Bathroom Trends 2025

Bathroom Trends 2022

When it comes to modern living trends, eyes are increasingly turning to the bathroom. Here in our detailed guide to bathroom trends 2025 you can find out how your bathroom can become a stylish room with individual charm. You will be amazed at the options for planning and designing the bathroom this year.

The bathroom – often underestimated space of central importance

The bathroom in United States measures almost eight square meters on average and adults spend an hour there every day. In addition to the toilet, there is always a sink, in most bathrooms there is a shower, often a bathtub. After about 30 years, the bathroom will be completely renewed on a national average, the budget will then be 12,000 euros. The basic requirements of course vary greatly when it comes to renovating or redesigning a bathroom – but with the dark and musty wet room of yesteryear, the modern bathroom shouldn’t have anything in common afterwards. Even simple measures such as pasting old tiles and installing new lamps can visibly upgrade the bathroom quickly. For larger projects, the bathroom becomes a private spa area,In any case, it is important to be clear about which style the new or renovated bathroom should take.

Personality is also expressed in the bathroom

As in the living room or bedroom, the same applies to the bathroom: the possibilities for expressing your personal style in the design of the room are almost endless. A minimalistic room in white has the timeless advantage of meeting the basic requirements for the bathroom, of being characterized by cleanliness and hygiene. Bathrooms in the so-called industrial style aim in the same direction, creating eye-catchers with steel details and exposed walls. But modern materials make a lot more design ideas possible without neglecting hygiene.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 1: In the industrial-style bathroom with industrial spotlights, there is no lack of cozy warmth thanks to golden fittings and wooden tiles. Photo: Deutsche Fliese / Agrob Buchtal

One trend in terms of bathroom is clear: the room should become more homely, is no longer seen as a mere functional space. Even simple elements such as a baroque framed mirror, a ceiling lamp instead of a neon tube or retro-style fittings quickly turn the bathroom into an example of vintage. With tiles that form a colorful mosaic, it goes in the direction of Art Nouveau. A wooden towel cabinet, the free-standing bathtub or beautiful candlesticks – the new joy of nostalgia can be taken into account in a variety of ways.

The bathroom is even more clearly seen as a living space when it is laid out in a country style or oriental. A seat then belongs in the room, maybe a changing room. Accordingly, the colors are chosen warmer, the floor is equipped with planks or carpets that are easy to wash. The bathroom is transformed into an area of an apartment or house where you like to stay for a long time and do good for body and soul.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 2: Warm colors and the look of natural materials are good for the bathroom. Photo: Deutsche Fliese / V&B Fliesen

Whether in Japanese style, according to the rules of feng shui or colorful and playful  – whatever is fun is allowed. Of course, style elements can be combined. Questions like: Who uses the bathroom, are there children or seniors with special needs? Is the bathroom also open to visitors or is there a guest toilet for them? With the analysis of the individual requirements for the bathroom and stylistic preferences, a big step has been made towards the goal of the dream bathroom.

“In 2025, the bathroom will increasingly come into focus and merge with the bedroom to create a uniform living environment. The trendy look is best created with textiles in muted earth tones or monochrome colors and decorative objects made from natural materials. Bamboo is particularly suitable for wooden accessories in the bathroom. What should not be missing: lots of green plants. Decorative light and pretty fragrance and hygiene items, for example by Tom Dixon, also create a homely atmosphere. Perfumes and jars are stylishly decorated on open shelves – everything else disappears behind cupboard doors or in storage baskets.The new furniture and accessories adapt to the other rooms and no longer have the classic bathroom character. Don’t be afraid of color and accentuate individual walls in contrasting colors such as dark gray or dark blue. ”

– Sabrina Pflüger, Assortment Manager and design expert at

Accessible bathroom: Think about the future when planning

Professional bathroom planners and interior designers take care when designing that functionality is not neglected. For property owners in particular, it is advisable to plan an accessible bathroom from the start. Because this increases the value of an apartment or house almost automatically, in United States there is a lack of accessible living spaces for the elderly and the disabled. But even if the property itself is used, it is advantageous in the long term to take into account the aging process and thus possibly limited mobility. The second major technical theme in bathroom planning is saving energy. Here ecological thinking is combined with potential savings in the monthly consumption costs that arise in the bathroom. Incidentally, such projects may have the opportunity to benefit from government funding.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 3: A threshold-free bathroom suits people with reduced mobility and works harmoniously. Photo: Deutsche Fliese / V&B Fliesen

