Bathroom Renovation Trends 2025

Bathroom Renovation Trends 2022

If you are going to renovation the room this year, take good note of the new trends to show off bathroom renovation trends 2025. The 2025 bathroom can have a more or less luxurious look, but without sacrificing design. One of the best things about these trends is that there are them, for all tastes and budgets.

Although it is true that natural stones (or their imitations) are a trend that continues to have a great weight, on the opposite side, bathrooms without tiling, or with decorative small tiles are still a trend and the latter, which is better suited to all pockets.

Bathroom: three trends in luxury decoration and three trends in low-cost decorationBathroom Renovation Trends 2022

Although when we talk about renovations we refer to changing the bathroom (from top to bottom), we must not lose sight of the new ways of updating the bathrooms. In the decor style, the bathrooms are also updated by painting their tiles and renovating the floors with the best vinyl finishes that imitate wood or large-format tiles.

The fact is that if this year you have to “invest” in renovating the bathrooms, take note of these trends.

It is one of the trends of the moment. An example is this bathroom that is featured in the latest Zara Home news. Its walls have a concrete finish that is suitable for wet areas and that allows the unique finish and gives it this calm and relaxed look.

The onyx finish on bathroom walls and surfacesBathroom Renovation Trends 2022

Jewel or luxurious bathrooms are still a trend. Beyond the traditional marble finish such as carrara, this year semi-luxurious stone finishes such as onyx triumph. If it seems excessive, you can use it only on the front of the sink or in the shower, as in this case.

The sinks also made of stoneBathroom Renovation Trends 2022

Another deluxe trend is to make the countertop of the sink in one piece. And if it is stone or marble better.

Wall-mounted basin taps win by a landslide in 2025Bathroom Renovation Trends 2022

Posts to renovation and put in rubble and new tiling bet on wall taps in the sinks. In addition to aesthetics, it has other advantages such as that it gains a sink surface or that it facilitates cleaning.

Low cost trends: The patterns of the same tiles (metro type) change and are now carried vertically to create new sensations and leave the previous decade behind.

Attention to soilsBathroom Renovation Trends 2022

The rules change and unless you extend the wood laminate to the bathroom or opt for a continuous surface such as cement, the floor allows more or less simple patterns that give dynamism to the room. The best way to compensate for very smooth and white walls is with a fun or sober but dynamic floor pattern (due to its lines) like these.

Mirrors neither oval nor rectangular for the washbasinBathroom Renovation Trends 2022

Curves are not only found in round mirrors, elongated oval mirrors are the ultimate for sinks (no pair better), and is an easy way to include the curve in the bathroom in a more subtle way.

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