Bathroom trends 2025 – this is in demand in the bathroom

Bathroom trends 2022

The development of home decor continues to advance in 2025. The bathroom is no exception, as the 2025 bathroom trends show. The bathroom has long since lost its sole purpose as a purely functional space and has become a living space, indeed a luxury space.

Bathroomtrendss brings you closer to the latest trends for modern, individual bathroom design. Modernity is not only interesting for younger generations and middle-aged people. Seniors in particular benefit from the wide range of options that barrier-free bathrooms offer, for example. In this article we also give you numerous design tips for a possible bathroom renovation.

The bathroom: a small room of great importance

It is not large at eight square meters, the typical bathroom of the Austrians and yet they spend an average of about 65 minutes in it every day. Extrapolated to the year, this results in a period of more than two weeks, i.e. as long as a nice summer vacation. It is therefore not surprising that the demands for comfort will continue to increase in 2025.

The basic equipment of the bathroom is still the same as it has been for decades: a toilet, a sink, usually a shower and in many cases a bathtub is added. Statistically, complete renovations are rare. They are carried out on average only once in 30 years at a cost of between 10,000 and 14,000 euros. But when it comes to bathroom renovation, things should go quickly: Bathroomtrendss professionals offer a complete renovation in a record time of just 24 hours. More under 24h bathroom renovation.

After the renovation, the owners are often amazed at the considerable added value, because renovation means for the quality of life. But no matter whether it is a complete renovation or only a partial renovation: a well thought-out plan is necessary to get the maximum possible benefit for your well-being.

The bathroom as a mirror of personality

It is a well-known fact in the living room or bedroom that living spaces reveal the personality of the people who live in them. The bathroom still has some catching up to do as a recognized mirror of personality.

The classic bathroom – all in white, neat and clear – meets functional requirements and is hygienic and easy to clean. Personality is painfully missing from this outdated style.

A small extension, away from the traditional norm, is already created by the industrial style, which is popular in the young urban milieu and combines rough, unplastered walls with the striking charm of non-shiny steel.

But much more is possible with today’s design ideas for the bathroom. The trend towards more atmospheric cosiness can already be initiated with skilful accents. This can be a dimmable lamp instead of a bright fluorescent tube, an artistically framed mirror instead of a rimless model or fittings with a vintage look instead of the standard design.

Tiles set as a mosaic reveal traces of Art Nouveau. With real wood accessories, a free-standing bathtub or a multi-arm candlestick, nostalgic sceneries can be developed in the bathroom without much effort. A country-style bathroom with plank floors and seating becomes a complete living space.

Walls and other surfaces in the bathroom will then be matched to the ambience with warm or muted colors such as ocher and champagne. So the visit to the bathroom is evolving more and more from a short, dedicated stay to a longer contemplative stay with pleasure. No wonder that multimedia in bathroom 2025 is also a big topic.

Bathroom trends 2022


Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design is the integration of Asian furnishing concepts, for example in the Japanese style, according to the Chinese design concept Feng Shui or in a mixture of different oriental elements. In general, the integration of different style elements is also extremely popular across cultures.

The same tendency to mix and overcome fixed boundaries is also evident in the fact that interior designers increasingly see bathrooms and bedrooms lying next to each other in newer living concepts as a dual unit. Common muted colors, decorative objects in the same style, the use of the same materials as bamboo or plants of the same type create a feeling of togetherness and harmony between the bathroom and bedroom. Other connecting elements can be shared lighting or furnishings such as shelves.

Despite all the development towards a cozy bathroom, it would be a mistake to forget that the bathroom is not just a functional space. The comfortable access to the bath, the unimpeded hand washing and safe exit from the shower : These are basic requirements that always keep in the bathroom renovation and new equipment in mind, the designer your permanent place.

It is not for nothing that providers like Bathroomtrendss are very successful with this approach.

In short: functionality remains central, but you no longer want to see it clearly in the bathroom of 2025.

Bathroom without a barrier: a concept that pays off

If you don’t have a disability yourself and are younger, you often don’t even think about integrating accessibility into the concept of a redesign when planning a bathroom. Such an approach makes sense in several ways. For long-term owner-occupied properties, a barrier-free bathroom is a precautionary measure for your own age.

