Bathroom Design 2025 With Corner Bathtub

Bathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

The corner bathtub perfectly complements the interior in the spirit of the functional aesthetics of the modern bathroom, see the trends of bathroom design ideas 2025. Find out how, while maintaining a symmetrical appearance, to maximize the capacity even in a small room.

How to choose bathroom stylesBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

There are a variety of finishes and shapes. You can find a sophisticated model with a thin rim and sleek lines, or try a modern look with a more practical thick rim. The chosen style should match the entire interior.

Nevertheless, in 2025, when choosing ideas for decorating a corner bath in modern bathroom design, attention is paid not only to the color and volume of the “font” (from 160 to 300 liters), but also to such important details as the quality of materials, coating properties and the possibility of repair when chips and scratches appear.


It is not easy to quickly replace expensive plumbing, so it is worth knowing all the information about what is being bought in order to enjoy your choice for many years.

The presence or absence of a sink and other bathroom items will tell you where you can place a bathing vessel. It will be tempting to get a larger model, but it is better to install something smaller so that you have enough room to move freely without feeling crowded. It pays to be realistic about the size of the wash bowl.

MaterialsBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

The choice of material affects not only the appearance, but also the weight, heat capacity, durability and price of sanitary ware. Modern technologies allow using any materials as raw materials: from natural stone, glass and wood to various artificial polymers (rubber, various resins, etc.)

The most popular today are acrylic, then steel and, finally, good old cast iron baths. Next, let’s talk about the main pros and cons of each of the most common materials. This will help you make the right choice when buying.

Cast ironBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

It is a classic sanitary ware material, very durable and heavy. The bowl is made of cast iron, covered with porcelain enamel. This is a good investment, the bath will really last a long time.

Such a container is non-slip, very resistant to scratches, temperature extremes (up to 50 degrees), chips and various mechanical stress due to the reinforced double glazing. According to GOST 18297-96, it is at least 1.5 mm at the bottom and 1 mm or more at the sides.

By the way!

The walls should be at least 5 mm, on average 6-8 mm. Unscrupulous manufacturers save on the thickness of the metal and the quality of the coating, using instead of sintered enamel, ordinary powder painting without firing at a temperature of at least 800-950 degrees.

This anti-corrosion technology makes the surface impervious to various aggressive agents (alkalis and acids) and hard water. The only significant and serious drawback is its weight (from 100 to 200 kg), which significantly complicates production, transportation and installation.

Due to the peculiarities of the material, corner baths made of cast iron are found less and less often, more often they are rectangular or oval without additional functions of a jacuzzi and chromotherapy. In addition, additional costly structural reinforcement of the floor may be required.

SteelBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

Corner or rectangular enamelled steel bathtub is another of the most common ideas in modern bathroom design in 2025, an intermediate option between cast iron and new innovative materials.

Models made of sheet steel have a number of advantages due to ease of manufacture and installation, relatively inexpensive price, low weight (up to 50 kg), variety of shapes and good dirt-repellent properties.


The thickness of the walls should be at least 3.5 mm so that the bowl does not deform from the load and temperature changes, retains its shape longer and does not crack.

They have the most affordable price, but there are also disadvantages. They are less susceptible to restoration, make noise from water, can sag under heavy weight, quickly heat up and just as quickly lose temperature, the enamel coating (0.25-1 mm) does not like abrasive and caustic cleaning agents. A prerequisite for installing a steel bathing vessel is grounding!

AcrylicBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

The most thermoplastic and non-marking material is polymer polymethyl methacrylate or, in the popular way, acrylic. It is most convenient to integrate various complex plumbing systems with pumps, such as hydro or air massage with heating, lighting, and a cleaning function. It is in these models that splash screens and sliding doors are most often installed.


Acrylic bathtubs are more expensive than conventional iron baths due to their strength. But at the same time they are much lighter (up to 35 kg), ergonomic and easy to use.

Plastic sheets 5-6 mm by vacuum forming are reinforced with fiberglass and give them any desired shape. At the same time, the surface does not need to be additionally protected from the effects of dirt and a harmful environment, since it practically has no pores and repels microbes.

Defects can be easily restored by grinding even at home; for larger chips, specialty stores sell repair kits to eliminate large scratches or even through holes. The thermal insulation of acrylic even surpasses cast iron, so the water cools down much more slowly.

Types of corner baths for washingBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

Trends 2025 offer a wide variety of corner bath locations in modern bathroom designs. The dimensions should correspond to the area of the room so that when installed, the sides completely adjoin two or three walls of the niche.

Therefore, the shape of the bath is often selected not so much according to the taste preferences of the owners, as according to the parameters of the width and length of the walls. The depth of all is standard and practically does not differ from simple rectangular (about 600 mm).

By the type of modifications there are: adjacent, built-in (in the platform), jacuzzi or combined. Non-standard designs are always more expensive, most often made of lightweight acrylic, but they attract with their mobility, space saving and a wide range of products.

In shape, there are symmetrical triangular or semicircular, asymmetric and 5-sided angular. They most often have an anatomical shape, additional armrests, headrests, handrails and shelves for cosmetics.

JacuzziBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

For some people, there is nothing better than soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day and relieving stress and tension. In fact, many homeowners are redesigning their bathrooms with the idea of creating a modern home spa area with a corner bath.


Choosing the right jacuzzi comes down to finding a model of the right size with all the possible and desired functions.

They are:

  • air jet;
  • water jet;
  • ultrasonic;
  • combined.

The jets can be rotated in different directions to target different muscle groups in the body. The choice of water temperature varies depending on the health condition and the desired therapeutic result.

An innovative technology – chromotherapy, which is a backlight with a different spectrum of colors for complex healing and relaxation of the body.

Cold eddies (10 to 26 ° C) are helpful in treating acute inflammation. Warm jets (26–34 ° C) are used to relieve muscle pain and sprains.

Neutral (34–36 ° C) are usually prescribed for the treatment of long non-healing wounds or for circulatory disorders, cardiac or neurological changes in muscle tone.

Hot streams (38–44 ° C) are useful for relieving pain, increasing soft tissue plasticity, and treating chronic conditions such as arthritis.

As a rule, the temperature of the whirlpool should not exceed 47 ° C due to the risk of burns. A standard jacuzzi can be the same size as any corner bath 150×150 or 180×180 cm.For a small apartment, a mini-version 130×130 cm is ideal.

Bathtub combined with showerBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

This layout idea makes the most of a small bathroom space, which becomes a beautiful 2-in-1 corner bath. The modern design, combined with a shower stall or sink, leaves enough room for all the elements to fit in a small space.

A protective screen or sliding doors are located near the shower column and provide an aesthetic splash protection. On some brands, the door is located much lower than the edge, which helps to avoid injury.

On the platformBathroom Designs 2022 With Corner Bathtub

One of the advantages is that platform built-in bathtubs have a huge variety of models with intricate designs, where there is a lot of space on the sides (both on the edges and on the front) for various toiletries. Most of them have backrests and armrests for a comfortable stay.


The edges of the bath can match the height of the platform, or cover it from above. Special steps are convenient for people with disabilities who find it difficult to raise their legs high in order to step over the side.

An unusual appearance requires additional investments and more space, so this option is rarely used in apartments. In addition, the large weight of the structure implies the presence of a good reinforced concrete foundation, usually provided only on the first floor of buildings.

The corner bath will be the focal point of any modern bathroom. Before buying it, you can see many trends of 2025 bathroom design ideas. It’s not hard to find one that suits your personal taste preferences.

They are available in both classic and more minimalistic styles. Traditional classic edging can include dyed white beaded or dark wood paneling.

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