Unfortunately, the legislative requirements for barrier-free or senior-friendly apartments and bathrooms are not as clear as would be desirable. To be on the safe side, you should imagine the situation of a wheelchair user when planning a barrier-free bathroom. Wheelchairs measure up to almost 90 centimeters wide, so the door width and movement areas must be planned accordingly. The shower should be accessible at ground level, the sink should either be lower than usual or be height adjustable. Handles, non-slip flooring, a disabled toilet – There are a number of details that need to be taken into account when it comes to barrier-free bathrooms. Advice from a specialist is recommended. However, aesthetics do not have to do without in the barrier-free bathroom – many manufacturers have long had elegant solutions in their product range that are not reminiscent of hospitals or nursing homes.

Saving energy in the bathroom – how does it work?

The energy consumption in the bathroom is not as high as in the kitchen, where there are usually several power guzzlers with a fridge, stove and dishwasher. But if you think about the topic of energy right from the start when planning your bathroom, you will immediately notice potential savings. Washing machine and, if desired, tumble dryer should definitely bear the energy efficiency label A +++. Other important points are:

  • Where does the warm water come from? A water heater is still acceptable for washing hands, for shower or bathtub it is completely outdated from the point of view of energy efficiency.
  • How is heating done? The bathroom does not normally have to be warm all day. A time-controlled thermostat or a switchable electric heater can reduce energy consumption.
  • Ventilating the bathroom is essential to prevent mold and bad smells. However, it is sufficient to ventilate briefly if this is possible through a window. Alternatively, we recommend a fan that removes used air.
  • Mixer taps and a water-saving shower head reduce the consumption of hot and cold water.
  • The water-saving switch for the “small business” is already standard for the toilets.
  • LED lamps are much more energy efficient than halogen lamps or energy saving lamps.
  • Small devices such as a hair dryer, razor and electric toothbrush with the energy efficiency label A +++ are recommended and should be completely disconnected from the power supply instead of consuming energy in the meantime.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 4: A lot of electricity and water can be saved in the bathroom. How do you heat, provide light and ventilate?

Last but not least, when choosing the energy suppliers for electricity, gas and water, a provider can often be selected who sells ecologically sensible energy. Experts provide deeper information – a beautiful bathroom, comfort and energy saving are by no means mutually exclusive.

The bathroom in the smart home

The trend towards the smart home continues in 2025 and does not stop at the bathroom. The idea behind the smart home is to be able to centrally control as many elements of the modern living space as possible, from the radiators to roller shutters and ventilation to lighting and entertainment electronics. Established manufacturers offer retrofit kits as well as offers for new buildings and complete renovations.

A few examples of the practical benefits: Shortly before the alarm clock rings, the radiator automatically starts in the bathroom so that you can take a shower while you are warm. The smart home then tilts the window to ventilate and closes it again. The roller shutters are shut down at night, preventing heat from being wasted unnecessarily. The lighting in the smart bathroom can be steplessly regulated from particularly bright to cozy colors. When planning the bathroom, it must be taken into account with regard to a smart home that WLAN reception is guaranteed and the individual components can be controlled individually via individually defined power sources.

Shower toilets are also becoming increasingly popular in United States

Shower toilets have been standard in Asia and particularly in Japan and Korea for decades. Put simply, such toilets combine the function of a toilet with that of a bidet.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 5: In small bathrooms and guest toilets, a shower toilet is a good alternative to the bidet.

Shower toilets enable the intimate area to be cleaned with warm water. The classic European solution of the bidet takes up additional space in the bathroom and brings less comfort. More and more Europeans are skeptical of shower toilets and installing such models in the private bathroom. In Switzerland, the share of shower toilets is said to be ten percent. High-tech solutions even allow the toilet seat to be warmed up and soothing music to be played. Shower toilets in the bathroom are by no means a mere technical gimmick. The focus here is on making personal intimate hygiene more convenient. More tips and a price-performance comparison can be found here in Meinstil magazine.