In properties that are intended for sale or rental from the outset, a barrier-free bathroom justifies a higher price. In view of the demographic change, it is already clear that unhindered access and comfortable use will become even more important as quality features for a bathroom.

The main characteristics of good barrier-free bathrooms include unhindered access to all areas with a wheelchair of approx. 90 cm width. Correspondingly wide door frames, the avoidance of narrow angles and obstacles such as high door thresholds are basic requirements for a barrier-free bathroom. For barrier-free showers, there have long been concepts that can do without the classic shower tray and are also aesthetically pleasing.

A look at the offers from Bathroomtrendss shows a nice selection of attractive versions of such showers as well as bathtubs with doors that are particularly suitable for people with restricted mobility. More at: Bathtub with door.Bathroom trends 2022


In addition, accessibility extends to handicapped-accessible toilets, height-adjustable washbasins and comfortable grab handles. None of this contradicts an aesthetically sophisticated interior design in 2025. Fortunately, the days when accessibility was inevitably reminiscent of hospitals or nursing homes are over.

In addition to accessibility, energy efficiency should also play a prominent role when planning the bathroom. The reasons are obvious: One-time investment costs in energy-saving measures are clearly exceeded by long-term cost savings.

In addition, builders can benefit from government subsidies for energy-saving living. In apartments that are intended to be rented out, lower energy costs for tenants can justify higher rental prices.

Bathroom trends 2022


Saving energy in the bathroom: various options

The energy saving measures for the bathroom can be roughly divided into two areas: provision and consumption of energy. When it comes to deployment, choosing an inexpensive tariff is obviously important.

At Bathroomtrendss, employees keep finding how unnecessarily many people spend money by choosing a tariff that is too expensive. It is worthwhile to regularly monitor the current offers. That doesn’t have to happen on a monthly basis. However, an annual comparison of your own tariff with current offers makes sense in any case.

The way the water is heated is a second major cost factor in the bathroom. Instantaneous water heaters quickly drive up costs. This is especially true if the instantaneous water heater is not only used to wash hands, but also heats water for showering or even bathing.

When using energy in the bathroom, washing machines and tumble dryers have particularly high savings potential. Devices of energy efficiency class A +++ are the measure of all things here. The buyer should not be too irritated by the price differences to models with lower energy-saving classes and be tempted to buy supposed bargains. The long-term increase in energy consumption compared to washing machines and tumble dryers A +++ is considerable.

The frequency and duration of ventilation in the bathroom can also significantly increase or decrease energy costs. The rule is: better often and short than rare and long.

During the brief burst ventilation, sufficient air exchange takes place without the bathroom being completely cooled down. A ventilation period of five to seven minutes is a good guide.

Further potential savings in consumption offer, for example:

  • Water-saving shower heads
  • Water saving switch at the toilet
  • Timers for heating
  • Small energy-saving devices such as hair dryers, razors and electric toothbrushes
  • LED lighting

The smart bathroom

The smart home continues its triumphal march in 2025 and also includes the smart bathroom, which is connected to central control devices. Virtually every aspect that can be controlled manually can be automated in the smart bathroom.

The heating in the smart bathroom starts at exactly the desired time, for example a quarter of an hour before the owner of the bathroom gets up in the morning. Blinds can be automatically closed and opened at the desired times. The lighting can be automatically and continuously adjusted to the prevailing lighting conditions.

The basic requirement for a smart bathroom is undisturbed WLAN reception. If this is available, it is only a matter of establishing smooth communication between the components to be controlled and the power source. The appropriate equipment for a smart bathroom can be integrated immediately during the redesign. Retrofitting is also possible.

Shower toilets: toilet and bidet in one

Shower toilets have long been known and loved in Asia. In Europe, the sensible combinations of bidet and toilet will gradually begin to lose their exotic status in 2025.

Combining the functions of the toilet and intimate hygiene with warm water offers clear advantages: shower toilets are more comfortable than a separate toilet + bidet and save space. That is why they are an interesting choice, especially for small to medium-sized bathrooms.

Modern versions are already available with heated seats and can even play music. Like almost no other development, the increasing popularity of shower toilets shows how comfort and quality of living have become the focus of bathroom design. So far, the Swiss are the most open-minded among Europeans. Shower toilets can already be found in 10 percent of bathrooms in Switzerland. In Austria, the owner was still one of the real pioneers of modern bathroom culture in 2025.

