9 Bathroom Decoration Trends That Succeed In 2024

Whether your bathroom is crying out for a makeover or you just need a few simple ideas to give it a new look, it pays to keep an eye on the trends of the moment.

There are many ways to update the decoration in this important space of the house. Today we collect some bathroom trends that are going to give a lot to talk about in 2024.

Some are easy ideas to put into practice, without construction or remodeling. Others refer to more important changes, in case you are thinking of completely renovating the bathroom. All of them will help you turn your old-fashioned bathroom into a modern space. Copy the ones you like the most.

A bet on colorBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

Bathrooms decorated in total white may not have gone out of style, but the trends that take the cake in 2024 are clearly committed to color. And for the color in its most intense and also elegant version (yes, that’s right). Grays and blacks, deep blues and dark, glamorous greens. Pastel colors, neutrals and white are still in force, as it could not be otherwise, but the walls stand out more and more in unexpected colors and with a lot of personality.

Bathrooms that do not want to be the centerBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

This is an idea that is becoming more and more present in today’s bathrooms and that could become even more entrenched as the year goes by. It consists of placing the sink displaced from the center of the countertop, to obtain more useful space on it.

It is an easy alternative that manages to optimize the space on the countertop when it comes to small bathrooms, with a single sink.

From an aesthetic point of view, far from being distorting, the asymmetric installation of the washbasin has an original and interesting effect. The mirror must be placed on the sink and off-centre, therefore, on the wall.

Terrazzo: memories of the pastBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

We have already talked about the return of terrazzo to the decoration of the 21st century. The decorative keys that triumph in the bathrooms of 2024 confirm this trend. Terrazzo becomes one of the star materials in these spaces, both for the floor and for the walls. Or, as in the bathroom in the image, to cover the wall in the sink area.

Terrazzo, with its particular appearance, brings dynamism and originality to the decoration. If the terrazzo floor is very striking, it is interesting to choose light colors and sober and simple materials for the rest of the surfaces.

Monochrome effectBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

Choosing a single color to decorate the bathroom can become a very bold trend. The way to achieve this, without the result seeming too radical, is to play with the different shades of the same colour, so that the decoration of the bathroom is not boring. Combining different materials and grading the tones is the way to achieve original bathrooms.

Decorate the walls with picturesBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

Pictures, from paintings to prints, illustrations or framed photographs, are a great resource for decorating any wall, including the bathroom. Take advantage of it and create unique environments, in the style you prefer.

You can hang pictures with a vintage air, black and white photographs or compose a wall gallery. All of these ideas can work to turn the bathroom into a space with character.

The technological bathroomBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

If vintage bathrooms find their place in the decorative panorama of 2024, so do the most technological bathrooms, with an avant-garde style and with elements that lovers of gadgets and this type of equipment will love.

Like smart mirrors, with backlighting, anti-fog mode and other touch functions (some even include internet connection). Other elements that complete this type of bathroom can be electronic taps, equipped with temperature sensors and regulators, hand dryers, state-of-the-art toilets, etc.

Eclectic wallsBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

The decoration of the walls of the current bathrooms is very diverse. In addition to painting them in intense colors and decorating them with pictures, keys that we have already talked about, you can also combine different materials in them to give them a very special eclectic spirit.

You can, for example, cover the lower part with tiles as a plinth, or with a wooden panel as in the bathroom in the image, and paint the upper part (with special paint for wet areas), or decorate it with wallpaper. If you decide on this idea, choose a vinyl paper capable of resisting moisture without spoiling.

The mixture of different materials allows for a wide variety of textures and finishes, which is very interesting from a decorative point of view.

A jungle in your bathroomBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

If you are a plant lover, now you can create a small garden in your bathroom that adds a green and natural touch to this space.

The idea is as easy as it is great. You will only need to investigate a little to know which species are the ones that are going to develop best in this space. They must be plants that love moisture and do not need too much natural light to grow healthy. When installing them in the bathroom, place all the pots together to create a natural corner like a small jungle.

Bet on suspended toiletsBathroom Decoration Trends 2024

This issue goes beyond design to take on an eminently practical and functional character. Suspended toilets, without a pedestal, may be aesthetically more decorative, light and elegant, but they are also much more practical, since they free up space on the floor and it is much easier to clean the bathroom, especially the flooring.

The catalogs of sanitary ware firms are full of design ideas to decorate your bathroom with suspended elements.

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