Bathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

Bathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

The bathroom in dark colors is a real design masterpiece. Create it only by the owners of exquisite taste. The dark spectrum of colors is incredibly demanding on the texture and companions, but if everything is thought out correctly and successfully arranged, then the result will undoubtedly exceed all expectations. It will perfectly emphasize the depth of dark colors: the brilliance of glass and metal, warm wood texture, stone. Such combinations are most relevant in modern interior solutions.

But are such decors suitable for all bathrooms, and what do you need to know in order to decorate a room in a similar style?

When deciding on the design in the dark color of the bath, pay attention to the size of the room. The room should not be small. The dark background of the walls will visually reduce the space, so that small spaces will seem even smaller and cramped.

In what stylistic solutions are dark colors of walls, floors, furniture relevant? Mainly:

  • Gothic;
  • high-tech;
  • modern;
  • minimalism.

In order for the bathroom in dark colors to turn out to be harmonious and comfortable, care must be taken to create adequate lighting in it.

It is important to make the zoning of space light by using wall sconces and spotlights for this. The floor lighting and the illumination of the elements of the internal sections of the furniture will perfectly cope with the task.

As for background solutions, you should not create monophonic interiors on your own. There are too many nuances that only professionals can deal with. Choose from some of the most popular color combinations. Most often they prefer the symbiosis of black with red, gray or white.

For a bathroom in dark colors, you need to create good lighting.

Dark tiles in the bathroom: how to use them in decor

Dark brown tilesBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

Chocolate bath will become an oasis of spiritual comfort. Saturated brown colors give rise to a sense of security, stability, order. In such a bathroom there will always be a warm atmosphere. Companion colors to brown shades are always ready to become: orange-yellow, pink-blue, lime-turquoise duets.

The following finishing materials will look best in the interior of a bathroom in dark colors:

  • Monochromatic tile, always with a glossy sheen of a corrugated or smooth surface.
  • Tiles made of natural stone or artificial analogues, stylized under its cut.
  • A mosaic tile made from a mixture of dark and light brown pieces of ceramic.
  • Wall panels made of solid dark wood jarrah, zebrano, walnut or more affordable – oak, maple and other European species, treated with stain or special tinted varnish.
  • Thermowood. A very practical option for the bathroom. Water-repellent material, resistant to rot, mold and mildew. It has a colorful appearance and has a pleasant smoky brown shade.

Dark green tilesBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

This is a great spectrum. It gives harmony and peace, improves mood, helps to relax. Unlike the light part of the color scheme, the shades of which symbolize youth and hope, dark tones carry the energy of maturity, prosperity, and prosperity.

A bathroom with dark green spectrum tiles is a spa and home health care.

Malachite, emerald, coniferous color in the decoration is able to get rid of the accumulated negativity, headaches, relieve the spleen syndrome from chronic fatigue and give an incentive to creative activity.

In the design of a dark bathroom, green is recommended to be complemented by the brilliance of gold and diluted with wood finishes. Such combinations will look rich.

Dark blue tilesBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

Oddly enough, but in the bathroom, deep blue colors are more loyal and help relieve fatigue, calm down, tune in to a night’s rest. Color therapists say that surrounded by dark blue walls, blood pressure even normalizes. Perhaps the blue spectrum looks so good in bathrooms, as it is a symbol of the water element. It is harmonious and indispensable when creating marine, classic, English interiors. The saturation of the colors of such a dark bathroom tile, as in the photo, can be diluted with white, saffron, mustard inclusions.

Dark blue colors are suitable for a bathroom in any style.

Dark purple tilesBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

This segment of the color palette is associated with mysticism, the mysteries of witchcraft, therefore it is considered as a symbol of palace intrigues and fantasies. Seems heavy? And you try to approach this spectrum from the “fruit-vegetable” point of perception and everything will change at once. Shades Associate with figs, ripe eggplants, currants. In such an associative series, it is easier to look for successful color combinations.