Toilet without flush rim: improved hygiene in the trend

The typical toilet has a flush rim. The recess is intended to distribute the rinse water in the bowl and at the same time to prevent over-splashing. The flushing rim does this job very well. At the same time, however, it has hygienic disadvantages.

Rinsing edges are not visible. Urine scale and other deposits can build up there unnoticed. This makes cleaning more difficult. The toilet without flush rim does better here. It is not a new invention. Rimless toilets have long been found in hospitals and similar facilities.

In 2025, the rimless toilet is now one of the important trends in privately used bathrooms. The protective function of the flushing rim against pointed water replaces modern models with the design, which makes it less easy for the water to get up.

Optimized rinse distributors offer additional protection. The time for cleaning a rimless toilet is considerably shorter than for a toilet with a rim. The result is also easier to check because there are no optically shielded areas in the bowl.

Contactless fittings: another plus for hygiene

Similar to toilets without a flush rim, contactless fittings offer a hygienic advantage that is in demand for the 2025 bathroom trends. Swimming pools and other public facilities have been taking advantage of this for years. Depending on the fitting, it reacts to movements of the hands, other parts of the body or the whole body.

The technology of the motion sensors does not mean too much of a financial outlay compared to fittings in which the water flow has to be started manually.

The effort for cleaning is reduced considerably by contactless fittings. In a typical three-person household, for example, the controls or handles on taps in the sink are touched many times a day.

The touch leaves inevitable traces that have to be removed again and again. With a non-contact fitting, it is only traces of water and no grease, dirt or other contaminants that have to be removed.

Freestanding bathtub: accessible and easy to clean

Freestanding bathtubs have been favorites of people who have completely redesigned their bathrooms for several years. At Bathroomtrendss, too, they are long-running favorites. Nothing will change in 2025. Strong design and the resulting possibilities for creative interior design are among the most important advantages of a free-standing bathtub. Models with feet impress with their vintage appeal, while unusual shapes, colors and surface structures can appear almost futuristic.

Bathroom trends 2022


Another advantage is that the bathtub is accessible from all sides. It benefits seniors and is also useful when bathing children or pets. Last but not least, free-standing bathtubs are among the favorites of buyers due to their good hygiene properties. They are easy to clean all round and do not block the way to corners and corners that would otherwise have to be cleaned with great effort.

Skilfully furnish small bathrooms

A small bathroom places high demands on intelligent equipment. Every detail should therefore already be checked in the planning phase with a view to the optimal use of the available space. In addition to the optimal use of the available space, the creation of a positive subjective sense of space also plays a major role.

Washing machines take up a large part of the available space in small bathrooms. If possible, you should outsource the washing machine. The kitchenette is a useful alternative location. If outsourcing is not possible, top loaders are recommended. They are usually much narrower than front loaders.

Cupboards also take up a lot of space. They can easily be replaced by wall-mounted shelves or wall cabinets. A bath tub should be avoided in a small bathroom. As beautiful and comfortable a tub is, it also needs as much space.

A shower is the better choice and here too space-saving potential can be realized. Walk-in showers, which delimit the shower area with a curtain or a partition, make shower trays superfluous. They also fit perfectly with the concept of the barrier-free bathroom. Providers like offer barrier-free showers in an attractive design.

There are numerous aids to choose from for the subjective feeling of a larger room. In the first place, lots of light count. Larger windows, skylights and bright lighting make a noticeable difference. By choosing bright colors in the bathroom, the effect can be enhanced.

In addition, uniform materials or material combinations are useful in small bathrooms. Different materials such as wood, bamboo, glass or steel need space in order to be effective. If this space is missing, the effects interfere with each other and create a tight feeling in the worst case.

The requirements for saving space are particularly high in the guest toilet. In addition to economical furnishings, large windows and bright colors, narrowly tailored toilets and small wash basins with small fittings are ideal for this space.

Bathroom ceramics open up new perspectives

Offers for innovative bathroom ceramics will be found even more frequently in 2025 than before. The design goes strongly in the direction of a filigree style that largely dispenses with massive or chunky elements. Instead, the new bathroom ceramics focus on narrow edges and a flat and slim cut.

