Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trendsBathroom furniture has long been more than unloving furnishings that are based on purpose. Thanks to a large selection of modern shapes, high-quality materials and specialized bathroom furniture lines, today’s bathroom can be furnished individually. The trend is towards a homely bathroom that is designed according to personal preferences. This illustrated overview of popular furniture series from macro manufacturers shows currently popular styles and provides inspiration for the modern furnishing of the bathroom.

The bathroom furniture through the agesBathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

In the past, bathrooms were small and were only equipped with standard facilities. Existing furniture had to serve its purpose and there was hardly any additional space around the important sanitary objects. As a result, many bathrooms used to look dreary, dark and unloving. This situation has changed significantly over the past few decades. Bathrooms have changed and have long been more than a necessary place to be. With the increasing size of the bathroom, new possibilities have arisen and the bathroom can now be furnished in a much more versatile way. Modern bathrooms offer enough space for a variety of furniture and sanitary objects. Due to the more generous spatial planning, most bathrooms today have a window and new lighting concepts also make new bathrooms appear brighter and friendlier. But not only the space itself, but also the tastes have changed. Nowadays most people long for a puristic, bright bathroom where they like to spend a lot of time.

The trend is towards specialized bathroom furniture lines

In addition to furniture brands, many manufacturers who originally only produced bathroom ceramics now also offer a large selection of bathroom furniture. The furniture comes in numerous colors, shapes, styles and designs. This large and varied selection means that bathrooms can be furnished just as attractively and stylishly as other rooms. The modern bathroom as a retreat where you like to stay and relax naturally also influences the choice of furniture. Special bathroom furniture lines are designed so that pieces of furniture, bathroom ceramics, fittings and all other bathroom elements fit together perfectly. As a result, a style runs harmoniously through the bathroom and it looks as if it were made in one piece. The pieces of furniture should visually shape the bathroom with the personal style of its owners. Successful bathroom furnishings with matching pieces of furniture make the bathroom a relaxing place with a wellness atmosphere. Bathroom furniture lines consist of all common pieces of furniture that you need in a modern bathroom, for example vanity unit, mirror cabinet, sideboards, wall cabinets or entire cabinet systems made up of modules.

High quality bathroom cabinetsBathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Sinks are still one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bathroom. While they used to be simple and functional, modern washbasins have a minimalist, precise design. Appealing vanity units go well with these. In white and other bright colors, they harmonize well with the ceramic of the basin, while dark colors and even high-gloss black create a striking contrast. Bathroom furniture from the manufacturer Keramag is particularly popular. To the Keramag iCon seriesFor example, there are many modern base cabinets that go well with the manufacturer’s high-quality washbasins and that are a real eye-catcher in every bathroom. The base cabinets are available in many different colors, materials and dimensions. The no-frills design of the handleless cabinets fits into a modern, puristic bathroom. There are both base cabinets for small guest wash basins and matching cabinets for large, extra-large and double basins. The current furniture trend with white, black or colored fronts – often in high gloss – is also reflected in the Keramag iCon bathroom furniturecontrary. For this reason there are many models in high gloss alpine among the most popular base cabinets from Keramag. In addition to the attractive appearance, the base cabinets offer enough storage space for all important utensils that should be close at hand in the sink. The Keramag iCon range naturally also includes other bathroom furniture such as mirror cabinets, tall cabinets, illuminated mirrors and shelves. These can be combined excellently with the other bathroom furniture from the design line.

The Keramag Xeno2 bathroom series also impresses at first glance with its simple elegance. The body provides the desired puristic look with clear lines, while the ceramic elements in softly curved lines gracefully complement the bathroom furniture. The shape of the associated ceramic basin could not have been better chosen for the washbasins of the Xeno2 series. In keeping with the modern zeitgeist, the wash basin offers full functionality in an ascetic look.Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Fitting into an intelligent room concept, the bathroom furniture line offers daily comfort and shows the individual, modern taste of the owner. Handle-less fronts fulfill the desire for clarity, purism and a perfectly shaped interior. Mirrors and cupboards follow this design feature uniformly. Space-saving tall units from the Keramag Xeno2 series offer an excellent storage space concept for care products, towels and other bathroom accessories, even with a small footprint.

Supple and with a pinch of luxury – this is how you could describe the Venticello bathroom furniture series by Villeroy & Boch in one word. The traditional company remains true to its principles of freshness and style with this bathroom furniture. Delicate handle strips loosen up the look of bathroom furniture. Equipped with first-class mechanics, doors and drawers feel just as high-quality when they open and close as they look. Villeroy & Boch basically offers a user-friendly room concept to store towels and personal utensils clearly and sensibly. Wash stands and tall cabinets do not waste a centimeter of storage space and thus create more space for decoration options.Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

The large selection of different colors of the front makes an individual character of each bathroom possible. It ranges from white to various wood tones and earth colors to high-gloss black. The range of different sizes for vanity units and tall cabinets is also astonishing. From the small guest washbasin to the lavish double washbasin, the general trend towards the large bathroom is also fully served here.

With the Subway 2.0 series from Villeroy & Boch, the classic company accommodates the high-contrast look. The bright white of the shapely ceramic basin harmonises with a dark front without competing. Furniture from the Subway 2.0 series can be particularly integrated into small spaces. In particular, emphasis is placed on an aesthetically pleasing washbasin in combination with spacious cupboards. Even the smallest bathroom looks elegant in this timelessly beautiful combination. Narrow handle strips loosen up the appearance in a subtle way. It is undoubtedly fascinating how Villeroy & Boch designs bathroom furniture even for the smallest space.

Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Also practical for cleaning the floor is the option of placing vanity units and bathroom cabinets hanging on the wall. At the same time, the Subway 2.0 series is also available for normally spacious bathrooms. Here, for example, a double washbasin offers optics and functionality from a single source, when it gets hectic in the bathroom with several people in the morning.Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Trendy bathroom mirrors, mirror cabinets and accessories

A bathroom mirror should not be missing in any modern bathroom. The trend is towards large mirrors with built-in LED lamps. An example: The More to See One mirror by Villeroy & Boch comes very modern and therefore reduced. Thanks to the built-in LED lighting, you can look right in front of this mirror and see every little detail. Large mirrors are an additional asset for bathrooms because they give the room an openness and breadth.Bathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Modern bathroom furnishings include not only the larger furniture, but also the smaller accessories. These give the bathroom an individual touch. Because only the stylish completion of the furnishings with suitable towel holders, soap dispensers, grab handles and hooks round off the design. Edition 11 bathroom accessories from Keuco are particularly popular. The bathroom elements from the range are chrome-plated and have a reserved, straightforward design.

Tasteful furnishings and functionalityBathroom Furniture: New styles and trends

Bathroom furniture has changed a lot over the years and today’s furniture can hardly be compared with the models of the past. The days when bathrooms were loveless, dark and strictly functional are long gone. The furniture trade has adapted excellently to the larger bathrooms and the current tastes. A modern bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, but still fulfills its important functionality. There are many appealing pieces of furniture in the rooms that are visually a perfect match. The modern bathroom furniture still serves functional purposes and creates the necessary storage space for all important bathroom accessories. In addition, bathroom furniture from well-known brands has a very high quality and a stylish design. So it’s fun to set up a new bathroom and you can let your imagination run wild. The large selection enables a completely individual furnishing of the bathroom. Many of the bathroom furniture have a minimalist style and can therefore be easily combined with other pieces of furniture – best of all, of course, with objects from the same series.

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