Bathroom Tiles 2025: Trends and popular styles

Bathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative optionsWall decoration and flooring are of great importance, whether it is a full bathroom or a small toilet. As a rule, you want it to be beautiful, stylish, practical and safe. So, modern bathroom tiles provide the foundation and tone for the room.

Bathrooms are usually expensive to repair, so most of us do not often update the decor. Therefore, it is important to choose a tile that will stand the test of time.

In this article we will share:

  • modern trends in bathroom tiles 2025;
  • some important considerations when choosing the type of flooring and wall decoration;
  • several alternative flooring in the bathroom.

In addition, we will talk about coatings that should be avoided when arranging bathrooms.

2025 trends in modern bathroom tiles

1. Wooden tiles in the bathroom (as an option, tiles under the tree)Bathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

A modern trend in flooring, including the bathroom, is tile, similar to hardwood. These wooden products come in many styles and colors. With updated inkjet technology, they look very realistic.

For bathrooms, tiles are impregnated with protective compounds with a water-repellent effect. Thus, it is not subject to deformation from high humidity and temperature changes, and also does not absorb dirt.

You can purchase models of a modern look or stylish products with thin, intentional scratches from a metal brush. Equally popular are tiles to the bathroom with a rustic look of handwork. You can always count on different color variations depending on your preference.

In 2025, the trend of the season was gray wood tile or its imitation. The most popular shades are light gray and white, as well as other cool tones.

Wood flooring is even more popular. One of the great features of porcelain stoneware tiles is that they start with a white base. Thus, it is much easier to get a true gray or white faded look compared to what you would get with real hardwood. Ironically, right? Ideas with whitened tiles ….

One of the advantages of porcelain stoneware is ease of cleaning. As a rule, this process is affected by fewer and finer grout lines. In addition, the graininess of the material makes the dirt a little less noticeable.

Some designers propose to continue the same style and color on the walls. But others prefer contrasting colors. The bathroom tile with its wooden appearance is so versatile and neutral that it really works for the style and presentability of the room.

2. Black and white stencil for retro, vintage and rustic motifsBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

If you want to create a rustic home interior or retro decor, these black and white vintage tiles are real super-chic. You will find them in many of the ideas of high-class designers. They work well with a board, clapboard or, even better, with wood panels.

This bathroom tile is fascinating when your eyes examine the pattern. To create such a masterpiece, you need to choose black and white options. Gray and white tile flooring looks elegant. A pattern appears when you lay a tile according to a pre-designed pattern. Here are some great examples of black and white stencil tiles.

3. MosaicBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

Mosaic is very popular in 2025, especially white marble, as well as black and white with a patterned options. Here you will see that mosaic tiles come in different shapes. First of all, metro tile, small squares, Christmas tree, chevron and hexagons.

Many people prefer to use the same white marble floor tiles for the bathroom, but at the same time mixing the forms on the floors, walls and in the shower. As a rule, this approach keeps the space light and bright, providing visual intrigue, mixing shapes and textures.

4. Light and cool neutral shades of bathroom tilesBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

Neutral colors, especially white, gray or light, are certainly at the peak of popularity in 2025. Bathrooms are generally smaller than other rooms, so a lighter and more neutral finish is good. In other words, lighter tones visually make the space bigger.

White, cream and light gray colors are the most sought after. As an option, neutral beige is also an excellent choice. But as yellow and warm colors fade into the background, you can choose neutral beige – this is a combination of beige and gray.

As for plumbing fixtures, brushed nickel and then chrome are the most popular. These materials are both stylish and timeless. Meanwhile, in our time, gold and bronze are difficult to combine with modern styles. For wall decoration colors, the most popular are white, gray and pale blue, because they are combined with fashionable tile colors, and also because they are light and neutral in tone.

As always, the trend is excellent lighting. Here it is worth considering the color of the light from the bulbs. It should not be yellow, it is better to set a whiter, neutral lighting.

5. Matte and sanded tiles in the bathroomBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

Matte finishes are becoming more and more popular among most surfaces, including tile, countertops and plumbing. If you can, opt for brushed nickel over chrome. When it comes to ceramics, matte surfaces are easier to maintain, since dirt and water leaks are less noticeable on them. And what’s important, matte and sanded surfaces are simply safer.

