will look better with small inclusions.

Open Shower Areas Are What You NeedBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

As far as showers are concerned, there is a large selection of proposals on the market. However, Italian open-type shower enclosures are in wide demand, especially advanced, multifunctional models with a seat, fog effect, lighting, anti-fog mirror, etc. There is a new trend to install in the shower area and bathtub. The shower / bath can be separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass wall. What is the meaning of such an organization of space? The bathroom will look much more spacious. We also often see dividing walls with black frames that give the space a loft look.

The embodiment of the trend:before choosing such an image, it is important to think about the appropriateness. Combining a shower and a bathtub can be a great idea, but not all that practical. If they are in the same area, water and soap will not only get onto the shower tray, but also onto the bathtub. If space permits, we still recommend equipping an open shower and installing a separate bathtub outside the shower area.

Console Toilet TablesBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

In 2022, console dressing tables will be in vogue instead of massive pieces of this type of furniture. They are especially ideal for small spaces, as they visually take up less space and do not clutter up the room, as is the case with similar heavy objects. Thus, they seem to visually enlarge the bathroom. Ladies’ rooms will benefit greatly from this trend.

The embodiment of the trend: if there is a place in which we store a bunch of everything we need and not so much, this is certainly a bathroom… To be able to embody this image, you will have to leave only the essentials in the bathroom. Given that bathrooms are warm and humid, anything that can deteriorate (for example, at least perfume) should be stored outside of this room.

Small Bathrooms With Huge PotentialBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Need to transform the look of your washroom? Every year, designers offer more and more interesting solutions on how to organize this space, because small bathrooms can look just as great as full-fledged bathrooms with four standard items (bath, shower, toilet and sink). Since the room is quite small, you can opt for more luxurious materials for finishes – this will not hit your wallet so hard. We also note the use of wallpaper on accent walls or floor-to-ceiling tiles in ladies’ rooms. Quite unique sinks of unusual shapes and designs, both made of concrete and marble, are also used.

The embodiment of the trend: to make the most of the available space, storage space can be raised to the ceiling. If the size of your bathroom / washroom does not allow you to fully let your imagination run wild, express yourself and realize your vision, just organize the space well and add some personal touches.

Exceptional Tiles In DemandBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

When it comes to tiles, it’s all about the details. Extravagant artsy tiles are no longer needed. A carefully selected, discreet appearance is in demand. The trend is a neutral color palette, gray and matte black tones. For a slightly more dynamic look, you can opt for a textured surface. The market also offers luxury, high quality tiles with both matte and glossy finishes. Luxury manifests itself in sophistication!

The embodiment of the trend: if a tile is expensive, it does not always mean that it is the most suitable for you. Designers experiment with new styles, but it’s always best to opt for a more elegant look that will stand the test of time. You can also choose tiles in both dark and light colors, but give up everything that is too catchy.

Bathroom Lighting In 2023Bathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Bathroom lighting is incredibly important, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical purposes. The trend for the next year is minimalist and linear lighting that will favorably highlight other elements and details of the bathroom. Luminaires and additional light sources with simple shapes and clean lines will also be popular.

Embodiment of the trend: If you are planning a complete bathroom renovation, consider installing light strips between the walls and the false ceiling. If this is not possible, choose a mirror with built-in lighting.

Outdated Bathroom TrendsBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Millennial pink: It looks like this color is starting to go out of style. Refrain from rosy tones, as well as “rose gold”.

Hexagonal Tile: This intricately patterned tile is also out of date. Opt for plain tiles.

Mahogany dressing tables: Avoid dark, red, mahogany or orange woods. Choose lighter colors.

Lacquered Cabinets: Lacquered bathroom cabinets have been quite popular for years. However, matte finishes will be trendy in 2023.

Too Much Chromium:just as in the case of wardrobes, instead of shiny and chrome-plated parts, it is better to use matte fittings. In addition to being trendy, this type of item is much easier to keep clean.

Glass tiles: Designers have been avoiding them for a long time, and you should do the same.

Saturated patterns: tiles are laid for a long time, so refrain from overly complex motifs, which in the end you will simply be fed up. You may like this design, but it can turn off potential buyers if you need to sell real estate. If you are going to use some motives in the design, we recommend discreet patterns that almost match the background.

Always WantedBathrooms 2023: Top 10 Trends Of The Next Year

Marble: it is timeless and always with us! Whether it’s small chevron-shaped tiles or large-format slabs – no matter the size or shape, this material is always in demand!

Subway hog tile: Did you know that this tile was first used on the New York subway in 1904? She has been with us for over 100 years and is still in incredible demand. But entrust the laying to professionals: the tiles are small and elongated, and a layman can lay them unevenly.

Concrete slabs: The gray concrete look tiles also stand the test of time. It will provide a clean and modern look to your bathroom.

Neutrals and Light Tones: Opting for neutral or light tones is definitely worth it. This look can look good for years. Usually white or gray shades are chosen, as well as the color of light wood.

These tips, of course, do not exhaust all bathroom decorating ideas: the options are endless. Experiment with these trends – you can even combine them to achieve the effect that impresses you the most.

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