Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom next year, this article interests you. Colours, finishes, materials… Write down everything in bathroom renovation trends 2024!

New Relaxation Times

The bathroom has long ceased to be a room reserved exclusively for personal hygiene to become spaces in which to disconnect and relax. And so it will continue to be in 2024, the year in which, as in the rest of the house, we will bet on a warm minimalist style to achieve serene atmospheres.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Decorate your bathroom in neutral tones or inspired by nature, play with natural materials, do without unnecessary accessories and keep everything very tidy. Creating an environment without visual interruptions will be your goal.

Xxl Formats Are Taken

Large format wall tiles have become a “must have” in interior design: materials that combine the beauty of natural stone with enormous physical and mechanical properties. In addition, they are manufactured in increasingly lighter formats, which facilitate installation on floors and walls and with which continuous surfaces are achieved, practically without joints. Your bathroom will look bigger! A safe bet are the finishes inspired by stone and marble, which offer us endless possibilities and adapt to various decorative styles.

You will also find large-format panels that are installed on the old tiles using silicone and adhesive tape or with a surface glue ( no construction work required !). The firm Hüppe markets them in a wide variety of finishes.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Bathroom designed by Cris Afán de Ribera and Loreto Balbuena. Faucets, by Bossini Cristina. Rug, from Zara Home.

The Little Ones Too

Small ceramic pieces of different shapes (hexagons, triangles, rectangles…) will help you take advantage of the enormous decorative potential of the walls, as long as you play with the way of placing the tiles to create attractive visual effects. Do you like these formats? Well, they are worn in shades of blue, pink and yellow, in gloss and matte.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Opal model tiles, by Cifre Cerámica.

Washbasin Cabinets With Personality

The latest trends seek to move away from bland spaces without personality to create unique and original interiors. For this reason, we will see more and more bathrooms presided over by a wooden sideboard or console converted into a stylish washbasin cabinet. That was what the team at Estudio Hoc Volo did in this house.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Vical underbasin console and Aromas de Campo lamps. Bookshelf and sink, in the Hoc Volo Studio.

Backlit Mirrors

In addition to providing ambient light, backlit mirrors are elements of great decorative value that make it possible to dispense with wall lights to illuminate the sink area and, in this way, leave the walls uncluttered. They are ideal for modern style bathrooms, although they fit in with any decorative proposal.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Wood In Details And Accessories

Wood is always a trend and in the bathrooms of 2024 it will shape all kinds of accessories: from trays and soap dishes to boxes with lids or decorative stairs. You just need to go to the Zara Home, Kave Home, Leroy Merlin, or Sklum websites to check it out.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Organic Packs A Punch

The predilection for rounded shapes also extends to the decoration of the bathroom, with sinks with irregular and whimsical lines inspired by nature. As for the materials, you will find ceramic and ultra-thin porcelain designs such as those by Roca or Laufen, and also natural stone worked in an artisanal way such as those by the Spanish firm Miapetra.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Rock sink in black stone, by Mosavit.

Powerful Wallpapers

They have become the best resource for giving character and personality to small bathrooms. And if not, decorate the walls of a courtesy toilet with wallpaper in bold and striking colors, with large floral, botanical or geometric motifs and you will see what a change.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

Marble Is Also Modern

Due to its texture and durability, this natural stone will continue to be the preferred option when it comes to covering floors and walls. And it is that, thanks to its suggestive colors that cover all shades, its drawings and wonderful veins, marble offers endless design possibilities.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

An alternative is porcelain materials and sintered stones that imitate marble. Thanks to technology, infinite designs can be created, with different shades and grains, as well as finishes with digitally inspired graphics, kaleidoscope effects or veiled transparencies, great protagonists in 2024.

Taps: From Brushed Bronze To Polished Red Gold

Do you want to know what finishes are trending in taps? Matte black in taps as well as screen profiles, accessories and wall lights has been in fashion for a couple of seasons. Its success is due to the modern and avant-garde look that it gives to bathrooms.

White taps also make a strong return to taps to provide a chromatic counterpoint in bathrooms where dark colors predominate or to achieve monochromatic and balanced spaces in neutral decorations.

Finally, metal, whether in rose gold, brass or vintage gold, and in matte or satin finishes, takes over faucets and accessories to add style to any space. In 2024 you will see many designs in rose gold. You will be fascinated by their power to achieve elegant and sophisticated spaces.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

AXOR Edge single-lever.

Indoor Plants To Connect With The Outside

The plants will flood the bathrooms, filling them with freshness and life. Among all the plants that can be in the bathroom, the espatifilio, the pothos, the monstera and the fern are the ones that are sweeping right now.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

We Will Be More Sustainable

Increasingly we will seek to surround ourselves with organic and sustainable cleaning products such as soap bars made with natural ingredients. In The Singular Olivia online store you will find a wide range of handmade soaps made with essential oils and plants, respectful of the skin and the planet.Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024

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