The washstand is the main carrier of this change. Practically all regular shapes with their own offers are available, from round and oval to rectangular to square. There are also designer washbasins with an irregular design.Bathroom trends 2022

Countertop washbasins that are mounted on base cabinets or vanity tops are very popular. They offer the user more than enough space to store important bathroom utensils. In the wide open spaces, the mostly slim washbasins almost assume the character of accessories or decorative objects, without this plus in terms of design being at the expense of functionality.

The variety of colors, previously a hallmark of bathroom furniture, walls, tiles and accessories, has finally reached the ceramic of the bathroom in 2025. This opens up further creative scope for the owner to aesthetically integrate the washbasin into the overall concept of the bathroom. The selection ranges from cheerful yellow to stylish light and dark shades of gray.

In between are all the colors of the rainbow as well as gold and silver tones and even hand-painted bathroom ceramics. Shower and bath tubs and toilet seats are also fully covered by the trend towards a more relaxed design.

Bathroom furniture – small and elegant

Large and heavy bathroom furniture will no longer be in demand in 2025. The present and future belong to the small pieces of furniture. The vanity unit remains as the only larger piece of furniture and, together with the mirror cabinet above the vanity, often forms the core of the furniture. Basically, furniture with contact with the floor is used only sparingly.

Most of them are narrow, low sideboards. With storage space at sight height, there are elements with wall mounting. Bulky standing cupboards are among the discontinued models. In order to follow the trend towards small parts without sacrificing the necessary storage space for towels, cosmetics and electrical devices, the space required should be carefully estimated in advance.

Only when the need is clear can the right bathroom furniture be selected. Important quality criteria remain good even in 2025 moisture tolerance and wall units tightly sealed doors and drawers to provide additional protection to electrical equipment. The color and material selection is almost unlimited, as with other furnishing elements for the bathroom.

Tiles for the bathroom: wood look, maxi and retro

Wood-look tiles:

Wood-look for floors and walls are on the rise. Not only the look, but also the surface structure of wood can now be deceptively imitated with ceramic tiles. The characteristic structures of popular local woods such as birch or spruce as well as the look and feel of exotic species such as Kauri are available. Classic laying patterns such as floorboards or herringbone parquet are also available. They round off the real wood look.

At the forefront of imitation wood is porcelain stoneware, which is also known as Böttger stoneware. In addition to the visual advantages, porcelain stoneware impresses with its excellent resilience, long service life and good resistance to mechanical loads. The material remains free of scratches during normal everyday use and the colors stay fresh for a long time as on the first day.

Maxi tiles : In addition to the real wood look, maxi formats are extremely popular in 2025. XXL tiles create a flat impression that cannot be achieved by smaller tiles. As a result, the walls automatically appear larger overall. This impression is supported by the exact cutting of the tiles.

The joints are very narrow and barely visible, so that the breaks in the homogeneous surface are hardly intrusive to the eye. XXL tiles are also popular as floor cladding. They can be used to create an authentic natural stone feeling in the bathroom. The next step in terms of large areas is the completely seamless bathroom, as is available from Bathroomtrendss.

Retro tiles : The third highlight among the tiles in 2025 will be the retro tiles. With vintage patterns from the 50s to 80s, they create a nostalgic atmosphere. These tiles in muted pastel tones are very popular and evoke involuntary associations with hotel rooms from the past century. If you like a more nostalgic design, choose vintage tiles in the Art Nouveau look. In order to match the flair of the past, these tiles are mostly small and square. An exception are the rectangular metro tiles, which are also in demand again and have typical dimensions of 10 x 20 cm.

Floor, ceiling and walls in the bathroom: further trends

The tile is not only back in well-known and new formats: it also got competition in the bathroom in 2025 when it comes to cladding walls and floors. As an alternative to tiles with a wood look, there are wood laminates to choose from and a real plank floor in the bathroom is also possible with impregnated planks.

Those who prefer mineral materials and still value natural flair make a good choice with natural stone. The solid charm of natural stone can be loosened up with mats and carpets, giving larger bathrooms an unmistakable, slightly Mediterranean flair.