Hygiene factor rimless toilet

The rimless toilet in the private area is certainly one of the trend topics for the bathroom this year. For a long time, such models were mainly used in hospitals, trains, airplanes and other public toilets. By dispensing with the flush rim, there are no places in the toilet that are difficult to see and where dirt and bacteria often accumulate. The flush rim actually has the task of distributing the water during the flush over the exact toilet bowl. In rimless toilets, this is guaranteed by innovative flushing systems that let the water flow to the right and left, even without the help of the flushing rim.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 6: Keramag iCon rimless toilet

The advantages of this technology are clear: toilets without a rim are easier to clean than classic models. They do not harbor the hygiene risk of secret residues, since the entire toilet bowl is visible. Most manufacturers now have rimless toilets in their range, which are designed to match washbasins and other bathroom elements. That is why they elegantly combine form and function. The progress that rimless toilets mark can no longer be missed once it has found its way into the bathroom at home. Read more about toilets without a rim here.

Non-contact fittings stand for hygiene and comfort

Bathroom Trends 2022Image 7: Grohe Allure F-digital: electronic basin mixer

Bathroom Trends 2022Image 8: Keuco Plan: Non-contact basin mixer with sensor

Similar to the rimless toilets, the situation is with non-contact fittings. What was formerly used almost exclusively in public spaces is now also moving into private bathrooms. A movement in the direction of the mixer of the sink, shower or bathtub is then sufficient to trigger the water flow.

Simple gestures even regulate the temperature. This function of non-contact fittings means comfort and a plus in hygiene in the bathroom, since the fittings are no longer touched by possibly dirty hands. Incidentally, there are also such solutions for toilets and soap dispensers. In the future, elements that respond to voice commands should be expected.

Freestanding bathtubs – more than a question of design

Equipping the bathroom with a free-standing bathtub is not only for aesthetic reasons. Sure, a free-standing modern style bathtub is an eye-catcher in itself thanks to its elegant design. Yet another big advantage is the better hygiene in the bathroom, which such models guarantee. There are no hidden, built-in or hard-to-reach corners under the bathtub where dirt and dust collect. The free-standing bathtub and the floor around it can be cleaned easily and quickly after use.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 9: The trend towards free-standing bathtubs has been going on for years in German bathrooms.

Another plus of free-standing bathtubs is something that those who wash children or pets in the bathtub quickly learn to appreciate. Since it is accessible from all sides, such tasks are easier to do. Freestanding bathtubs are available in a wide variety of shapes and bring a piece of luxury and lifestyle to the bathroom on their own.

Designing small bathrooms intelligently

The smaller the bathroom that is to be redesigned, the more important it is to carefully plan the project in order to make optimal use of the available space. A first tip is: think carefully about whether it is not possible to outsource items such as the washing machine or the cabinet for towels from the assembly line. The second principle is to visually create the impression of more space through a tidy design. In the small bathroom, a mix of materials is not advisable, a uniform room without style breaks automatically looks larger.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 10: Light has a special meaning in small rooms, so that there is still openness. Vanity unit from Villeroy & Boch.

Usually a bathtub is not used in small bathrooms and a shower area is planned instead. This should be connected to the rest of the bathroom at ground level and, if necessary, delimited from the sink and toilet by a transparent partition. Custom-made mirror surfaces also ensure that the room is visually enlarged. As much light as possible, whether through windows, skylights or clever lighting, also helps to make small bathrooms appear larger. Storage areas in the small bathroom should be mounted on the walls if possible, because free floor space is an important factor in achieving the feeling of sufficient space.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 11: Storage space in beautiful cupboards and shelves pays off in small bathrooms. Vanity unit from the Keramag iCon xs series.

The space per guest toilet is very limited. But here too, the restriction to the essential elements of the toilet, sink, mirror and towel holder helps, in combination with good lighting, not to create an oppressive feeling of space. Small bathrooms are not a new phenomenon, but manufacturers and retailers have developed a wealth of intelligent solutions for such rooms, including particularly slim-cut toilets and small wash basins with attractive designs. Restricted floor space in the bathroom no longer means having to do without individual style.