What will be in harmony with deep purple? First of all, green colors, especially pistachio, light green, light green. It goes well with pink and lilac. But the most luxurious moxa will be the addition of purple golden yellow. This is a combination worthy of art deco. For more modern, catchy interiors, a duet of white and purple is good.

For a minimalist bathroom, you can take as a basis a combination of muted purple tiles and stained to ash-brown wood.

Dark gray tilesBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

The shades of this spectrum create a calm, neutralizing excessive emotionality atmosphere. The interiors with them are modest and peaceful. But this does not mean that with such a palette it is impossible to create an aristocratic atmosphere in the bathroom. Here you just need to choose the right shade. An ideal background, both for standard plumbing and a bath in dark colors, will be a smoky deep, rich ash and graphite color.

The neutrality of the gray spectrum allows you to dilute and supplement it with any colors. The overflows of white, gray, black will look impressive. The play of tones can go along the walls of currents, or there may be enough space for everything, from floor to ceiling.

Black tilesBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

This color has been used in bathroom design for a long time. Moreover, it appears there not at all as accent spots, but as a full-fledged background. Black walls, black floors and, oh horror (!), black ceiling! But in each of these decisions there is shocking courage. And you really need to have it in order to trample on the postulates about not using dark colors in small rooms. Black tiles in the bathroom completely refuted this dogma.

The black background is great for rooms of this functionality, especially if it has a glossy surface. In addition to tiles, black stone, plaster, and plastic can be used in the decoration of the room.

Black in black has managed to become the most daring trend of our time. But such a combination will look attractive only on the condition that the play of textures and light is clearly maintained, the gloss of the gloss is not afraid to dilute it so much with embossed, matte and velvety inserts.

If only the floors are black in the bathroom, then “dress” the walls in bright turquoise. This will be a great solution for ethnic style. A triad of red, black and white is good for a bathroom in dark colors. Such solutions are relevant for modern interiors. But the most rich black tiles will look in combination with gold, antique plumbing.

Bathroom with a dark floor: interior featuresBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

“A bathroom with a dark floor can be complemented by a white ceiling and walls decorated with areas of dark inserts”

The black tiles on the bathroom floor will sparkle with colors only when surrounded by well-chosen combinations of companion colors. Almost always here you will have to resort to contrasting, the only question is what it will be: explicit and sharp or smooth and smoothed.

White color can balance and balance the atmosphere in a bathroom with a black floor. It has excellent reflective performance, and is also able to visually adjust the space. And, nevertheless, the following combinations are considered classic bathroom finishes:

A bathroom with a dark floor can be complemented by a white ceiling and walls decorated with areas of dark inserts.

To add elegance and make a pure black floor more attractive, centimeter white seams between the tile laying will help the floor.

It is recommended to use a combination of white and black tiles in the design of the floor. Moreover, you can lay the elements not only in a checkerboard pattern.

Interiors are well perceived, where dark floors smoothly flow into a light ceiling. For example, if you make the floors in deep black, then the lower part of the walls should be lined with graphite tiles, smoothly changing to smoky, light gray, light gray with white streaks, which will already smoothly turn into a white ceiling.

When choosing finishing materials, give preference to their hydrophobic representatives. They should not be spoiled by dampness and moisture. It is better if the surface they form has a glossy sheen, it will be easier to care for such walls and floors. Do not rush to go to extremes and plan the ceiling in black, especially if the room is frankly small. You can make the bathroom interior in dark colors interesting in other ways, for example, using painted stretch ceilings.

PlumbingBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

Today, sanitary ware can be found in any design and color, which significantly expands the possibilities for implementing original ideas in the design of bathroom interiors. Shower cabins can not make the space overloaded and at the same time maintain its functionality. In their assortment there is always a model that matches the design of your bathroom. A closed box will allow you to fully enjoy all kinds of water procedures, and save you from grueling cleaning after them, which is especially true if the bathroom tiles are dark. The lightness of the structure frame will facilitate the process of integrating it into the environment.

