Bathroom design trends 2025: 9 most important rules for a successful interior

Bathroom design trends 2022Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom, adding decorations to an outdated one, or creating an interior from scratch, here are 9 top bathroom tips 2025 to get you started. Indeed, a bathroom design with a photo with a few key rules will help create a unique setting or update the atmosphere of your room.

First, think about your needs. Since, if the calculation is incorrect, the rework will be expensive. Secondly, who will use the space – should it take into account the interests of children? By the way, what is your budget? Plus, have you decided on the style? Only by answering these questions can you easily make further decisions.

Bathroom design trends: top 9

To get started, here are 9 essential bathroom design basics with photos that will inspire you to make your dreams come true.

First: layoutBathroom design trends 2022

Draw your ideal bathroom layout. First, consider the plumbing and wiring by noting how much space is between the shower, toilet, sink, and furniture. Then answer the questions. Is there enough space to dry yourself and move around comfortably? Do the doors open correctly? When the door is open, the toilet is not visible? By the way, build a partition if necessary. And of course, save money by avoiding unnecessary movement of communications and plumbing.

Second: storageBathroom design trends 2022

Think about what you want to see from your furniture and bathroom fixtures and what is the easiest way to access them. You can use the open shelves for folded towels, meanwhile, by placing most of them elsewhere. Above all, store the items you use on a daily basis in a convenient closet or wall cabinet. Also, storage space is created by free-standing columns and racks. In addition, niches and thin cabinets can be used. Look at the bathroom design with a photo – here are only fresh ideas. All about storage systems here .

Third: surfaces

Obviously, surfaces can set the tone for a room. Make sure all materials are moisture resistant and withstand high humidity. Without a doubt, tiles are a natural choice for bathroom floors, as well as walls and, in some cases, countertops. Marble tiles certainly give walls and floors a luxurious, streamlined look. Plus, marble is timeless. Wood floors add some softness to one degree or another. But pay attention to their moisture resistance. At the same time, mosaic tiles bring texture and color.

Fourth: furniture and fittingsBathroom design trends 2022

Observe the style and size of the fittings, as this is an important decor element. Don’t feel like you need to use small gadgets – large cabinet handles are easy to use and can look great. Remember, simply replacing furniture and cabinet handles with more modern models instantly renews your existing bathroom. Choose a cabinet with soft-close doors and drawers.

Fifth: colorBathroom design trends 2022

The most common shades in the bathroom are white, soft neutral or monochrome. A neutral or light palette creates a relaxing environment that never gets boring. Keep in mind that the combination of white and gray tiles will add a chic, masculine monochrome look to your bathroom.

Tiles with dark patterns have been observed to add drama and create a sense of exclusivity. When choosing a bath, it is better to give preference, first of all, to modern models. Moreover, they are available for any style. But if your dream is a colored bathtub , consider painting the outside in your favorite shade.

Sixth: baths and other plumbingBathroom design trends 2022

Large built-in furniture and bathtubs can reduce space, but at the same time add aesthetics to your room. Obviously, a freestanding bathtub will make the room more spacious than a built-in one, like a wall-hung toilet. Alternatively, consider a large washbasin for comfort. If there is little space and you are torn between a small bathroom and a large shower stall, choose the latter.

Seventh: accessories

Scented candles, luxurious bath rugs and towels in bright or pastel colors – these finishing touches can add even more personality to your bathroom. Also, don’t forget the accessory kits. Obviously, wicker laundry baskets and houseplants will decorate the room. As an example – a photo of a bathroom design.

Eighth: lightingBathroom design trends 2022

Bathrooms without a window require a combination of work and accent lighting . To avoid overhead shadows, work lights are needed on either side of your mirror. Set a dimmer for low ambient light at night or while relaxing in the bath. For a visual impact, install accent LED lights or stripes at the base of a wall or behind a freestanding bathtub.

Ninth: keep it simpleBathroom design trends 2022

Bathrooms are often very small in size. So be careful about what you want to include in the room. Don’t put a bathtub, separate shower, double sink, toilet, or bidet in a dwarf room. Bathtub and shower can be combined, as well as just one washbasin. Remember, you want your bathroom to be calm, uncluttered and comfortable.


The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Despite this fact, it can still be a stylish and practical haven.  The most important thing is a competent design, conducive to relaxation.

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