Filigree bathroom ceramics

Filigree ceramic sets new accents in the bathroom. The ceramic material serves as the basis for washbasins and other sanitary objects that score with a puristic, clear design. For bathroom products, filigree means not fragile, but light and weightless.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 12: Ceramic becomes filigree: the tried and tested building material ceramic impresses with great innovation potential. Vanity and bathtub by Duravit Cape Cod

The design of the washbasin comes into its own most clearly. Instead of a chunky and bulky design, narrow edges are in the foreground. Round and oval, square and rectangular shapes are possible as a basic model. Angular sinks are made flat, but still offer the necessary comfort. Generous storage areas complement the rectangular or square vanity with the thin edges. Particularly worth seeing are countertop washbasins with matching base cabinet or vanity top, which offer an almost floating appearance in the filigree processing. Round or oval shapes of the wash bowl come into their own here.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 13: New ceramic technologies overcome design limits: ceramics become more delicate and at the same time more robust. Vanity from Villeroy & Boch Venticello

The stability is of course still guaranteed. Even if the ceramic looks weightless, it is still robust and resilient. Bathtub, toilet and bidet also take up the light design language. The frames here are a little more solid, but the lines match the puristic look. Anyone who has previously associated the term filigree with a playful design can be convinced of a completely different effect with the new bathroom design. Depending on the design series, the floating lightness conveys a touch of nostalgia and retro chic. Almost all lines that take up the current trend are modern, urban and absolutely timeless.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 14: This innovation brings a breath of fresh air: simple, architectural, clear lines, narrow edges and thin walls. Vanity unit by Ideal Standard Strada

Colored ceramics ensure individuality in the bathroom

Whether in a large family bathroom or a small bathroom – the ceramic elements offer a great opportunity to add a personal splash of color. The sink really doesn’t always have to be white, the same applies to the outside of the toilet, shower trays and bathtubs.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 15: The courage to use color no longer applies only to walls, furniture and accessories, but now also to bathroom ceramics such as wash basins, bathtubs and toilets. Photo: Deutsche Fliese / V&B Fliesen

The spectrum ranges from the natural colors of the rainbow to gold or silver to hand-painted elements that make you forget the classic uniform white in the bathroom. Especially bathrooms in the oriental style immediately win thanks to individually selected ceramic elements in a variety of colors.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 16: Dark lava gray or black are becoming increasingly popular instead of the same ceramic white.

Color transports emotions, symbolizes creativity and distinguishes the modern bathroom from past solutions. Creative bathroom planners therefore often advise people to be more courageous about color.

Modern bathroom furniture combines elegance and functionality

Of course, bathroom furniture belongs to a fully furnished bathroom. Modern bathroom furniture differs significantly from the white, styleless pieces made of pressboard, which unfortunately can still be found in many bathrooms. Typical bathroom furniture remains the vanity unit and a mirror cabinet above the sink, often with a wall cabinet or sideboard.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 17: Bathroom with furniture from the Venticello series by Villeroy & Boch

In order to store medicines, cosmetics, towels and more, the required storage space should be defined as precisely as possible. Modern bathroom furniture helps to keep the bathroom tidy thanks to its well-designed interior. They are usually equipped with drawers or cabinet doors so that no dirt can get inside. As with the ceramic elements in the bathroom, bathroom furniture is now available in many different colors and materials. It is important to ensure that bathroom furniture is designed for wet rooms and that water splashes and humidity cannot harm it. More information on trends in bathroom furniture can be found here in Meinstil magazine.

Floor, ceiling and walls in the bathroom

The tile has become competitive as an all-purpose product. Nevertheless, beautiful bathroom tiles have not had their day in modern bathroom design, as the current tile trends show. But there are alternatives to the tile. For example, waterproof wood laminates or specially impregnated planks on the floor can bring more heat into the bathroom. Depending on the desired style, you can also work with natural stones or carpetsand play mats. Marble embodies luxury, new cement mixes and even classic shotcrete deliver interesting optical effects, granite symbolizes a certain closeness to nature. Anyone who is redesigning their bathroom in 2025 should free themselves from the planning of old ideas and get involved in the inspirations that the specialist trade has in store.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 18: So-called concrete ciré is a welcome and stylish change from the tile in the bathroom. In addition to gray, the exposed concrete is also available in many other colors.

As in all areas of the bathroom, the trend topic is to make more than a white wet room out of the room by cleverly using colors. With so-called tadelakt, an originally Moroccan lime plaster, shine comes in brown and orange tones in the bathroom. Even wallpapers suitable for the bathroom made of materials such as glass fiber or non-woven are available and can even bring 3D effects to the walls on request.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 19: With wall colors suitable for damp rooms, color diversity and individuality move into the bathroom.

