Bathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Bathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designsThe versatility of bathroom tiles is unmatched for decorative components – on floors, walls, in niches and as surfaces. Plus, there are endless styles to choose from, whether it’s simple clay or more decorative Moroccan designs, there’s a tile for every design whim. Being waterproof and durable, it is of course ideal for bathrooms. From simple designs to intricate mosaics, these are our favorite bathroom cladding ideas.

Facing with ceramic and mosaic tiles, in addition to a protective coating against splashes in the bathroom, has a decorative function. In addition, the mosaic comes with a mesh backing that allows you to choose the shapes and sizes you want. It is not a problem to create the perfect bathroom design by arranging mosaics in a unique pattern. Although it is possible to decorate the interior with ceramic tiles with the addition of elements of accent decor.

Bathroom tiles: features of choiceBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Keep in mind that there are many decisions to make. But every great project starts with a great plan. So, you need a design that fully suits your needs. To do this, we choose the style, material, color scheme, as well as the design of the tile itself.

Unfortunately, with a huge range of ceramics, the search can be really overwhelming. And here it is worth taking advice. Buy samples of all the options you like, take them home, and see how they look. After making a decision, return the ones you don’t need. Many shops are quite loyal to this method of choice.

Bathroom floor tilesBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

With their ability to resist moisture and wear and tear, bathroom tiles are the ideal choice for flooring. Obviously, for a bathroom, the choice of tiles is a prerequisite, since water does not negatively affect it, like other types of flooring.

Depending on the type, tiles can also help prevent slipping and falling onto bathroom and shower floors. In addition, you can select different types of ceramics for both the floor and the shower. Bathroom tiles will help you find a balance between functionality and interior style.

Shower tilesBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Due to its durability and many different design tricks, bathroom shower wall tiles are almost irreplaceable. Since it is obvious that the functioning of the shower is possible only with a waterproof surface protection. Meanwhile, you can choose from thousands of tile combinations of color, shape, size, texture, grout color and patterns.

Alternatively, customize your bathroom in any color palette and add a luxurious tiled shower space. Or consider tinkering with patterned tiles in the built-in shower. Both options add flavor and value to your bathroom.

Factors to consider when choosing small bathroom tiles

Typically, in urban areas, bathrooms are more than modest in size. And although the section is for small bathrooms, these tips are no less relevant for large rooms.

How many people, so many opinions. This generally applies to the issue of acceptable tile sizes for a small bathroom. This is especially true for those who are concerned about visually transforming a small bathroom into a large room. Indeed, what advice can you accept and which to ignore?

Tile sizeBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

The larger the tiles, the smaller the room will look … or so they say. Typically, interior designers will tell you that you don’t need to use large tiles (for example 60×60 cm) in a small room. In their opinion, this will make the room visually smaller.

But on the other hand, if you put small tiles in the bathroom, then there will be more grout lines, which will also visually reduce the room .. So what to do?

You can of course use medium sized tiles or larger samples. Just make sure, firstly, that they have straightened edges, and secondly, that the color of the grout matches the color of the chosen ceramic. In this case, the scale of the room will not be disturbed. Plus, you get a simplified modern space that becomes your blank canvas.

Color schemeBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Most likely, for a small room, it is advisable to choose a color palette in neutral tones. Choosing lighter shades of bathroom tiles, such as white, cream or light gray, can help make a small room look much larger. And all this thanks to the tiles, which reflect more light than options in dark shades.

By the way, light-colored bathroom tiles allow the look to “flow” across the room. Plus, if used on walls, the ceiling will look taller.

In the case when it is difficult to match ceramics to existing furniture, countertops and cabinets, it is worth focusing on inaccurate color matches.

Laying bathroom tiles diagonallyBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Diagonal patterns make us think that space is larger than it really is. When the tiles are laid in this way, we do not see the actual dimensions, so the gaze is directed towards the diagonal points. In fact, thanks to optical illusions, the brain has a lot more trouble detecting the number of tiles.

Laying rectangular tiles in the bathroomBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Another way to visually increase the size of a small bathroom is to use rectangular tiles measuring 30×60 cm. If you lay the tiles horizontally or sideways up the wall or along the floor, this creates the illusion that the walls are wider than they actually are. If placed vertically, the room will become taller. But if you use the same combination on the floor, the room will visually become larger.

Which bathroom tile to give preferenceBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

The most sought-after bathroom materials are ceramics, porcelain, as well as marble and glass.

Pottery  is generally the cheapest tile. But, nevertheless, it has a smooth surface and is made in various shapes. Ceramics can be used for floors and showers as they are waterproof. Ceramic tiles are the most versatile as they are available in a variety of colors and are very easy to install and operate.

Porcelain is  very similar to ceramics, but tends to be somewhat stronger by being coated with a thicker layer of glaze. Hence, hence the brilliant effect of porcelain tiles. True, the price of porcelain is much higher than that of ceramics.

Marble  is stunning to look at, but unfortunately it is heavy and usually very expensive. It is also difficult to keep clean. In addition, stains appear over time on the surface of the marble due to its porous nature.

Glass  tiles will provide the bathroom with attractiveness and brightness. In addition, the room will not require special care. However, glass tiles require skills in laying, and the price is much higher than ceramics. Glass products are usually used as backsplash or shower tiles. They also make great accents, like stripes on the shower wall.

Bathroom Tile DesignBathroom tiles that create space: 10 chic interior designs

Feel free to get creative with your bathroom design. You can choose one tile option throughout the room or use several. In addition, it is possible to mix styles or add an accent with bathroom tiles. There are no rules here!


The interior of the bathroom is your personal preference. Unfortunately, or maybe vice versa, there are no standard design rules to follow. The most important thing is to get what you like. And these are just guidelines that you can use. The choice is up to you!

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