A bit more luxurious is a marble floor, which will also be used in 2025 to redesign a bathroom in a Mediterranean style. The beautiful and striking grain of granite harmonizes with a wooden furniture in country style. The cross-cultural bathroom design is based on the Tadelakt that is common in North Africa: a lime plaster that goes particularly well with warm yellow to brown shades.

If you want to try a wallpaper in the bathroom, you can choose wallpaper with 3D effects in the style of the time or you can use materials such as glass fiber and non-woven. Regardless of the material, the trend towards ecological shopping remains intact in bathroom design 2025. There are plenty of options for corresponding offers with organic certification.

Compared to the floor and walls, the ceiling often takes up neglected space when planning new bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be that way. Ceilings that are crooked, wavy or otherwise irregular benefit from full cladding, which has the additional advantage of elegantly concealing ducts and ventilation.

A false ceiling can also be useful in bathrooms with high ceilings. It creates additional storage space, a big advantage in bathrooms that only have a few square meters of space. If the ceiling is to be painted, bright, friendly colors are available, for example sky blue or grass green. In bathrooms with a creative, youthful style, the wiping technique can be used effectively. A recognizable longitudinal structure enlarges the area. In return, circular wiping movements create a dense and dynamic atmosphere.

The latest trend: the seamless bathroomBathroom trends 2022


If you want to do without tiles and the associated joints, wall panels are ideal for you. Wall panels for the bathroom are available in different designs and variants. In addition to the interesting look, these bathroom panels also bring many other advantages. This makes panels for the bathroom easier to clean and the mold in the joints is a thing of the past. Seamless bathrooms are not only trendy, they are also becoming increasingly popular.

Lighting in the bathroom: LED belongs to the future

The classic light bulb has almost completed its slow exit from the history of light sources and can hardly be found anymore. Most of them have been replaced by energy-saving lamps as their immediate successors, but given the ubiquitous trend towards LED lighting, they are almost out of date again. The lighting of the bathroom is by no means excluded from the development, on the contrary. In the bathroom, LED can impressively demonstrate the whole range of advantages compared to the energy-saving lamp.Bathroom trends 2022


First and foremost is the quality of the light. Energy-saving lamps emit a rather cold light that can remind of the atmosphere in a laboratory or an operating room in a hospital. The light from an LED lamp is significantly warmer and – another advantage – available much faster. While an energy-saving lamp always takes a little time to develop its full luminosity, the desired maximum is immediately reached with LED light.

The warmer light of an LED lamp is also an advantage when looking in the mirror. Most people want to inherit in a literally pleasant light when applying cosmetics or shaving. But LED can do even more. Different shades are possible when selecting the corresponding strips.

In the evening bath, for example, you can create a pleasantly dim mood in the bathroom with subdued, yellowish to reddish light. When you go to the bathroom in the morning, for example, you choose a light yellow tone that suits the morning and lets the day begin dynamically.

Another advantage of LED is the low emission of outside heat. Therefore, the lights can also be positioned in the vicinity of temperature-sensitive design elements in the bathroom. The possible uses within the bathroom are not limited. LEDs are available as a ceiling lamp, for lighting the mirror cabinet or as a bar with a freely selectable location.

As with all lighting, you can experiment with LEDs with a mixture of direct and indirect lighting and direct illumination of individual objects. If there are plants in the bathroom, astounding effects can be achieved with skilful lighting of the green beauties of the room. The same applies to statuettes and, in principle, any accessory that makes a bathroom more comfortable.

Window designs in the bathroom

The integration of a bathroom window into the overall concept of bathroom equipment essentially depends on the type and function of the window. The so-called roof exit windows in the bathroom are often used on the top floors. They are used for the incidence of light and usually do not allow an insight except directly from the roof. From the point of view of protecting privacy, you can simply leave such a window as it is.

Bathroom trends 2022


A frosted glass window on lower floors, which is not embedded in the roof but in the wall of the house, also does not need to be protected from view, since this function is already performed by the frosted glass. A beautiful plant on the windowsill creates an attractive eye-catcher, but requires that there is a skylight that can be opened separately. Otherwise, the daily effort for ventilation is too high.

Transparent windows that can be seen from the outside, almost everyone will want to provide a screen in one way or another to make the view impossible. In addition to curtains, blinds or blinds are also possible. High-quality blinds can take on other important additional tasks in addition to the privacy screen. This includes heat protection in summer and cold protection in winter.

