9 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

We have prepared 9 modern bathroom design ideas 2023 – follow them and you are guaranteed a beautiful and modern bathroom interior that is relevant for years.

Trends in 2023 are extremely adequate: simplicity, naturalness, balance, neutral colors. This is the situation where fashion can be followed.

Modern bathroom design through solidity

The bathroom interior in 2023 is primarily a monolithic layout without dark corners and hard-to-reach places.

The main idea of modern bathroom design is a holistic appearance, as if the bathroom is carved from a single piece of stone. If now it seems abstract, then by the end of the material you will clearly understand how to make a beautiful and modern bathroom interior:

  1. No dark corners
  2. No gaps
  3. The floor is maxed out
  4. Everything is built in
  5. All items are hidden from prying eyes

Further explanation will be given with examples of real photographs, but mostly from expensive fashionable bathrooms.  Be sure to read more mundane materials:

  1. Small bathroom design – 9 rules
  2. Bathroom 4 sq.m with washing machine and toilet – examples of accommodation

Here is a bathroom with expensive fixtures, but would you call such a design modern?

No. Just because there is no such solidity here. And here is:

Now let’s take a closer look at how this idea is implemented in practice.

1. Countertop instead of a regular sinkModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

In modern bathrooms, ordinary sinks are less and less used. Their fixed size does not allow them to be built in without gaps. The gaps between the sink and the bathroom or wall greatly reduce the cost of appearance. To make perfect joints, instead of conventional sinks, built-in or overhead bowl sinks are used.

The countertop itself is made of drywall (tiled or mosaic), chipboard or acrylic. Because this design is made by hand, you can achieve perfect joints. We are not tied to standard sizes, but the cabinet will have to be made to order.

In the photo above, look only at the countertops and the washbasin, more about the faucets.

2. Modern built-in faucetsModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

This item is not casual goes 2nd. A sink built into the countertop + a cool faucet is critical and raises the level of the bathroom interior to a fundamentally different level.

It’s like the difference between an old floor-standing toilet and a wall-hung toilet with an installation – it’s worth the overpayment.

Yes, built-in faucets are more expensive, but they take bathroom design to the next level.

Bonus cleaning:

  1. When the faucet is in the wall, chrome remains chrome. I think many people living in areas where water contains salts know how quickly ordinary faucets lose their appearance.
  2. Dirt and yellow water stains constantly accumulate around the usual ones at the point of contact with the sink, which are inconvenient to clean.

The design of faucets has also stepped forward over the past 5 years, and by 2023 their choice is simply huge.  There are also relatively inexpensive built-in ones.

Ordinary ones also come with a beautiful modern design, but you lose the practicality bonus:

Finishing – background. Modern finishes – neutral background. And against this neutral background, current sanitary ware and faucets look especially advantageous.

3. Lifting everything from the floor and hangingModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

Our eye estimates the area of the room by the free floor. More floor means more area. Therefore, the trend of recent years is to hang a cabinet, a closet and a toilet.

Fashion is not always adequate. But the idea of hanging really makes a bathroom beautiful, modern and practical. There is no this dark space under the furniture, under which dirt is constantly clogged, and at the same time it is inconvenient to clean it because of the legs.

If porcelain stoneware with a deep texture is laid on the floor, then LED lighting can be made under the cabinet or bathroom. On a textured tile, the light will give shadows and volume – it looks very cool.  Steam bath effect:

4. Closed storage areas

2 facts:

  1. In any bathroom there is a huge amount of shampoos, gels, creams and other toothpastes and brushes.
  2. It all looks bad and needs to be hidden.

You can make as cool and modern a renovation as you like, but the eternal mess due to mismatched jars will ruin everything.

Usually, from storage systems in the bathroom, only drawers in the cabinet. But they are not enough and almost always hygiene products are in sight. The solution is a narrow vertical hanging cabinet. It holds a huge number of things, while it takes up almost no usable space. Choose a color for the rest of the design – you don’t need the cabinet to stand out. For light – white gloss, for dark – black, gray, wood effect.