A large number of the new materials for the bathroom are also available in eco quality and they have a positive effect on the indoor climate. Rough concrete goes well with bathrooms in a minimalist style, patterned tiles are the choice for friends of the Orient.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 20: Tiles can serve many styles – from Mediterranean to oriental to shabby chic. Photo: Deutsche Fliese / Steuler

With marble and other natural stones it goes stylistically towards southern Europe, wood and its imitations stand for country house style, terracotta for a warm holiday feeling. However, it is always important to ensure that the desired materials are expressly recommended for use in the bathroom.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 21: A beige tile with a concrete look gives the bathroom a Mediterranean flair.

And of course the tile is far from being used up. In actually thousands of colors, shapes and decors, the tile continues to offer the bathroom a simple approach to strike a balance between hygiene and design. But why not use the color of the joints as a design element? Or cover old, unsightly tiles with simple tile stickers? It is often much easier than expected to give the walls and floor in the bathroom a new look.


Tile Sale has identified the following top 3 tile trends for this year:

Tile trend # 1: Wood remains in vogue

Anyone who has previously shrunk from wood in the bathroom does not have to do without the natural look thanks to porcelain stoneware. Wood look in the plank format continues to conquer the bathrooms in 2025 and with good reason: Modern manufacturing technologies such as the ink jet process enable authentic wood looks.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 22: New tiles with a wood look look deceptively real, give the bathroom a pleasant warmth and at the same time are as easy to clean as any other tile.

Many collections offer haptic structures that make imitation perfect. From exotic woods such as cowrie to local birch, there is something for every taste. The advantage of porcelain stoneware: It is a robust material that has an extremely long service life. Whether scratches, paint loss or abrasion – porcelain stoneware is incredibly resistant and can withstand great loads. Anti-slip features ensure safety and enable the dream of a barrier-free bathroom with a wooden look.

Tile trend # 2: Seamless and impressive: XXL formats

XXL formats are at the top of the trend list in 2025. Large format tiles not only make the bathroom appear larger, but also minimize cleaning. The low proportion of joints makes large-format tiles easy to maintain.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 23: Large-format tiles with a concrete or natural stone look have a very special effect.

Especially concrete optics look very impressive in sizes of 60 × 120. Tip: If you choose rectified tiles, you create an almost seamless look. Rectified tiles are cut to exact dimensions in a further step. So they have such precise edges that they can be installed with minimal joints. Narrow joints of 2-3 millimeters transform the floor into a homogeneous surface. The result: an almost seamless floor that achieves a great effect, particularly with wood and concrete looks.

Tile trend # 3: Oldies but Goldies – retro formats are back

Retro tiles will remain the trend this year. Whether Metro tiles in 10x20cm or square small formats, if you like it retro, you will find a great selection for your dream bathroom.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 24: In this retro-look bathroom, the combination with the extravagant mirror provides relaxation.

Innovative: Metro tiles with edges that have been worked inwards offer a tasteful change and space for individuality. The color palette and patterns of the past are “in” again, so it is not uncommon for yellow, pastel colors or Art Nouveau patterns to be discovered on the tile market.


The ceiling is often neglected in the bathroom. A fresh coat of paint can give the whole room a new shine. Bright blue tones are reminiscent of the sky, bright yellow tones of sunshine. With wiping techniques in the longitudinal direction of the room, the surface appears larger, structures oriented towards the width visually increase the bathroom. These effects can also be achieved by using wooden ceilings.

A ceiling cladding allows light sources, supply lines and ventilation to be hidden elegantly. The side effect that any crooked or wavy ceilings are no longer noticeable is particularly in demand in old buildings. The slightly smaller space also reduces the heating power required for the bathroom. If you want, you can create additional storage space above the false ceiling. Take the time to think about the walls, ceilings and floor in the bathroom. These can be coordinated with the style of the other elements or contrasts can be deliberately created.

Lighting in the bathroom: the LED light belongs to the future

It has been around ten years since the classic light bulbs were gradually phased out on the basis of EU guidelines. First of all, consumers mostly replaced their lamps with energy-saving lamps, even in the bathroom. However, energy-saving lamps have two major disadvantages: their light color appears clinically cold and energy-saving lamps need a certain warm-up time to reach their full brightness. These two points are critical for use in the bathroom, where the light is sometimes only switched on briefly and it is also often a question of looking at your own skin and its appearance in the mirror under a light that comes as close as possible to daylight.