Venetian blinds for the bathroom are no longer only available in dreary colors. A color matching to the bathroom design is easily possible. Numerous manufacturers of blinds and roller blinds offer an extensive selection from the spectrum of RAL colors, which contains 213 individual colors. Another option for privacy protection, which is popular in the 2025 bathroom trend, is provided by pleats without drilling. They can simply be clamped into the window frame and quickly removed if necessary.

The trend towards smart bathrooms as part of the smart home is nowhere more apparent than at the bathroom window 2025. Opening and closing the windows for ventilation, controlling blinds, blinds or even curtains and, last but not least, securely locking the windows. All of these functions can be integrated into the central control.

Bathroom plants: air purifiers and stars of decoration

Green plants and blooming flowers are an asset to every room in the house. The bathroom is no exception. It is all the more astonishing that the plants in the bathroom have not been a standard in bathroom furnishings for a long time. There is now a change in the 2025 bathroom trends. Plants in the bathroom are more popular than ever.

The advantages of plants in the bathroom are many. In addition to the aesthetic added value for the bathroom, with a suitable selection, the plants take on the function of a quite effective air purification and actively contribute to the removal of odors.

As hard-working oxygen producers, they also contribute to healthier breathing air in the bathroom, regardless of the smell. They absorb moisture and create a feeling of vitality that contributes to well-being in the bathroom. Not all plants are equally well suited for use in the bathroom and not every bathroom offers the same conditions. A very important factor is the lighting supply. Here you can follow a simple rule of thumb. The lighter the leaves, the greater the need for light, the darker the leaves, the better the tolerance to shadows.

Another important factor is the humidity. It is generally higher in the bathroom than in the other rooms of the house. That is why subtropical and tropical plants are particularly suitable for greening bathrooms. In addition, heating habits have an important impact on which plants feel good in a bathroom. In terms of design, four types of plants can be divided

Small potted plants to be placed on the windowsill, on sideboards or other surfaces.

Large potted plants to be placed on the ground

tendrils that invite creative design of the growth direction

The selection of suitable plants is so large that everyone can easily find the right green companion for the bathroom.

10 plants that enrich every bathroom

Bathroom trends 2022PLANTS IN THE BATHROOM

Cobbler Palm: Cobbler Palm (Aspidistra) are potted plants with a high need for moisture that can easily cope with a moderate amount of light. They are made to beautify the bathroom with their large dark green leaves.

Some varieties, for example Aspidistra elatior, also have green and white striped leaves. On a pedestal or sideboard, the cobbler palm can fully show its effect in a beautiful terracotta tub. Larger specimens of the up to 80 cm tall plant can also be placed on the floor. Cobbler palms are very easy to care for and thrive even under less than ideal conditions.

Lucky feather (Zamioculcas): The Lucky feather is one of the easiest to care for potted plants and inspires the owner with its extremely fast growth. It has only become popular in recent years and has hardly been discovered as a bathroom plant. The thick, dark green, glossy leaves form a beautiful contrast to a light background or background. A good location for the lucky feather is about two to three meters from the window. The plant, which comes from East Africa, copes well with high humidity, but should then only be watered sparingly.

Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum): The evergreen Efeutute is a very fast growing climber. With the appropriate climbing aid, it easily reaches the ceiling of the bathroom from the floor, but can also be cut back vigorously at any time. If you want to green a room divider in a large bathroom, the Efeutute is the perfect plant for this. It feels comfortable in normal potting soil and also in hydroponics. Alternatively, it can also be excellently cultivated as a hanging plant in hanging baskets. What the Efeutute does not like are temperatures below 16 degrees, but they rarely occur in a normally heated bathroom.

Bow hemp (Sansevieria) is one of the plants that are characterized by very good air purification and moisture regulation of the ambient air. The plant is therefore ideal for the bathroom and particularly suitable for smokers. With its characteristic, long fleshy leaves with light green and dark green stripes, the bow hemp is a real design object of nature. It harmonizes particularly well with a dark mineral background. When there is a lack of light, bow hemp does not react with disease or limp growth, but with a stronger coloring of the leaves. A location away from the window is ideal. The bow hemp must not be completely dark either.

