Bathroom 2024-2025: several stylish design trends

Bathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

What are the new trends in bathroom design? Are there any special features? Undeniably, bathrooms are sensitive to fashion and design trends. It’s simple, in this case new items are slowed down and considered more carefully. And there is only one reason – investments in repairs are more significant and need a great idea. So, bathroom trends 2024-2025 – what to expect in the near future?

The review offers several stylish design trends that will combine coziness, comfort, modernity and technology.

Bathroom Trends 2024-2025: Smart Home with Futuristic TraitsBathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

Looking back is one of the most obvious bathroom trends 2024-2025. See how vintage style washbasins inspire and revive the stylistic confidence of centuries past. In addition, you can not hide communications behind the skin. It is enough to cover it with shiny steel, which looks very attractive.

2024-2025 bathroom furniture is also taking on a retro accent. As for the color of the metal. For example, copper is the same theme as colonial influences, reminiscent of vast oases of well-being. In addition, there are many echoes of wildlife that can be observed without leaving the space. Vibrant colors reminiscent of liquid vinyl, filigree lines and soft shapes showcase stylish psychedelic memories.

Smart Home IdeasBathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

The idea of a Smart Home in the coming years will acquire futuristic features. Of course, technical functions and multimedia elements play an important role in the bathroom. But they do not cause stress, but are specifically used to relax and facilitate daily life. Your favorite music flows from invisible built-in speakers. The light can be adapted to the individual mood using a smartphone. And LED mirror illumination with anti-fog effect and emotion function allows you to start the day intelligently and efficiently according to your wishes.

Wireless charging stations round out a complete program that fits perfectly into a busy daily routine. With professionally designed light therapy, matching sound effects and skillful water massage, you can look forward to a very special program after a successful day at work.

Special wallpaper for bathroom 2024-2025Bathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

Unfortunately, in most apartments, wall coverings and bathroom floors look the same: tiles, tiles, tiles. This arbitrary landscape, from the point of view of creative designers, is not a luxury dream of a good bathroom. This is why they are especially pleased that one of the most important bathroom trends 2024-2025 is the use of wallpaper. But, as elsewhere, there are nuances.

What should be considered when planning a small bathroom? First, wallpaper can take up an accent wall and create an exciting appeal. Secondly, they are able to wrap an entire bathroom with a dream of fabric, color and style. Typically, this technique will allow you to turn a bathroom into an equal space when combining a home. Today, bathroom wallpaper is available in every imaginable design, color and style. Their technical properties have been perfected to such an extent that even constant wetting with water, for example, under the shower, cannot damage this wall covering.

In addition, special bathroom wallpapers are available. For example, waterproof nonwovens and vinyls. This trend will surely move boldly from 2024 to 2025 as a creative alternative to tiles.

Natural marble slabs in bathroom planning 2024-2025Bathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

When it comes to flooring, the marble look is more in demand than ever. In many exhibitions we see solid floors of huge marble slabs. The variety of designs drawn by nature exudes style, nobility and elegance. Plus, you bring a lively touch to a minimalist bathroom. And the mesmerizing blotches of natural stone decorate it with dignity.

Wood-effect slabs – a win-win bathroom trend 2024-2025Bathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

Another interesting trend for the modern bathroom is wood-plank tiles. It seems as if light parquet flooring extends from the living room to the shower and harmoniously integrates it into the living area. This approach makes luxury bathrooms feel warmer and more natural. In addition, the architectural solutions resemble the resorts of Bali or Thailand, the floors of which are decorated with bamboo covering.

Smart shower – trend for a decadeBathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

Although not so long ago the pearl bath in a spacious room undividedly dominated, recently the emphasis has been shifted to the shower. But, the former frosted glass monster has become a high-tech design object.

It’s almost unrecognizable: the white shower tray has given way to a floor level that not only serves a holistic aesthetic, but also follows the trend towards barrier-free space. As a rule, completely transparent glass doors are practically invisible. Thus, the bathroom concept 2024-2025 takes into account the peculiarities of small rooms, the area of which is several square meters. In addition, the visual space for movement is increased by the shower at the floor level thanks to the continuous floor surface, which is created without joints. However, the design guarantees a safe entry.

Smart shower – why these features are needed

If there was enough space in the former shower cabins to turn around, then modern showers are real relaxation rooms in a small format. Here you can, first of all, start your day optimistically with an invigorating rain shower. Secondly, after working on a pleasantly warm floor, relax in the summer rain. And thirdly, turn on the sauna function and relax in soothing steam after a long winter walk.

Technical additions that incorporate music, light and scent into a shower cleaning ritual turn your morning routine into an incomparable pleasure that will inspire you for the rest of your day.

Bathroom design ideas 2024-2025Bathroom 2021-2022: several stylish design trends

Individual bathroom trends are increasingly influencing the idea of personalization. This allows you to enhance the surface as desired and thus create a private bathroom that cannot be compared to any other. Obviously, the most beautiful bathrooms appear when they are ideally suited to their owners in terms of functionality and comfort.

What are we waiting for next year? The return of the boudoir – with its seats, furniture consoles and dressing table. Feminine shapes, subdued lighting and soft accents bring femininity to life, while lush sun loungers create a sensual atmosphere.

Lighting, which is one of the most important steps in creating a bathroom, more than ever, dispenses with direct sources of light and spots to create an ugly shadow on the face. Instead, indirect luminaires are used, which provide soft illumination of the room without interfering with it. This is one of the most popular bathroom trends 2019-2024.

Of course, individual wishes are included in the planning of the most beautiful bathrooms in 2025. For example, atmospheric light, which directly affects mood, vitality and relaxation, is integrated in a natural, unobtrusive way into the bathroom concept. Plus, backlit glass or fabric will definitely define bathroom trends 2024-2025.


Despite the diversity of the subject matter, big names in the international design scene are working on bathroom collections, inventing with manufacturers, and working together to create shower and bathroom accessories. This shows how important the theme is – trends in bathroom design are strong and influenced by global developments. However, like any other aspect of trends in interior design.

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