So it is no surprise that the megatrend LED light has also arrived in the bathroom. The corresponding LED light bulbs are somewhat more expensive to buy than energy-saving lamps, but this is compensated for by a longer service life. It is much more important that LED lights develop their full brightness as soon as they are switched on and basically cover a wide range of colors. In addition, LED lights are dimmable and develop little outside heat, which makes them suitable for almost any design solution.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 25: Light does not always have to come from the ceiling or the mirror cabinet above the washbasin. With light strips, more creative lighting concepts can be realized in the bathroom.

In every bathroom there are at least two lamps, a ceiling lamp and a light above or next to the mirror. If the appropriate protection zones are observed, various other light sources can also be added, depending on your needs and tastes. Even there, the change to LED lights will have a positive impact because the light will appear more natural. But LED lamps open up a lot more design freedom in the bathroom. With LED light stripsFor example, the entire bathroom can be immersed in a light that is not only adjustable in terms of its brightness, but also in terms of its color. For example, a bright yellow daylight can be selected for the morning wash and a warm red or orange for the evening relaxation bath. Basically, LED lights can be used in almost all existing lamp holders.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 26: Also in the bathroom there is a lamp design in the right style for every taste and suitable for every interior.

Those who redesign the bathroom or replace lamps have a free choice between minimalist design, romantic lamps, futuristic solutions and much more. It is advisable to create a mix of direct and indirect light that can be controlled separately to create different lighting moods. It often makes sense to use a large light mirror or mirror cabinet with integrated lighting as a light element.

Make windows in the bathroom stylish

For many, bathroom windows are a matter of controversy. In the past, they were usually not planned by architects at all because the private sphere seemed endangered. Solutions made of frosted glass later came into play, but they are hardly aesthetically pleasing. Hardly anyone who has got used to the advantages of natural light in the bathroom will want to do without it. If there are windows in the bathroom and may be visible to strangers, the aim is to be able to temporarily darken them.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 27: The effect of natural light in the bathroom cannot be replaced.

A simple roller blind often fulfills this purpose, which also prevents heat loss in winter and is a tried and tested remedy for unwanted heating of the bathroom in summer. However, roller blinds in their typical gray or brown appear less homely. Curtains or pleated blinds are solutions that enliven the interior and can also be combined well with roller blinds. The use of blinds is another alternative that convinces by regulating the incidence of light very variably. Privacy films, privacy walls, panel curtains – each solution has its own charm and at the same time fulfills the actual function of being able to darken the window.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 28: Roller blinds and blinds are good solutions to temporarily block the view and to protect your own privacy.

Bathroom trends in 2025 include connecting the window to the smart home or at least being prepared for it. Ventilate, darken, make burglar-proof with roller blinds – all of this then works automatically at fixed times of the day or at the simple push of a button. Being able to open and close the blind or skylight, for example, with a motor, not only makes everyday life easier for the elderly. And even for those who have no real window in the bathroom, it remains interesting as a design element. In blind windows, which are often found in old buildings, you can create storage space or even hide the washing machine behind a curtain. With a dummy window, the bathroom can visually grow in size. The topic of bathroom windows opens up far more options than often thought when designing the bathroom.

Plants bring vitality to the bathroom

Plants and flowers are standard in most households because their natural growth and colorful flowers bring a pleasant feeling of liveliness to your own four walls. It is all the more surprising that they are so rarely found in the bathroom. Especially for palm trees and other subtropical houseplants, the humidity and warmth of the bathroom is a good environment in which they can thrive. Plants also contribute to a positive indoor climate and process some of the moisture and smells typical of the bathroom.

When choosing the plants for the bathroom, it is important to take into account how much light they get in the specific room. The cobbler palm (Aspidistra), the lucky feather (Zamioculcas) and the single leaf (Spathiphyllum) are, for example, very frugal houseplants that are also satisfied with little light. With a bathroom window or special lights for plants, the choice increases. Ivy, aloe vera or bamboo fit just as well in the bathroom as bow hemp (Sansevieria), window leaf (Monstera) or yucca palm trees. It is important to water the plants in the already damp bathroom more economically than in other rooms and to avoid waterlogging. The plants should be supplied with slow-release fertilizers around twice a year.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 29: Plants bring joy to the bathroom – regardless of whether Vanda orchid (top left), begonia (bottom left), iris (center left bottom), tillandsia (center right bottom), hyacinth (top right) or single leaf (bottom right) ).

