Bathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2025

Bathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022Comfort and convenience are two rules that will help you get the desired effect from water treatments. Today many people have given up taking a bath every day. They prefer to take a shower, because it helps to cheer up and recover after a busy day.

The shower cubicle looks much more interesting than the bulky bathtub familiar to many. Original bathroom design ideas with shower in 2025 will help you choose the most suitable one from latest trends.

Bathroom with shower: what nuances you need to considerBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

The choice of a shower room should be approached with great responsibility. The main thing is to take into account the design features and dimensions of the bathroom.

  1. Small bathroom. A small square does not allow the installation of bulky structures, but this does not mean that a shower cannot be made in such a room. An open design is ideal. Moreover, it can be either rectangular or angular.
  2. Large bathroom. Large bathrooms make it possible to install bulky structures. In this case, hydroboxing will be an excellent solution. It is quite voluminous. But this is not its only plus. It prevents the penetration of moisture into the environment, which reduces the level of humidity in the air and makes it possible to install furniture made from natural materials. Among other things, installing a hydrobox allows you to choose absolutely any material for wall decoration.

Armed with these techniques, you can create a wonderful interior that will delight for many years.

By the way!

Many people want the plumbing in the bathroom to be invisible. And it is quite possible! It is worth choosing designs with a glass door. Their sizes can be completely different, which allows them to be installed in any bathroom, regardless of its square.

When arranging a bathroom with a shower, you should think about how it will look after the completion of the repair. More often than not, people find it difficult to imagine the complete picture and create a truly stylish room.

Pay attention to trends in bathroom design, such as minimalism, electrical and modern. Today they are most relevant. Modern ideas for 2025 are shown in the collection below. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Shower cornerBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

A completely enclosed shower has many benefits. But when installing it, it should be borne in mind that it leaves a minimum of room for maneuver in design. This can be a problem when the main goal is to create the most functional space.

Modern bathroom ideas 2025 can be applied in any type of bathroom, you just have to choose the right one. Bulky structures can be installed only in large rooms. For small apartment owners, it is better to choose a shower enclosure.

This design is a great turnkey solution. It costs significantly less than a glass and wall door. The shower enclosure is a structure consisting of a tray, guide elements and a door. Usually such a shower has no roof.

The shower tray can be made independently or ordered additionally. With self-manufacture, there is another clear advantage. The shower cubicle is no longer limited by factory dimensions and fits perfectly into the layout of a non-standard room – an excellent design for an economy class bathroom.

When installing such a shower stall, you should think in advance about finishing the walls of the bathroom. Two of them (corner) must be in a tile. In addition, you will have to purchase and install a mixer separately.

Shower cabin combined with a bathBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

To create such a design, it is enough to supplement an ordinary bath with a glass curtain. It must be installed on the side of the mixers and can be either collapsible or static.


If you use the shower while sitting in the bathroom, you won’t need a curtain.

Many people decide to install rails designed for sliding doors. There is no particular need for this. It is enough to hang a regular shower curtain.

There is another option – fully enclosed 2 in 1 shower cabins. But they look very rough and can hardly be a good solution when it comes to an exquisite interior.

Bathroom interior styles 2025

The dimensions of the bathroom are the nuance that you need to pay attention to first. However, when choosing plumbing and finishing, one should not forget about the appearance of the room. For modern bathroom ideas of 2025, see the photo collection below.

Classic styleBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

This style looks great in large spaces. But it can also be used in small bathrooms. To make the small room as attractive as possible, and the classic style to look organic, it is recommended to use the minimum amount of decor and choose mainly white or light shades.

Classics are associated with luxury, and this is partly true. But it cannot be called pretentious and overly bright. Use calm colors for finishing:

  • pink;
  • blue;
  • lactic;
  • peach;
  • Gray.


Do not clutter up the room, give preference to details with harmonious shapes and install them so that all proportions are observed.

Modern styleBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

Having given preference to modern style, you need to remember only one rule: less is better. Minimum decorations and maximum convenience – this is how a modern bathroom with a shower should look like. 2025 bathroom designs and ideas are presented in the photo collection.

Give preference to surfaces from:

  • concrete;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • plastic.

Choose neutral shades and don’t forget about bright decorative elements, because they create the mood in the room.

Country style bathroomBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

This style allows you to decide on the most daring experiments. Within the framework of the country, you can use wood as decoration and decorate the shower stall with mosaic tiles.

In this style, the details create the mood. Install a curly faucet, an unusual lamp and a mirror with an imitation of a retro plaque. Complete the room with a fun picture of a cow chewing grass. It is in these little things that all the charm of country style lies.

Loft-style bathroomBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

This style is characterized by a lot of free space. It is ideal for rooms with a large square footage, but this does not mean that it is forbidden to decorate small rooms in this style. Use light-colored colors and fill the room with light.

An excellent solution would be to use tiles or moisture-resistant paint for finishing the bathroom. A room with small white tiles on the walls will look especially advantageous.

Give preference to fully transparent shower partitions. They will help turn the doors into a kind of large window frames.

When creating this style, it is important to pay close attention to detail. Do not sew up the pipes with plastic, keep them visible, and install bulky sinks that look like a piece of stone. Add soft light and woody tones to the interior. They will make it cozy and especially attractive.

Nautical styleBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

This style will be a great solution for small bathrooms. It is light, airy and romantic. An open shower is perfect for such an interior. Moreover, its partitions must be made of glass.

Choose light shades. Whitewashed blue, light sandy and white tones are perfect for creating a nautical interior. Wood looks no less advantageous in this style. It will refer to the ship theme.


Complete your bathroom with wickerwork, hang themed towels and decorate with starfish. Just don’t overdo it – too many themed things will ruin the whole design. Add just a few decorative elements, that will be enough.

In bathrooms with a large square, you can also install a shower corner. It looks great in a room that already has a bathroom. In addition, such a duet will be as practical as possible.

In the morning you can quickly cool off in the shower, and in the evening you can relax with a warm bath with aromatic foam. You can familiarize yourself with modern options and new ideas for 2025 in the photo.

Small bathroom with showerBathroom Design Ideas With Shower In 2022

The owners of modern apartments most often cannot boast of a large bathroom. Therefore, they often prefer shower cabins. This saves space and allows you to place the maximum amount of necessary equipment and furniture.

After the decision to install a shower stall has been made, it is necessary to decide on its location and the design of the room. It should be located in close proximity to ventilation, water supply and sewerage. A shower cubicle in the center of a small room would be out of place. Place the sink in the center and place the shower in the corner.

You can choose a shower of the right size using a stencil that displays the desired size of the structure, as well as familiarizing yourself with the modern ideas of 2025 in the photo. Particular attention should be paid to the size of the shower room. If it is too large, it will be extremely uncomfortable to move around the room.

If the bathroom in the apartment has a small square, give preference to light shades, good lighting. Do not clutter the room with furniture and a lot of decor, it is better to add mirrors, glossy and mirrored surfaces that will help visually increase the space. By neglecting these rules, you risk getting a cluttered bathroom.

The shower is not just a decent alternative to the familiar, bulky bathtub. A huge selection of these designs allows you to choose a good option for both large and small bathrooms.

Thanks to the shower cabin, the bathroom will become not only stylish and elegant, but also the most functional and comfortable room. Latest bathroom designs in 2025 and modern ideas will help you choose your own interior option.

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