Tree Lover (Philodendron): The tree lover is native to the rainforests of Florida and Central America and is ideally suited to the conditions in the bathroom. Like the ute tree, it can grow as a climbing plant and then reaches room height in good conditions. Alternatively, it can be used as a hanging plant. Its lancet to heart-shaped, strong green and slightly leathery leaves make it a wonderful choice for color contrasts in friendly, bright bathrooms. The light requirement is low.

Vanda : Vanda from the orchid genus is the right choice for the bathroom, if not only lush green, but also magnificent flowerswith a beguiling scent. Depending on the species, the flowers can be white, blue, violet, orange, yellow, red, pink or even multi-colored. In other words, the right kind is available for almost every color preference. The flowers are unusually large and of intense luminosity. The long flowering period extends from March to November. As plants with a pronounced preference for high humidity, they are in good hands in the bathroom. However, they need more brightness than the plants described above and do not tolerate temperatures below 14 degrees. Vanda are best cultivated in a larger planter and placed in a place that is suitable as a real eye-catcher.

Kentia palm (Howea): Like the bow hemp, the Kentia palm is one of the plants that can be used excellently for air purification in the bathroom. It feels comfortable in partial shade at a distance from the window, where it grows up to 20 cm per year. Kentia Plamen harmonize beautifully with natural wood furniture in the bathroom. Plants like moisture not only in the ambient air. The substrate should also always be kept moderately moist. Watering once too much is better with the Kentia palm tree than once too little. This decorative plant with its subtropical flair does not like waterlogging.

Single leaf (Spathiphyllum): With its long-stemmed, piston-shaped flowers and up to 25 cm long leaves, the single leaf is a very attractive potted plant. It reaches stature heights of 30 to 80 centimeters and, depending on the size of the specimen, can be in an elevated position or on the floor of the bathroom. Your requirements – plenty of water, little light – are ideal for the bathroom. The one-sheet likes to be warm. 20 to 25 degrees are ideal. The plant is sensitive to temperatures below 16 ° C.

Flamingo flower (anthurium): If you want your plant in the bathroom to have vigorous blooms in attractive shades of red to yellow, the flamingo flower is a perfect choice. The flamingo flower is native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, tolerates very high humidity and appreciates a partially shaded location. The look of the reddish flowers and leathery leaves harmonises very well with the metallic colors of the bathroom furnishings. The flamingo flower has a special claim: it requires decalcified water.

Bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae): The name already suggests that the bird of paradise flower is a plant with exceptionally attractive flowers. The yellow to red flowers are often surrounded by a beak-shaped bract and give the flowers their characteristic appearance. The plant easily grows to heights of one meter and more. In a beautiful earthenware jar at a prominent location in the bathroom, it cuts an extremely attractive figure as a stand plant for the floor. The bird of paradise flower needs sufficient light, so it is more suitable for large, light-flooded bathrooms.

Accessories and decorations for the bathroom

A real dream bathroom not only requires the right basic equipment. Only accessories and decorations give the room its developed character and create a harmonious overall impression that fits the personality of the owner. Even small discrepancies can disturb this overall impression.

When it comes to furnishing, you are on the safe side if you buy accessories such as toilet paper holders, toilet brush holders, soap dishes and similar accessories from a single manufacturer, preferably from the same product line, in which all elements are harmoniously coordinated.Bathroom trends 2022


An additional advantage is that individual accessories can be easily bought if they should break. The complete exchange when changing the bathroom style is also easier in this way than when purchasing individual accessories from different sources. On the other hand, buying accessories from different sources offers more creative scope. When it comes to furnishing, you have to consider: What is more important to me: a uniform design or your own creative freedom?

With decorative objects that are not intended for the bathroom from the start, it is also important to keep an eye on the compatibility of moisture. This applies in particular to photographs, posters, posters and self-painted pictures, for example of your own children, who like to be hung up in different places in the house. Moisture-resistant films and similar materials have a clear advantage over conventional paper, even if it is coated.

Paper should always be framed behind a plastic or glass pane. It also helps to avoid sudden changes in room temperature. If the temperature drops or rises quickly, condensation forms quickly. From an energetic point of view, this helps with sensible ventilation, in which the bathroom does not cool down.