If there is very little space in the bathroom, hanging plants are recommended. Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum) and ferns are particularly suitable. But orchids can also be inserted in hanging baskets and bring a bit of sensuality into the bathroom with their flowers. Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac) not only blooms, but also smells. Another blooming evergreen for the bathroom is the flamingo flower (anthurium), which shows its red flowers almost all year round in good light. If you are not sure about your “green thumb”, it is best to consult a specialist dealer about which plants and flowers fit into the bathroom. The green bathroom definitely includes plant pots and tubs that match the style of the room and set additional accents. The chance to underline the feeling of living by greening the bathroom


The team provided us with even more tips :

Which plants are suitable for the bathroom?

Houseplants that tolerate high levels of humidity and manage with less light are particularly suitable for the bathroom. Because many bathrooms usually have small windows. Daily showering or bathing increases the humidity in bathrooms than in other living rooms. Houseplants should specialize in this. We therefore recommend indoor plants for the bathroom for the partially shaded to shady location. Tropical houseplants such as cobbler’s palm, zamie and utei are suitable for dark bathrooms.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 30: Shade-compatible cobbler palm, bamboo-like dragon tree and climbing ivy trees bring life to the bathroom.

What should you pay attention to when caring for the plants?

Of course, the right choice of location comes first. Depending on the culture, whether earth or hydroponic, plants for the bathroom have to be cared for differently. We recommend hydroponic indoor plants. Because pouring over is not possible here, fertilization only takes place every three months and the substrate is also hygienic. We think it’s great for the bathroom.

What to do in bathrooms without windows?

We can recommend artificial plants for bathrooms without windows. Artificial plants are great for locations where the environmental factors do not allow natural plant growth. With artificial plants you can therefore green your windowless bathroom without worry.

Which plant trends can currently be observed? How will preferences change?

When it comes to indoor plants, it is difficult to speak of trends because new varieties cannot be grown in one year, as in the fashion world. But one can say that the trend towards large plants is developing according to the motto “less is more”. Trendy violin figs or dragon trees look particularly good here. But the theme of “urban jungle” will also find more and more appeal in our living rooms, as well as the bathroom. With climbing and hanging plants, such as the Efeutute and the Baumfreund, this is easily possible. Houseplants will become more and more multifunctional furnishings. Design, aesthetics and health come first here.


Decoration, accessories and multimedia in the bathroom

You have probably already noticed that there are many more elements to be considered when designing a dream bathroom than you immediately think of. Even small details, accessories that may not have been valued enough, can severely disturb the overall impression. The holder for the toilet paper, soap dish or soap dispenser, the laundry basket, the towels – in reality there are dozens of little things that make up the overall picture of a bathroom as indispensable but at the same time visible elements.

If a uniform design in the bathroom is important to you, you will normally choose the equipment line of a manufacturer, in which all typical elements are coordinated. Another advantage of such solutions is the high security of subsequent purchases, should something break down over the years and have to be replaced.

Consumer electronics in the bathroom is generally an issue in itself. Many people like to be able to listen to music or watch TV in the bathroom. Since electricity and water don’t really go together, radio and TV in the bathroom should definitely buy products that are water-protected. In general, safety sockets and a suitable electrical system in the bathroom are a must.


Viktoria Thur ( provided us with more tips on multimedia and hi-fi in the bathroom:

Does a mirror TV (or another form of waterproof TV) suit me or the users of my bathroom?

Listen to the radio in the bathroom, or maybe play the latest playlist. In the evening, enjoy watching the feature film from the bathtub, or just let the news run in the morning. Whether relaxation or flow of information, a mirror TV offers all of this and more. Namely, that it is “just” a mirror when it is switched off. One push of a button and the TV disappears behind the reflection as if by magic.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 31: The smart mirror in the bathroom provides information and entertainment, very futuristic in the daily hygiene routine.

