Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathrooms

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsWhat invigorates you in the bathroom in the morning? Ideas for a fresh bath are the very best elixir of life! Today’s modern bathroom trends are much more than mere wet rooms – they should be inviting and provide the necessary relaxation in stressful everyday life. Here you will find ideas for furnishing small and large bathrooms as well as tips for modern and sophisticated decorating ideas.

Bathroom ideas from the Orient: make optimal use of every surface with mosaic tiles

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsIf you want your bathroom to become an oasis, we recommend using mosaic tiles.

A bathroom as a second living room? More and more people want a cozy bathroom where they like to stay and, in the best case, also relax. Find out which tricks and ideas you can use to turn your bathroom into a cozy, modern and inviting oasis in no time.

Most residents of inner city apartments are familiar with the problem: the bathroom is relatively small because there is not enough space or the rents in conurbations are correspondingly high. Even small bathrooms can be upgraded with a few tricks. If you have the option of installing your own shower in your bathroom, you can use mosaic tiles in very small bathrooms – this means that an individual shower can be built in any corner. This has the advantage that round corners, blind spots or other unsightly areas can be used optimally.

Another tip for small bathrooms: if there is no heating in your bathroom, do without bulky electronic devices, they only take up valuable space. Instead, opt for slim, space-saving and versatile alternatives such as heaters with ladder or staircase optics, which also act as towel racks.

Trick for bathroom decorations

In a freshly designed bathroom, the small accessories should also match the overall picture. Unfortunately, especially in tiled bathrooms, you can often see putty holes that were once used to hang towels or other bathroom accessories. To avoid this, there are some great ideas from the hardware store.

Life hack bath hook

To make the bathroom hooks completely without leaving unsightly holes, there are, for example, adhesive hooks. They work with a special super glue:

Accents for a modern bathroom

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsMy favorite bathroom has a round sink, a beautiful mirror cabinet and great decorative elements, such as this white wicker basket with bows, matching the wall color.

Wash basins are indispensable in every bathroom. The important installations are now available in numerous sizes and designs. In this way, the wash basin can be adapted to the shape of the bathroom: XS-shaped wash basins fit perfectly in tubular bathrooms, as they are particularly small and narrow. Whether elegant, classic or simple: you don’t have to do without a beautiful look even in a small bathroom. Wash basins with an integrated shelf are ideal for small bathrooms to create additional storage space.

A tip: do without traditional terry goods and instead choose textiles from the North African or Turkish tradition. These so-called Fouta or Hamman towels made of solid cotton are just as absorbent as terry cloth, but much thinner and therefore more space-saving to store. Do you find your bathroom boring? Most bathrooms are traditionally kept in white – this way, a small room is optically enlarged, but it also looks quite monotonous. With small, colorful accents you can quickly remedy the situation. Decide on a specific topic that will be implemented in the complete bathroom.

The jungle theme is very popular at the moment: here you choose different shades of green, for example a mint green wall, accessories in different shades of green, a stately house plant and a matching shower curtain in a corresponding design.

Tips and tricks for small bathrooms

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsA small bathroom looks much larger with a large mirror, beautiful lighting and white tiles.

So that a small bathroom does not become too narrow and uncomfortable, some criteria should be considered when designing it. Basically, large, bright tiles visually stretch a room, calm the view and reflect the light in the room. A tip: the joints should be kept as narrow as possible.

To make the bathroom appear large and friendly, the use of light and warm colors is recommended. Large mirrors also have the advantage that they distribute light throughout the room. If the bathroom does not have a window, dimmable light sources should be used to ensure that sufficient light is available in the bathroom.

So that small bathrooms do not look too uncomfortable, it is also essential that order is kept. Ideally, only utensils that are actually used every day should be kept in the bathroom.

Arrange your products on a tray, in small wooden baskets or at a cost, this creates a relaxed overview. Many products also look much nicer when they are transferred to pretty jars or reusable pump dispensers.

Your spa experience in your own bathroom

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsA spa area in the in-house bathroom ensures relaxation. Beautiful Asian decorative elements create a feel-good atmosphere for dreaming.

Do you prefer dark rather than light tiles in your bathroom, but are you afraid that this will make the room look even smaller? No problem, dark tiles can also be laid in a small bathroom, as long as some tips are followed:

Bathrooms with gray tiles look very modern. When choosing dark tiles, make sure that they are as large as possible and the joints are narrow. If you cover the floor and part of the walls with granite-colored tiles, for example, the rest of the bathroom design depends on the right mix: combined with dark tiles, white bathroom furniture shines particularly beautifully and gives your bathroom a classy, calm atmosphere. To compensate for the dark flooring, you should paint the walls or ceiling white, which visually enlarges the room.

A small spa area in the in-house bathroom provides a particularly high relaxation factor. The Asian Zen style is ideally suited for this, which, thanks to its reduced manner, ensures a special relaxation experience. To achieve this style in your bathroom, use simple fittings, a few accessories and a round sink.

Adding a rain shower will make your bathroom more luxurious. This enables pure wellness through built-in massage and steam glands as well as colored LEDs for the application of light therapy. The automatic water saving function and a thermostat, which ensures the desired water temperature, round off your own spa feeling perfectly.

Freestanding bathtub: luxury even in small bathrooms

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsA large bathroom with a free-standing bathtub and a wonderful view – you will be able to dream.

Even if your bathroom is quite small, a free-standing bathtub can be installed. How is that possible? A free-standing bathtub takes up about five square meters of space – this means that a space of at least 55 centimeters must be guaranteed around the bathtub. Other fittings such as the sink and toilet can be installed on just three square meters.

A great compromise: to save space, place the end of your bathtub on a bathroom wall. This not only saves around one square meter, it is also possible to install an (almost) free-standing bathtub in an approximately seven square meter bathroom. In addition, this way of positioning means that the water pipes do not have to be laid in the floor but can instead run in the wall.

An installation wall saves additional space in small bathrooms and offers storage space. The water pipes are installed in a lightweight wall and can therefore be used from both sides. A shower can be installed next to the sink or toilet – on the other hand, the wall offers space for a wall mirror, built-in storage areas or built-in cupboards.

Cozy bathroom with wood

Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathroomsTransform your bathroom into a second living room: real wood laminate and real wood paneling radiate a lot of heat and make the bathroom really cozy.

If you want to make your bathroom cozy and cozy, this is best done with wood. The natural product radiates warmth and makes a bathroom appear particularly inviting.

Larch wood in particular is well suited for bathrooms because it is naturally water-repellent and can be used ideally for bathrooms as parquet, real wood laminate or cladding.

You can transform your bathroom into a second living room with a picture gallery. This is particularly good on the view side of the bathtub and can be varied with wooden frames of different sizes.Bathroom Trends: Ideas and design for beautiful bathrooms

White wood paneling, a wicker basket, a country style stool, an orchid, a few brushes – decorating can be that easy!

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