Bathroom trends: what’s customers want in 2025

Bathroom trends: that's what customers want in 2022 in the bathroomRosé, round, tube and rain – and of course colors, like bright, but above all black.  When it comes to bathroom trends for 2025, diversity is key. We bring you up to date.

How will bathrooms be used in the future? This question concerns furniture experts and trend researchers. Showering habits and bathing rituals are among the most personal matters in life. According individually, the bathroom design developed. In the current wellness oases, modern and high-tech are combined with traditional values and proven water effects. The Association of the German Sanitary Industry VDS has identified these trends:

It pops!

The interior is characterized by a positive attitude to the future and an abundance of colors. Clever combinations of feel-good factor and technology can be found in the products. Patterned tiles and sometimes gaudy decorations are part of a life-affirming furnishing style. Energetic yellow, warm pink, lively orange as well as green and blue in all nuances attract attention and spread a good mood not only on walls, but also on furniture, fittings and accessories.

Understatement becomes a foreign word in the bathroom: Now there is a bang – in red or green or blue. Transparent furniture in all possible designs is also new on the trend radar.

The minimalist tap in energetic yellow, together with bast, foiled glass and indirect lighting, forms a counterpoint to the sober concrete washbasin.

These furniture handle strips attract attention with dimmable lighting. Black mirror frames and shower wall profiles provide the right frame for strong wall colors from the red spectrum.

For feel-good philosophers

In addition, natural stone and wood have become an integral part of the modern bathroom. With innovative water applications, they combine to create engaging compositions that transform the bathroom into a place of wellbeing. Because people would like to spend more time in it again, the equipment should be chosen so that one can even expect a therapeutic effect from the stay. Modern bathrooms do an excellent job of pausing, philosophizing with oneself and reducing stress.

Top in black

The trend towards dark design is very striking. A phenomenon you already know from the kitchen. Whether black will outstrip the white baths, which have been leading the popularity scale for many years? What is certain is that the dark materials leave a high-quality and elegant impression and can be easily combined with other colors.

The trend is not limited to tiles or furniture surfaces. In addition to equipment fittings, shower surfaces, vanities and bathtubs are also available in avant-garde black or anthracite, sometimes in two colors with contrasting white.

The trend towards darker bathroom design is striking. Black sanitary elements are combined with metal tones. This channel shower has a bezel in shiny gold.

“Thinness” is the name of a trend that focuses on slim silhouettes. In view of the numerous washstands with thin-walled ceramics, even fittings cannot resist this.

Fine finish chic

Matching and very exquisite splashes of color for the dramatic black look are glossy or matt surfaces in every conceivable finish, be it for the fitting or the channel cover in the floor-level shower. Those who value the extraordinary and noble can look forward more than ever to brushed and polished metal tones such as rose or rose gold, brass, copper, gold look or platinum.

A touch of nonchalance is what defines a style world in “Dark”. As part of black steel pipe necessarily so. It currently carries furniture vanities and bathtubs, frames the mirror image and gives shower enclosures a visible profile. Exquisite, strong colors from the red spectrum round off the ambience. In addition, quiet pedals also made it to the bathroom. Naturalness is at the forefront and brings with it soft sand or timeless cognac tones.

Darling light

Whether light or dark bathroom worlds: They all love and need sophisticated lighting concepts, for example with indirect light sources for cozy accents. Sufficient daylight for care at the washstand is just as important. The foundation stone has been laid for this in recent years with the further development of the mirror cabinet as a light source for all times of the day and emotional states.

With mobile dimmers that can be placed anywhere, using the app or using gestures, you can vary the lighting accordingly, even from the bathtub, throughout the bathroom. Even the light strips on furniture are no exception.

A clear view

If you are interested in the design trends for furniture, you will find carcasses in harmonious, organic shapes with soft edges and rounded corners. In addition, the suppliers rely on round silhouettes, not least because they bring a certain swing to the ambience, but at the same time give the room a feeling of balance.

Transparent furniture in all possible designs is new on the trend radar. The clear look does not allow clutter, but it still has a good chance of permanently establishing itself due to its “coolness”. In keeping with the trendy industrial style, there are also many straight lines. Nothing seems overloaded or superfluous, but you still feel comfortable.

Rounding: During ISH 2019, this design focus caught the eye. A circle gives a certain swing to an ambience, but at the same time gives the room a feeling of balance.

The current shower designs think of everything. For this, the water even flows from a small shelf. Of course, a ceiling shower is part of the program.

Mass and dimensions are reduced wherever possible. In the end, a small module for the thermostat, shut-off valve and hose connection is sufficient. The amount of water is regulated at the front and the temperature is set at the rear.

Round magic

In general, Germans are ready to dig deeper into the pocket for bathroom amenities. In the search for relaxation and well-being, people consume and luxury is not spared. Although it is always a matter of indulging in health and practicing mindfulness. The round bathtub should not be missing; as an eye-catcher and for diving without corners and edges.

Sensual delight is also the order of the day in the showers. Ceiling showers, under which you can stand like in the rain, are an integral part of the bathroom. Sometimes they enchant with light and fragrance and look like a moon ( e.g. Aquamoon from Dornbracht ). In addition, the water blows out of the wall everywhere – recently even from a practical shelf ( Hansgrohe Rainfinity ).

Nice and moderate

Faucets from designers are still causing a sensation despite, or perhaps because of, their minimalist shape. The starting point is a universal look that should be durable on both a functional and aesthetic level. The creative minds prescribe slimming cures and reduce mass and dimensions wherever possible. Thanks to innovative technology, the thermostat, shut-off valve and hose connection can even be installed in a small module. The operation of such a shower fitting is simple and intuitive. The amount of water is regulated at the front and the temperature is set at the rear. There is a lot of free space on the wall.

Silent WatersBathroom trends: that's what customers want in 2022 in the bathroom

Similarly, slim silhouettes are required for the (shower) toilet, mainly to take away the dominance in the room. Thanks to a sophisticated fastening technology, all screws disappear on the outside. Inside, the focus is on rimless construction, asymmetry and a now spiral water flow. The should ensure a particularly thorough rinsing and on top of that be quiet.

In addition, there are models in which a readjustment of up to 4 cm is still possible after installation. This means that the toilet can be installed later if necessary.

“Narrow form” is the motto for the toilet design – not least to take away the dominance in the room. In addition, not one screw disturbs the optics. Readjustment after installation is still possible.

Diverse functions for freedom of movement

In general, attributes such as flexibility combined with comfort and safety play an increasingly important role in bathroom design. In addition, there is a longing to be able to care for and move independently even with restricted physical functions. The VDS refers to this. a. as the initiator of the barrier-free bathroom campaign.

As a result, floor-level showers are also increasingly being used by younger property owners and even tenants. The current shower trays and surfaces can be used for renovation and new construction without any limits. The range of shapes and surface colors and decorations in tile, natural stone and wood look is just as inexhaustible.Bathroom trends: that's what customers want in 2022 in the bathroom

Flexibility, comfort and security play an increasingly important role. In addition, there is the desire to be able to care for and move independently with restricted physical functions.

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