Bathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

Bathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern BathroomsEspecially in the very difficult Corona times, it is important that you feel really comfortable in your own four walls. The bathroom again plays a particularly important role. It is therefore not surprising that the bathroom trends in 2022 and 2023 have also changed slightly.

We’ll tell you the most important bathroom trends for 2023 and maybe you can implement them in your planning for your new modern bathroom.

Bathroom trend 2023 – which bathroom ideas are currently popular in modern bathrooms?

Bathroom trend no. 1: More comfort thanks to the open & walk-in walk-in shower

Open showers without a door, or also often called walk-in showers, are very popular in a new bathroom. Many of them are larger and almost all of them are floor-level. This means that the open shower is of course also suitable for the elderly and is therefore very much in vogue with home builders as well as in commercial construction.

Younger property owners and even tenants in particular often realize the desire for an open shower when renovating a bathroom. The use of flat shower trays, the selection of shapes, colors and decors of matching tiles, natural stone or wood optics are almost inexhaustible for this.

Bathroom trend no. 2: The bathroom is getting smarter

The cell phone with its many different apps is also increasingly finding its way into the bathroom. Externally controlled instantaneous water heaters from Stiebel Eltron help you save water in the shower and always have the perfect temperature. In addition, you have WiFi options and radio functions so that showering and bathing can be a real pleasure.

Even when brushing their teeth, many can already be supported by a smart app. For example, the electric toothbrush OK from Oral B shows exactly which teeth have already been brushed and which have not yet been brushed.

The latest bathroom trend in 2023 is personalized showering pleasure. With its latest RainTunes shower series, Hansgrohe combines water, sound, light and fragrance. You can also use a special Hansgrohe app to control your very own water experience. With the new Rainfinity shower elements from Hansgrohe, you can now bring the luxury of very exclusive spa hotels into your own private bathroom.

Bathroom trends no. 3: Lighting plays a major roleBathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

Modern large bathrooms need a sophisticated lighting concept. Also with indirect light sources for a cozy atmosphere. Illumination is particularly important for cleaning and maintaining the wash basin.

That is why the trend in 2023 for very large bathrooms will be back towards natural light. Large skylights or entire glass fronts not only donate a lot of light, but you also have a great view of nature. What could be better for a new bathroom.

Bathroom trends No. 4: Black fittings as eye-catchersBathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

Even if the trend towards eye-catching colors is always predicted in the bathroom trade magazines and at trade fairs, in reality they are only very rarely installed. However, the trend towards black has been striking for a few years.

Chrome faucets and shower systems are still very popular, but black fittings are also being bought more and more. While this trend could already be seen in the kitchen a few years ago, it is now also continuing in the bathroom.

But be careful:

However, if you want to follow this bathroom trend, you shouldn’t forget that maintaining black fittings is a bit more time-consuming. Lime but also dust can be seen more on black than on chrome or stainless steel. If the water is very hard you have to brush a little more often with limescale remover.

Bathroom trends no. 5: bathrooms without tilesBathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine a bathroom without tiles. But over the last few years tiles have become less and less important.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles are hardly ever used in modern bathrooms. Many of them are now also using plastering on the walls.

There are many beautiful plasters that are suitable for the bathroom. This gives you more options to choose from in terms of colors and structure.

Things are also happening in the bathroom with the floor. Solid, oiled wooden floors are all the rage in 2023. With the right care, it can also be used in splash water areas.

And if you like the wood look in the bathroom, but would rather do without solid wood, then there is now the right solution for you.

Tiles with a wood look can be bought for a long time, but only in the last few years the look has become so good that they can hardly be distinguished from real wood.

Bathroom trends no. 6: The sauna in your own bathroomBathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

More and more often, a sauna is also being bought for the home. This is no wonder because sweating and relaxing strengthens your immune system and circulation. And what better way to do your sauna session in your own four walls. You save yourself the trip to the public sauna or fitness studio and you are much more flexible in terms of time.

But how much is the sauna price actually? What are the costs for a built-in sauna, outdoor sauna, barrel sauna or infrared cabin? Can you install the sauna yourself or what are the costs for the installation? What does a typical sauna session with three sauna sessions cost?

Here you can find out what you have to pay attention to and what is important so that you can look forward to the new sauna. Sauna price – what are the costs for a sauna?

Bathroom trends no. 7: The masonry shower

The masonry shower is a great alternative, especially for many individualists. If your bathroom is big enough, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of shape, size and height. You can design it openly and of course also at floor level.

You also have more options with the floor than with a finished shower cubicle. No matter whether you choose tiles or finished shower trays.

Everything is possible. Because a masonry shower can be adapted to pretty much any size of bathroom, it will be back in fashion in 2023.

A masonry shower takes up the least space if you place it in the corner of your bathroom. So you can also install them in a relatively small bathroom.

The so-called mussel shower is all the rage for very large bathrooms. The snail-shaped variant, for example, offers natural privacy protection even without a glass door, which looks very elegant.

In addition, this masonry shower is guaranteed not to get splashed outside.

Bathroom trends no. 8: Concealed fittings are becoming more and more importantBathroom Trends 2023: Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

As a rule, the shower fittings are surface-mounted. However, since 2022 and 2023 there has been an increasing trend towards concealed fittings. The concealed shower fittings look classy and convince straight away, because only the water outlet such as the shower head or, if available, the rain shower and the mostly flat shower thermostat remain visible.

All other chrome parts are mounted underneath the tiles and are invisible. Less is more! The shower looks more spacious and you also have to clean less chrome parts.

If you are still unsure whether this bathroom trend is also something for you, here we will show you the advantages and disadvantages as well as the best and cheapest models! Exposed or concealed shower fittings.

Bathroom trends no. 9: Sustainable sanitary equipment

With sustainable sanitary equipment we mean high-quality and economical products that last a long time in everyday life and help you to save water and energy.

You will be right on trend in 2023 with the following products:

  • With technically high-quality bathroom radiators you save money and have it cozy and warm in the bathroom.
  • Economy shower heads use up to 60% less water without you noticing it when you shower.
  • Modern mixer taps for the shower are easy to use, save water and always maintain the desired water temperature.
  • Toilet flushes with economy button have been a bathroom trend for many years.

Bathroom trends No. 10: Large tiles with a strong character

Beautiful tiles are the figurehead for your shower and bathroom. The selection of tiles is enormous. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to optics as well as size. And not just for the new bathroom. Also, if you are planning to renovate a bathroom you could put new tiles directly on top of the old one. That saves time, dirt and money. We have summarized the most important trends for 2022/2023:

  • Tiles in wood look: Do you want to give your bathroom more cosiness? Then you could do that with ceramic tiles that look like wood. Thanks to the new ceramic technology, tile manufacturers are able to create tiles that look like parquet floors. Not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of feel.
  • XXL tiles: There is hardly a tile joint that does not become unsightly in everyday life. By installing XXL tiles, you automatically have less joints. This trend is particularly noticeable in the shower area. Small disadvantage, the cost of the bathroom tiles. Large tiles cost more, including when laying.
  • Tiles in marble look : Tiles in marble look look very luxurious – preferably oversized so that almost no joints remain visible on the wall. The marble design looks noble and gives the room a visual expanse.

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