Manufacturers are becoming more creative, producing materials with a matte finish. Firstly, ceramics comes with a wide variety of wood textures. And secondly, we see more and more different patterns and sizes of wall tiles. If you still love glossy finish, think about it for walls, and the floor should still be matte.

6. Geometric and linear shapes of bathroom tilesBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

Linear patterns seem to be the most popular, and you see them anywhere. For example, wood tiles or original lines on floors or walls. Linear patterns seem to flow around the bathroom, they can highlight the walls of the shower or set boundaries.

Hexagons, herringbone and chevrons patterns also became very popular in 2025. Although we often see hexagons on the floors, but they can work on walls. Moroccan tile shapes have returned to fashion.

A quick guide to the types of tiles that are best for bathroomsBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

Textured and anti-slip

When it comes to choosing flooring, make sure you choose tiles in the bathroom with texture and specifically designed for the floor. This way you avoid slippery floors or things that can become slippery when wet.

In any case, matte and polished finishes are more popular these days. But the last thing you need is to slide on the floor after leaving the shower or bath. Therefore, make sure the tile is not too smooth.

Small, often mosaic shower tiles

Many people forget that the water from the shower trays should drain correctly. This means that the installer must tilt the floor so that the water flows into the drain. Therefore, for a shower floor, you need tiles that are small enough to create a slight slope.

For these purposes, mosaics and small tiles in the bathroom are best suited, which allows the master to properly tilt the floor. Often it looks great, especially if the tiles in the shower are the same color as the rest of the floor or wall, but only of a smaller size or shape.

Porcelain and ceramics against natural stone

Usually porcelain and ceramic tiles in the bathroom are easier to clean and maintain. Natural stone is porous and requires re-compaction every few years. Porcelain and ceramics, as a rule, are cheaper – both in material and in labor costs.

Make sure your tile is not too large for the bathroom space

While larger tiles are more stylish, be sure to consider the size of your space. Most bathrooms are smaller, so if you have too much tile, it can overload the room or look ridiculous.

In addition, when the tiles in the bathroom are too large, they can be cut in the wrong place, which will not add to the beauty of the interior. Keep this in mind when choosing both floor and wall tiles.

Alternative bathroom flooring optionsBathroom Tiles 2022: Trends, popular styles and alternative options

Professionals recommend when it is possible to use floor tiles for the bathroom floor. It usually withstands a significant load, it is easier to clean. In addition, the floor tile lasts the longest and is most preferred when selling real estate.

If tiled floors go beyond your budget, then you can recommend some luxurious vinyl that can be glued, or linoleum.

Worthless bathroom floor options

Laminate flooring. Unfortunately, the laminate is not waterproof. In fact, it absorbs moisture like a sponge. Even more than parquet floors.

Parquet floors – wood and water do not mix well, so do not even try. Wood and moisture do not work either. Note: hardwood floors should not be installed in a room with a bath or shower.

Floating vinyl floors. Although this modern product is not exposed to water or moisture, we never recommend it for ordinary bathrooms.

Why? Firstly, it is a floating floor, so it often has sloppy edges adjacent to tiled surfaces (for example, bathtub, shower, tiled walls). Thus, the interior of the bathroom looks just cheap. Secondly, you run the risk of getting mold. Since this is a floating floor, water from a bathtub, shower, or even a toilet can get inside it. Although the top of the floor is waterproof, but if water drops below, bacteria and mold can get in there and eat the cork backing.

This state of affairs is very difficult to accept. Since some manufacturers and retailers are promoting this product for bathrooms, misleading us. Note: There are luxurious bonding vinyls that look like solid wood, and this is a great option. But floating versions are not suitable for regular bathrooms.


The presented interior projects are our best choice regarding bathroom tile trends 2025. It is popular and stylish, and in addition, it is able to withstand the test of time. We hope this helps you in choosing materials for flooring and walls in the bathroom. And don’t forget to look at the bathroom holistically. Think about furniture, paint colors, lighting and other elements that will make the space better.

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