With other decorations for the bathroom, the moisture is completely unproblematic. Shells that were collected during the last beach vacation, as well as statuettes and other objects made of natural stone, are particularly suitable for the long-term decoration of the bathroom. Displayed in a beautiful glass display case and charmingly illuminated, even relatively ordinary stones can create considerable aesthetic added value in the bathroom. Dried bouquets and bouquets of fragrances and, of course, fresh cut flowers from our own garden provide variety in the changing of the seasons.

Candles are still the undefeated classics in 2025 when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom. Thanks to an inexhaustible variety of sizes, colors and shapes, there are no limits to the creative scope. The same applies to candlesticks: from classic, multi-armed candlesticks to bowls and striking stones to small statuettes, the options are endless.

A well-filled stand with magazines in the bathroom is a sensible purchase for both the owner and visitors. Many people like to read on the toilet and at least as many like to read in the bathtub. The nearby water and wet hands in the bathtub pose a certain problem, but it is easy to fix. Towels can be easily placed on a beautiful bamboo bathtub board and magazines can be stored during the reading break.

Multimedia in the bathroom

Multimedia in the bathroom provides a clear plus in entertainment. At the same time, as with all electrical and electronic devices and devices, safety and moisture protection must be given top priority. When choosing the sockets, special damp-proof sockets with splash protection are recommended. These sockets are easily recognized by the hinged cover on the front. High-quality designs also offer forced drainage on the back. Moisture protection is even more important for all end devices, regardless of whether it is radio or TV.

Protection is provided by the IP protection class, which consists of at least two digits. The first digit (0 to 6) indicates protection against foreign bodies and the second digit (0 to 9) indicates protection against moisture. A value of 65 is recommended for multimedia in the bathroom. Such a device is dustproof and offers protection against strong water jets. In extreme cases, for example, a radio with IP protection class 65 could be showered off directly without taking damage. In addition, the devices should run on low voltage for safety reasons ((12/24 volt DC).

Devices that are becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom trends 2025 are the mirror TVs or mirror TVs. It is a television that has a reflective surface when switched off and can be used like an ordinary bathroom mirror. When switched on, the reflection disappears and you have a high-quality television in front of you.

Mirror TVs are preferably positioned in three locations in the bathroom: above the bathtub, above the washstand or in the shower. These are the three places where most people spend more time in the bathroom than in other places. The location above the bathtub is the most popular, because what could be nicer than taking a long bath and looking at the new favorite series? When purchasing, please note that not only the TV itself, but also the remote control has the necessary moisture protection.

A mirror TV above the washstand primarily has a mirror function. Instead of a classic television with remote control, a smart mirror with a touchscreen and voice control is therefore recommended. Instead of watching TV series or feature films, the vanity is more the place where most people tend to consume news, find out about the weather or watch the latest sports results. Remote control would be too cumbersome for such short infotainment formats.

Smart screens are also ideal candidates for integration into the central home control system and can be used as an interface, for example to raise the blinds in the bathroom or other rooms, regulate the heating or perform other tasks. Even the coffee machine can be started with a smart screen in the bathroom. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the corresponding devices are all networked.

The television or mirror television in the shower is still a newcomer to bathroom trends in Austria in 2025. In other countries, especially in the United States, the multimedia equipment of the shower is already a common routine for many people. Similar to the installation at the washstand, the focus in the shower is rather on short information and entertainment offers.

When choosing the devices, the buyer has an enormous price range. It ranges from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros, depending on the quality and size of the devices. Very high-quality multimedia offers in particular should be installed by a specialist. Anyone who spends a lot of money on multimedia in the bathroom also expects everything to work 100%. With your own installation, the potential for errors is naturally higher.

Bathroom Checklist

As the bathroom trends 2025 show, there are more options for redesign than ever before. One more reason to go through the most important points before starting so as not to get bogged down.

  • Measure and check everything exactly: floor plan, connections for electricity and water
  • Design: Develop and write down the basic idea
  • Note usage: Who should use the bathroom when and for what?
  • Estimating costs: What is the budget for the bathroom?
  • Compare offers: What can I do myself? What should a specialist company do?
  • Grants: Which state funding is eligible?
  • Patience: Don’t rush anything. Planning a bathroom takes time.


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