The usual bathtubs have not lost their positions, only now they are made of modern materials, have different color schemes and extraordinary shapes. Is it necessary to make a choice between a familiar cabin and a hot tub? If the area of the room allows, then no. In You can leave the situation both. The question remains only what type of bath to put: a jacuzzi with full stuffing, a sit-down font or something of an original form.

Ornate faucets made of brass, bronze, or gilding will become an additional decor for the bathroom.

In modern futuristic interiors, touch-controlled suspended plumbing will be good.

Dark bathroom decorBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

To revive the atmosphere and somewhat dilute the saturation of colors, small objects and a variety of accessories that add to the interior are called upon.

Depending on the style of decoration, on the wall of the room may appear:

  • Pictures, and even wall panels, which will definitely decorate the empty space of the walls.
  • Decorative stands for flowers and figurines, which can be made of wood or gilded. How they are able to transform a dark bathroom, see the photo.
  • Wall and floor shelves filled with little things will add comfort, as well as baskets for storing towels or collecting dirty laundry.
  • Contemporary bathrooms often feature wall-mounted televisions, built-in projectors or stereos. Light music will make the atmosphere in a dark bathroom even more pleasant and peaceful.

FurnitureBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

“The darker the bathroom tiles are chosen, the more accurate the nuances should be”

Furnishing a bathroom in a dark color scheme is quite difficult. Here you will need to accurately select a harmonious combination of tones, guess with the design and installation location. If plumbing can simply be taken in a neutral white color or the same shade in which the walls or floor are made, then everything will be much worse with furniture.

The darker the tile for finishing the bathroom is chosen, the more accurate the nuances should be. For example, for a rich brown decor, furniture can be either the same color or in a sandy beige solution. For less aristocratic coffee and beige interiors, you can choose both contrasting white furnishings and non-standard green or purple.

Dark furniture in the bathroom: options for combinations with tiles on the wallsBathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

  • With the right approach, it can be a great addition to any wall design.
  • Against the background of white tiles, walnut, blue, brown furniture will look good.
  • It is worth adding furnishings in purple, red, blue tones to the yellow walls. The dissociative colors in this case are orange and white.
  • Feel free to choose blue and gray furniture for pink tiles, but you will have to forget about red and lilac.
  • The dark red bathroom is filled with green, blue and gray items.
  • Furnishings in a dark green, brown, purple, red solution are selected for the green tile.
  • Universal gray walls will emphasize the beauty of orange, red, blue, brown, black furniture. They will not be compatible only with shades of yellow and white.
  • Against the background of black tiles, red and orange headsets look great. Incompatible color is black.

Small bathroom in dark colors: utopia or reality?Bathroom Design Trends 2023 In Dark Colors

A small bathroom area is not a reason to refuse to finish it in dark colors. It’s just that here you will need to sweat over the implementation of small things, since dark tiles will reduce the space. You can even use black in your design if you add it in doses, mixed with white or other matching shades. Black can appear in wall patterns, ceiling paintings, accents, which can be a bathroom in dark colors – photo as on.

In a small space, you will have to add more fixtures, ideally, so that a window appears in it. It is impossible to implement the last point – compensate for the absence of a window by the presence of a large number of reflective surfaces and mirrors.

Accent walls will help make a small bathroom in dark light comfortable. For example, only the floor and one of the walls can be made black, and the latter can be decorated with an original ornament or pattern. Thus, you will get rid of the pressure and gloom of the situation, as well as create a unique atmosphere in the room.

Do not forget to use natural wood in the decor and furnishings of a dark, small bathroom area. These can be pieces of furniture, gratings for legs, decor elements. The natural color of the material will add warmth to the cold of the tile, make the perception of space more comfortable, as it brings comfort.


As you can see, dark colors can compete with light shades in finishing even the smallest bathroom. All you need is the right approach to the issue of combining them, so that a fashionable, comfortable, expensive looking bathroom in dark colors risks staying in your house forever, unless, of course, it scares you with the need for daily cleaning.

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