5. Replacing a bathtub with a showerModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

Do not rush to defend your right to wallow in the bath. Yes, this is a cool opportunity. But in today’s world, time is the most valuable resource.  And it is functionally a shower without a chance better than a bath.

If you just think about this issue, then the decision to take up space in the bathroom with an extra item that will later waste your time and water no longer seems so obvious. Therefore, a bath is only if you are a fan (like me). Otherwise, shower.

We already have a separate material about the design of a bathroom with a shower.

Ideas for trendy bathroom interiors in 2023

Fashion is controversial. Especially in the design of bathrooms, where renovations are done for many years. The good news is that now there are impeccably adequate trends in repairs. Interior fashion is not the area where some crazy things and kitsch are at the forefront. Simplicity, natural materials and functionality – it is unlikely that this will soon become irrelevant.

By the way, we are in:

6. No bright unnatural finish colorsModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

Bright unnatural colors in the bathroom decoration are a sure sign of an obsolete renovation. Now nobody does that anymore. Accents and colors are added by decors, accessories and textiles.  Even in the bathroom there are towels and rugs, which also have their own colors and all this should be combined.

The main idea: a boring design can always be outlasted by decoration, but an overloaded one can no longer be saved.

But this thought, so that you are not afraid, is actually boring and will not work. If you do not keep this idea in mind, it may turn out to be a collective farm. Balance, integrity, accuracy, naturalness, spaciousness are the main ideas of modern bathroom design. Motley colors, luxury, excessive complexity and impracticality are relics of the past.

Good news and with the question of which ceiling to choose in the bathroom – stretch matte, it has no minuses (almost none).

7. Tiles with imitation of natural materials

Let’s decorate the walls with glazed colored incomprehensibly what do you think? Sounds so so. Here are 3 examples. The first photo shows an ultra-modern bathtub, but the tiles spoil everything. Second, everything is outdated. On the third, it seems not so bad, but the tile is unprincipled and unnatural.

What about wood, stone, travertine, marble, metal and concrete? This is exactly what modern tiles should be like – imitating real materials.

About the design of tiles in a modern style and how to choose tiles for the bathroom and how to lay out the walls. Never imagine the final renovation as a bare finish. Visualize immediately the real room, how it will look after the move and the appearance of all things and textiles. Then the probability of overdoing it with the intensity of finishing will decrease.

8. Large tilesModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

If the previous points are observed and the interior of the bathroom looks holistic, then the rule works:

The larger the tiles, the better and more modern the bathroom design looks.

If the wall is enough for two whole tiles, that’s enough. The minimum size from which you can consider is 60 × 20 cm, more is better. The mosaic stands apart.

This also applies to tile joints – they should be in color or gray so as not to crush the plane into patches.  There should not be a feeling that the walls of the bathroom are pasted over with separate elements. Everything should look like a natural whole.

9. Combination of gray and woodModern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

The apotheosis of the entire 2nd section is gray and wood. These 2 components are already enough for a beautiful bathroom design. And it’s not about color, it’s about texture. Veins, knots and cuts on high-quality woodgrain stoneware. The roughness and unevenness of an infinite number of types of gray concrete and stone tiles.

A combination of tones of different brightness in different proportions can create a bathroom of any modern style:

  1. Light colors and light wood effect tiles for a Scandinavian style bathroom.
  2. Darker colors and concrete imitation – loft bathroom.
  3. White color and lack of decor – minimalism.
  4. Ultra-modern plumbing, hidden light, metal and glass – high-tech.
  5. Marble, freestanding bathtub and expensive art deco decor.

By the way, a freestanding bathtub is the only moment where fashion should not be followed.  This is a monstrously impractical solution that looks beautiful only in the picture. Many dream in pictures. Not worth it. The bath is overboard, but otherwise the modern renovation ideas are very good.

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