In the bathroom there are three suitable places for the mirror TV:

  1. Over the bath. A classic bathroom TV is suitable here, for installation or with a swivel arm bracket. The TV should have an IP protection class of at least IP65 and run on low voltage (12/24 volt DC). If this is the case, the device is absolutely safe in the bathroom. A waterproof remote control, which is also allowed to swim in the tub, rounds off the experience.
  2. Over the washstand. Here the focus is on the mirror as such, the hidden, integrated TV only comes into play when necessary. This is where the classic mirror TV with remote control differs from the smart mirror, which is only controlled with a touchscreen and voice. The Spiegel TV also serves as a source of information and entertainment for news, sports, films and music. The smart mirror is also used to integrate smart devices and smart home controls, so that in the morning, the shutters can be raised, the coffee machine can be switched on directly from the bathroom, etc. (provided that these devices are already networked, of course).
  3. In the shower. In United States not quite as typical as in other countries (such as the USA), some mirror TVs are actually suitable for installing them in the shower. Here, the mirror TV often serves as a mirror when shaving and offers the best entertainment in the meantime.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 32: Pure luxury: watching your favorite series while showering? No problem with the right bathroom TV!

Does a TV fit in my bathroom? What are the requirements (room size, connections, etc.)?

Since a mirror TV can also be installed flush or replace the mirror above the washbasin, there is practically no minimum size for the bathroom. However, it can be summarized that the TV picture as such should be correspondingly larger, the larger the bathroom.

How do I find the right place in the bathroom for installation?

There are 3 places in the bathroom. Over the bathtub, over the vanity, in the shower. The primary requirement for all locations is electricity. If you want to connect a TV, the TV cable should also be pulled into place. If the device connects to the Internet via a LAN connection, a LAN cable should be available, whereby a WLAN connection is a good alternative.

What needs to be considered when buying a device? What are the costs?

As with any high-quality product, advice and service should also be valued here. Multimedia in the bathroom is also increasingly being offered by specialist and wholesalers. Take a look at the product on site. Let us advise you. Ask whether, in addition to the guarantee, the manufacturer also offers service in the event of a repair after the guarantee period.

Costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros, depending on the model and size. There are also quality differences in this segment. Plastic products are usually cheaper than glass products.


It is easier with objects that are used for decoration. Images and photo prints should be as insensitive to moisture as possible or carefully framed so that they do not lose their gloss too quickly, but they do not pose a security risk.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 33: Even simple storage options and other practical things can become decorative objects in the bathroom if they are carefully selected.

Shells and stones collected on the beach, seasonal dried flowers and fragrance bouquets, or a small showcase, for example, find space even in cramped bathrooms and easily bring a large portion of individuality into the room.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 34: Small details to match your own bathroom style give the interior the finishing touches.

Even single candles create a romantic atmosphere, a stack of books or magazines guarantees reading material and why not provide more than just soap for guests – with such details the bathroom is automatically upgraded.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 35: Accessory lines make the stylish completion of bathroom furnishings easy.Bathroom Trends 2022

Image 36: Sophisticated equipment such as a toilet brush, toothbrush mug or soap dispenser become real highlights in the bathroom thanks to modern design series.

Designing the bathroom – a checklist

The situation in which a bathroom is newly furnished or intelligently renovated is a wonderful moment. The 2025 bathroom trends clearly show what can be done with this room. So that you do not lose the overview, here is a checklist of the decisive steps that are now imminent:

  • Analyze the initial situation exactly: floor plan, location of the water and electrical connections, can existing elements continue to be used?
  • Define style: which design is sought?
  • Predict usage: who will use the bathroom? Pay particular attention to questions about accessibility.
  • Realistically assess the budget, plan at least ten percent reserve.
  • Collect inspiration and ideas, maybe try a digital bathroom planner online.
  • Obtain offers to keep the work that cannot be done inexpensive.
  • Check whether there can be government funding for the project.
  • Botching up the building is more than annoying: who checks whether the work in the bathroom is carried out properly?
  • Do not lose your nerve unnecessarily and, in case of doubt, consult experts from planning to execution.
  • The grand finale: finally try the new bathroom and then carefully optimize it.


The dream bathroom is a very personal matter

The function of the bathroom next to the bedroom alone is the most intimate space of an apartment. The demands placed on the bathroom diverge accordingly. You have received a lot of information and tips here to help you plan a modern bathroom. Probably the most important step in 2025 is to say goodbye to the idea of defining the bathroom only by its original function. Careful planning is essential so that the bathroom becomes a feel-good room in which you would like to spend time. Because while in other rooms the design can be changed quickly by changing the furniture or repainting, in the bathroom you permanently fix yourself in the bathroom with permanent installations of shower, toilet and sink, but also with tiles and other details.Here in our shop you will find lots of ideas at fair prices – just have a look around:


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