Bathroom 2024: Top 9 Trendy Colors

bathroom color trends 2024

Each year and each season has its color trends in decoration. The bathroom is a room that also comes in different colors each year. The shades of 2024 are very elegant and they can easily resist over time. Here are the top 9 of bathroom color trends 2024!

Sobriety in the spotlight in the bathroombathroom color trends 2024

White is the dominant color in modern, sleek bathrooms. This shade is perfect because it is timeless! However, we must avoid the total white look which brings an atmosphere, certainly bright, but a little too cold. If you like zen and minimalist atmospheres, this remains a safe bet, one condition however: vary the materials and the different tones from off-white to beige, via a very light greige or an ecru.

Light gray is also perfect for a designer and contemporary bathroom. It brings the small decorative and soft touch when it is associated with pure white and it does not prevent the luminosity. It can be declined on a marble coating, veined with light gray, on a concrete effect or on the tiles, according to your desires of the moment. Marble and concrete effect are always perfectly in line with the trend for the coming year.

Black for a “so chic” bathroombathroom color trends 2024

The black bathroom is always at the top of the trend. It is so elegant and chic that you will never get tired of it. This color remains sober and plays on simplicity. It creates an atmosphere that does not lack character and personality. The easiest way is then to alternate the different materials, finishes and effects. You always have the option of adding a few discreet touches of a more cozy and warm shade or betting on a contrast with white, for example.

In addition, we like the precious side of the black bathroom when it is accessorized with golden decorations which bring a very refined note to this room. Black is perfect for providing an ideal setting for either of these trends.

This bathroom comes in black and green with a hint of white that brings out the dark side of this space.

Green: a timeless still relevantbathroom color trends 2024

2024 once again gives pride of place to green, which is available in different tones in this room. Do not hesitate to opt for tones from nature such as olive green or sage green. Dark green is also a safe bet that sublimates the space. It is better if not to crack on a brighter green like emerald green. This very deep and luminous tone gives a lot of character to your bathroom.

Dare blue to bring color to this space!bathroom color trends 2024

Blue is readily available in very light shades in living rooms, in the bathroom on the contrary, we dare to use deeper blues. Midnight blue, navy blue or even cobalt blue are perfect tones in this room. You mix it just as well with white as with a powdery pink that brightens the room.

Also play on a shades of blue which will happily impose itself in 2024. By playing with the different tones, you define the volume of this room. You can thus associate a dark shade with lighter and brighter shades. The very fresh shades of blue are also popular in this space, the more they pull towards cobalt or ultramarine, the more they harmonize with gray.

Nude for softnessbathroom color trends 2024

Nude is the perfect mix between color and neutral and sober atmosphere. It is still as trendy as ever, and it does not hesitate to invite itself into the bathroom in pinkish beige and powder pink shades. You thus create a very soft and luminous atmosphere, with a small feminine note. We love these very light and sober tones that highlight this cozy space.

Terracotta for a warm and friendly atmospherebathroom color trends 2024

The bathroom is also adorned with terracotta to warm up the atmosphere. It is one of the trendy colors for 2024. It harmonizes perfectly with very natural shades such as beige, mineral gray, white. Wood and matt finishes are perfect with this type of color which is also very natural.

Dark gray for a cozy spacebathroom color trends 2024

Dark gray is a very good alternative to black, it adapts to all styles, from the chic country spirit to the most designer and contemporary decoration. Gray is a real chameleon color suitable for all environments. It is in any case one of the big winners on the podium of the acclaimed shades in 2024. We love its depth and its very neutral side and imbued with softness.

Simple, but elegant: this is the motto of this sleek and modern bathroom which highlights the color charcoal gray pulling a little on the blue.

Brown: for a soft and cocooning atmospherebathroom color trends 2024

A warm brown is perfect in this room to bring a lot of warmth and a cocooning atmosphere to this room. Like ochre, it is a telluric color that is essential during this year. It remains soft and can be declined in very intense shades. It adds a bit of sophistication to this room.

A little colorful notebathroom color trends 2024

A small touch of color is popular in the 2024 bathroom trend. It is thus lively and vibrant and brings a very special charm to the room. Do not hesitate to give it character and personality. This little touch awakens the atmosphere of the room without overdoing it.

Luminous blue brings a very luminous note

This pretty deep blue with a few touches of pure white forms a beautiful set, very elegant and chic.

A small touch of color with the frieze is enough to enhance this fairly simple and zen bathroom.

A very soft touch of green is perfect in this pleasant and restful bathroom in the evening and in the morning.

You want a little bit of originality in your bathroom. Fall for this pretty lilac which brings a lot of sophistication and softness.

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