Bathroom Tile Sizes 2025: how to get a unique flooring

Bathroom Tile Sizes 2022This is a really tricky question “Which tile is the best size especially for a small bathroom?” Since every bathroom is different, there are many factors to consider when deciding. But for all the reasons, the shapes and sizes of bathroom tile 2025 have their own trends and preferences.

2025 bathroom tile shape and size trendsBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

Experts unanimously assure that when it comes to ceramics or porcelain stoneware, the more the better. Longer, wider boards continue to be the focus of attention. However, when it comes to tile thickness, things seem to be heading in a different direction.

While vinyl and laminate planks are moving towards thicker, more durable options, tile makers are following the path of cell phone makers by trying to make the thinnest options on the market. You will also see many funny figures that will be especially popular with homeowners.

Bathroom tile sizes 2025 – large “planks”Bathroom Tile Sizes 2022

This is one of the trends that can be expected every year in any style for the foreseeable future. Longer, wider planks make your kitchen or bathroom look larger, more open and less busy.

Perhaps short, thin boards will soon be considered obsolete. In fact, they just won’t look that good. Designers think that dimensions have already reached the point where enough is enough. Thus, all that remains is to maintain these new traditional dimensions.

Will the large slab trend continue in 2025 and beyond? Manufacturers strive to determine the ideal dimensions for the widest and longest boards. However, this trend will soon become a classic product and will likely stand the test of time.

Large format tilesBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

Extra large tiles have been trending for quite some time and manufacturers continue to create larger and larger individual designs. Large format tiles make your bathroom look bigger, especially if you choose a light color. In addition, larger tiles benefit from smaller grout lines.

Grouting is the only thing that makes it painful to use and clean the tile. It stains more easily than tiles and because it peels off the tiles a little, it is harder to get in and clean properly.

On the one hand, square tiles are kind of going out of style. The exception is the bathroom, where wide-format tiles are still very trendy and are likely to stay for a long time.

Will the large format tile trend continue in 2025 and beyond? Designers agree that only in bathrooms, for other spaces it is better to stick to large planks.

Hexagonal floorsBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

While experts recommend avoiding small tiles whenever possible and focusing on large boards, hex tiles look so damn pretty. They look both classic and modern at the same time.

Hexagon shaped tiles first gained popularity in the early 20th century, and were typically paired with subway wall tiles. This combination can give a classic or vintage look to the bathroom interior.

However, over the next few years you will see ultra-modern, almost futuristic imagery. Imagine super clean, crisp lines, whites, blacks and grays and minimalist decor. This is the new futuristic wave of hexagonal floor tiles.

Will the hexagon trend continue in 2025 and beyond? Quite sparse. Obviously, you will see hexagonal floor tiles over the next decade. But the bigger trend will continue to be large format tiles and boards.

Unconventional tile shapes and sizes for bathroom tiles 2025Bathroom Tile Sizes 2022

It looks like traditional square tiles are going out of style. Manufacturers are becoming more and more creative with the shapes of the tiles, offering attractive designs in shapes never seen before. Some of these have shown popularity as wall tiles such as arabesque and subway. This series also includes the aforementioned hexagonal floor tiles. But you’ll also see some crazy, super unconventional shapes.

Will the trend for non-traditional tile shapes continue in 2025 and beyond? You shouldn’t count on this trend. Hexagon shaped tiles will only last for bathrooms, but that will not reverse the trend towards large planks moving.

Ultra-thin porcelain stoneware floorsBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

Who doesn’t like a slim iPhone? And if the purchase was made online, you know very well how shipping charges can be a problem. Well, it’s 2025 and there is a cure for everything these days. Of course, these are ultra-thin tiles. Obviously, lighter options mean more installation options. In this way, the tiled floor can be laid more easily and at a lower cost.

Thin tile slabs are a relatively small segment of the industry, but a fast growing segment. Thanks to the jet technology, tiles give a very realistic look to various types of marble, limestone, concrete and other types of styles and types.

Will the ultra-thin tile trend last until 2025 and beyond? It seems to be growing in popularity. It’s still a fairly new product though. But maybe this is the future of floor tiles. Time will tell!

Bathroom Tile Sizes 2025: Layout of Tiled FloorsBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

By the way, over the past few years, creative flooring has returned. You’ll see modern, updated versions of 1980s parquet flooring patterns, as well as interesting play options with layouts and different board widths.

Geometric and parquet tilesBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

Patterns and shapes that were once reserved for walls and protective layers have returned a couple of years ago. Geometric patterns, colors and mosaic options are endless, and they give Bohemian chic a way to create designs without the need for special accessories. Sure, fun, vibrant and eye-catching, 2025 will be full of unique geometric tiles. These models tend to give your bathroom a youthful, modern look.

Will geometric and parquet tile trends continue in 2025 and beyond? The fashion for such tiles will continue, but only if they fit perfectly into the bathroom interior. However, traditional, classic options are likely to never go out of style.

Herringbone and chevron tiled floorsBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

First, let me clear up a little misconception. Chevron and herringbone are very similar, but each has its own differences. Chevron floors require the floor to slope and connect to a point. For example, in an open shower.

Although some ceramic tiles come with a chevron pattern in the tile itself, which is very cool and trendy. However, the herringbone achieves a similar look when two planks are joined at a 90 degree angle. Usually, a herringbone is much more affordable than a chevron. However, chevron ceramic tiles allow you to achieve this effect without spending extra money on materials and installation.

Herringbone patterns on long planks will be very hot over the next year, especially among young homeowners. But experts are confident that you will also see a large selection of chevron tiles.

Will there be herringbone and chevron trends in 2025 and beyond? This trend isn’t likely to last forever, but it certainly looks pretty. And it will likely remain trendy for a long time in the kitchen and bathroom.

2025 Bathroom Tile Sizes: Mixed Width Floor OptionsBathroom Tile Sizes 2022

Laying tiles of different widths on the floor makes the bathroom modern and unique. This adds something extra to the floor, making it pop. As you might have guessed, a mixed width floor is where you lay boards of varying widths. This gives the eye additional detail, drawing attention when you find something unexpected. Basically, it’s unique and cool.

Will the mixed width trend continue in 2025 and beyond? When it comes to lifespan, designers predict this trend will continue for some time. But, it is unlikely that it will become a mainstream product.


As you can see, there is a lot going on in the tile flooring industry right now. There are many different, unique trends that are likely to remain for years to come, which means your possibilities are endless.

But, pay attention to one important nuance. The size and configuration of your bathroom. For example, in a well-lit room with a high ceiling, mostly square or rectangular, it is better to place large tiles. But as a rule, a small tile or mosaic will look great in a bathroom with a lot of corners or curves. Therefore, when choosing the shapes and sizes of bathroom tiles 2025, take into account all the details of your design so that it will delight you for several decades.

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