Bathroom Decor 2024: Designs And Trends

Bathroom Decor Trends 2024

Strong colors, fluted finishes, chic and imposing chandeliers, wallpaper… So many decorative trends that are in the spotlight in our bathrooms in 2024. Here are some examples of new, trendy, sometimes surprising and very aesthetics for your bathroom.

The great return of wallpaper and panoramic in the bathroomBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Wallpaper is currently very trendy, it gives your bathroom a much more decorative and less clinical side than the blue or white traditionally installed in this room. The very contemporary and refined bathrooms take up this trend to bring a little more cozy and cocooning side.

The choice of wallpaper differs depending on the style you want to give to this space. It is mixed with modern earthenware, large format shiny tiles for example. It is this skillful mixture that brings an incomparable charm to the room.

For a vintage side pushed to its climax, don’t hesitate to add a free- standing bathtub and a sink as well as taps in a well-established retro style. These are the details that will make all the difference and bring a lot of character to your bathroom or shower room.

In any case, mixing vintage and modernity is perfectly in line with the 2024 bathroom trend. Do not hesitate to mix the different styles with subtlety.

A comfortable and intimate cocoonBathroom Decor Trends 2024

As in all rooms of the house, the bathroom has a cocooning spirit. More than spaces simply dedicated to hygiene, the bathroom also becomes a space for relaxation and well-being. This is a trend that has been established for the most part for a few years already and which continues to be present in 2024, notably by accentuating the spa effect.

It’s the cocooning trend that envelops our bathrooms in a certain luxury and a lot of comfort. This atmosphere can be created in different ways: either you have a cozy and warm bathrobe waiting for you and some pretty candles that provide a warm atmosphere. Or, you opt for facilities that offer an experience comparable to that of spas with hydrotherapy bathtubs, massage showers or even hammams and saunas at home.

Anyway, the choice of materials also plays an important role, so do not hesitate to make a selection to obtain this very appreciable result.

A luxurious atmosphere to accentuate the decorative spirit of the bathroomBathroom Decor Trends 2024

The bathrooms in 2024 unashamedly display a universe imbued with luxurious touches that make you want to stay in this space that is no longer content to be a passage room.

This trend is affirmed in the choice of colors and materials that are elegant and chic. You can introduce a bit of nature that catches the eye and attention. It’s a way to bring a sensory connection with the nature that surrounds you, without detracting from the refinement of the room.

Water already represents the natural universe, so it’s just a matter of adding the little extra note to accentuate this atmosphere. You can also bet on a walk-in shower or waterfall effect shower heads.

The big trend for 2024: fluted finishesBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Fluted surfaces are very trendy in 2024, they are often ribs or downright flutes like on the basin in this photo. They bring a lot of modernity, but also a very special feeling whether at the tactile or visual level. This style is reminiscent of Art Deco glamor even if the fluting has been revised and corrected.

The surfaces of the furniture supporting the washbasin or those of the cupboards are adorned with pretty ribs and offer a very refined and chic effect. The shower screens are also very decorative.

Terracotta in the bathroomBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Warm tones are also in the bathroom in 2024. This is the case for all warm tones such as rust, terracotta, biscuit and caramel. The tiles will be rather terracotta colored which instill a warm atmosphere, contrasting with the clinical effect long of rigor in this room.

You can then contrast with black taps to bring a bit of modernity or adopt natural wood furniture that harmonizes perfectly with this atmosphere.

Green: an invigorating shadeBathroom Decor Trends 2024

To bring freshness and liveliness to your bathroom, green is recommended, especially since it is a link with nature. You will easily find different furniture, tiles, ceramics or paintings in various shades of green. The different shades of green offer you different atmospheres: invigorating, fresh, or more cozy in darker and deeper shades. It evokes a natural, calm and harmonious atmosphere.

In darker shades it is bolder and brings depth and character to the room. It allows to delimit certain spaces with elegance. You can place it on a wall or choose tiles in this color. It can also be a nicely colored contemporary piece of furniture.

Oversized lighting to make all the differenceBathroom Decor Trends 2024

To bring a little touch of glamor and originality to this room, do not hesitate to opt for a very contemporary suspension in XXL version or for a crystal chandelier. In 2024, glamor regains its rights and it does not escape the bathroom.

By drawing attention to pretty light fixtures, you give your bathroom a majestic and spectacular note. In fact, the goal is to treat this room as you would the living room or bedroom. You can also simply multiply the suspensions with very pretty bulbs or opt for large chandeliers, giant floor lamps or drum suspensions.

A minimalist and refined atmosphereBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Avoid, in this room in particular, piling up things that will visually clutter the space. Try to simplify your decor, reduce it and above all store everything you use on a daily basis, such as hygiene products, hair dryers, etc. The goal is to leave room for as much space and volume as possible.

Towel racks and storage cabinets greatly facilitate this problem so that you only keep what is pleasing to the eye.

The room will appear larger if you use a pedestal or wall-mounted sink rather than a bulky vanity, a clear glass door rather than a shower curtain, and reflective surfaces such as large-scale glossy ceramic tiles.

A touch of natureBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Bet on natural elements such as plants or flowers to bring life, but also nature in this room. This reinforces its fresh and healthy appearance, two important qualities in this space. You can mix this option with a few bright colors and slightly original details.

Smart equipmentBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Smart technology is entering our bathrooms to improve its comfort and in different forms. Between automatic hand-wiping sensors, LED temperature displays, charging ports with integrated USB, anti-fog mirrors or which offer you many additional functions… The bathroom becomes a little futuristic, but also very pleasant to live on a daily basis.

Marble for its impact and eleganceBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Marble is on display in the bathroom, in 2024, more than ever. It must be said that this material with very different colors and veins brings character and elegance to this piece. It will be original since the rendering with the marble is never exactly the same.

You do not hesitate to opt for marbles available in different colors, less common than white or black. You should also know that there are pretty tiles, marble effect that have the effect of this stone, at more affordable prices.

Refined tilesBathroom Decor Trends 2024

The tiles are textured for more refinement, modernity and freshness. You will also find this type of tiling in the kitchen as well. Present in very different shades and aspects, it is easy to choose the one that best suits your decor.

Dress up your openingsBathroom Decor Trends 2024

The curtains are important in this room, to hide from view when it overlooks a vis-à-vis, but also to bring a very cozy and cocooning appearance. They complete a room and its decoration and the bathroom no longer hesitates to adopt net curtains or curtains to dress its window. They lend either a dramatic or elegant look and warmth to your space.

A vibrant colorBathroom Decor Trends 2024

Exit white, black or even black and white (even if these options remain in trend) and make way for color! Whether they are rather soft or vibrant and deep, color reigns supreme in this space.

The console basinBathroom Decor Trends 2024

The basin is installed on a simple console to bring lightness and an airy side to the decor and look of the bathroom. It then replaces the more classic washbasin cabinet. Moreover, the basins of the year 2024 are readily dressed in mineral cast iron, concrete or glass for a less classic look than traditional ceramics. The lines are softer and more curved and the tones warmer.

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