8 TOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2025

TOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a living space. Just like the kitchen, living room and dining room, it should adapt to the individual furnishing style of the living room and not just a functional, but also a living space. We took a look at the bathroom trends 2025 and tell you how to furnish your bathroom stylishly and individually.

Trend No. 1: New cozinessTOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

How does a simple, usually tiled room become a spa oasis that exudes coziness? What sounds like a complete contradiction is, however, feasible, as the bathroom trends 2025 prove. With inlays, wooden bathroom furniture, eye-catching fittings or up-to-date ceiling lights, your bathroom will instantly become a place of wellbeing that will seamlessly connect to your other living spaces.

  • Choose central eye-catchers, for example a striking mirror, retro-style fittings or a decorative laundry basket.
  • Have the courage to change: A new floor or wall tile gives your bathroom a completely new, fresh ambience.
  • Break the cool look of the tiles: fluffy towels, a soft shower mat and art prints on the wall exude harmonious coziness.

Trend No. 2: tiles with characterTOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

Tiles are the be-all and end-all when furnishing the bathroom. If you want to make changes on a large scale with relatively little effort, cover old tiles with new ones. We have summarized the most important trends:

  • XL marble- look tiles : Marble-look tiles look luxurious – ideally in oversize, so that virtually no joints remain visible on the wall. The marble design looks noble and gives the room a visual expanse.
  • Colorful metro tiles: monochrome and yet individual are metro tiles, which provide a fresh atmosphere in the morning in the latest trendy colors such as sage or steel blue. They look particularly interesting when the shower area is tiled in a different color than the rest of the bathroom.
  • Elegant mosaics: In 2025, mosaics will continue to be the bathroom trend. Currently there are mosaic tiles with a matte surface in earthy tones, which may also have metallic effects, for example sand-silver, beige-green or brown-copper.
  • Homely ceramics with a wood look: new ceramic technologies create a completely new ambience if you want to completely design your bathroom: by reminding the surface of the tiles of hand-planed wood and the traces that remain on a wooden surface over time a warm homeliness in the bathroom.
  • Porcelain stoneware with a granite or slate effect: The bathroom with tiles and ceramics made of porcelain stoneware has a special look. This has a matte surface than classic tiles and is often provided with a texture that is reminiscent of slate, sandstone or granite. Irregularities and color variations also create an individual look that makes each tile unique.

Trend No. 3: new fittings

Faucets for the sink and shower are anything but boring today: in refined colors such as brass, copper, gold or black, they stand out from classic stainless steel fittings and give the bathroom a personal touch. Minimalist designs and brushed, matt surfaces give them an elegant look that fits perfectly with the design of current, free-standing washbasins.

For bathrooms in country house or vintage style, there are also old-fashioned fittings with a retro look. In order to maintain the traditional design, a mixer tap is often dispensed with here, so that cold and hot water have to be mixed together manually.

Trend No. 4: Smart Home for your bathroomTOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

Smart home is an issue everywhere: Even in the bathroom, more and more intelligent technology is being installed today, which should make everyday life easier.

Bathroom mirror with intelligent function

Already having the current weather, news or calendar entries displayed while brushing your teeth? A smart bathroom mirror combines the useful with the pleasant: time displays and the weather report are integrated on the reflective surface; further functions are to be added in the future. This saves valuable minutes in the morning and at the same time offers an insight into the future.

Non-contact and hygienic fittings

A special focus is on 2025 bathroom fittings that respond to gestures: the water flow is triggered by a movement in the direction of the tap. In high-quality models, the temperature can be regulated in addition to the water flow. The non-contact systems are not only practical, they are also hygienic – the tap no longer has to be touched with dirty hands. Fewer bacteria accumulate and water stains on the surface of the tap and bathroom ceramics are reduced.

App controlled lighting

What has already become normal in many living rooms is also finding its way into the bathroom: With illuminants that can be controlled via app or voice, the wet area becomes a little smarter. Modern lighting systems use normal lamps and light bulbs to access normal ceiling and wall lamps. The transmitter, which communicates with the app via a gateway, is located in the lamp. In this way, the smart technology does not have to be installed in the walls, but can be used easily without renovation.

Bathroom radio: Smart and insensitive to moisture

With special radios and audio interfaces for the bathroom, you can set your favorite playlist in the morning in the shower. It is important that transmitters and loudspeakers are insensitive to moisture and splash-proof due to the high humidity in the bathroom. Smart radios that respond by voice control can be permanently installed in the bathroom, but can also be mobile and flexible – thanks to intelligent speakers, it is rarely necessary to use more than one device.

Trend No. 5: fresh greenTOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

In 2025 plants don’t just belong on the windowsill, but definitely also in the bathroom. The fresh green creates a lively atmosphere in a room that does not always have a window with daylight. Especially palm trees and subtropical houseplants thrive particularly well in the humidity and warmth of the bathroom.

An advantage of plants in the bathroom that is often forgotten: houseplants contribute to a positive indoor climate and process both the higher humidity and smells in the bathroom as part of natural processes.

Are ideal for the bathroom among others

  • in indoor bathrooms, frugal houseplants that are satisfied with little light, such as cobbler palm, lucky feather and one-leaf.
  • in bathrooms with daylight or special plant lights: ivy, bamboo, yucca palms and aloe vera.

Trend No. 6: spa experience with shower and bathtubTOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

Walk-in shower

What design hotels show is increasingly finding its way into private bathrooms: a walk-in shower is not only functional and barrier-free, but also provides a bit of luxury in the bathroom at home. If you do not have the option of converting the entire shower in a rental apartment, you can create a touch of luxury by installing a rain shower that dispenses large amounts of water from a horizontal fitting.

Freestanding bath

In times when living space is becoming scarcer and bathrooms are correspondingly smaller, a bathtub is already considered a luxury object in many places. Freestanding bathtubs are particularly aesthetic and luxurious, and with their minimalist, modern designs they are a real eye-catcher. Classic bathtubs made of steel enamel with retro fittings and elegant feet are still in trend.

Trend No. 7: bathroom furniture and color trends 2025

So that we can feel comfortable and relax in the bathroom, we should try to avoid chaos. Practical bathroom furniture such as mirror cabinets, tall cabinets, open shelves and, of course, the classic: the vanity unit for the wash basin. In 2025, by the way, washstands will be the order of the day, which will seamlessly connect the cabinet and sink. Towels, cosmetics and everyday items find their place in the bathroom furniture, are quickly at hand and yet hidden behind doors and drawers. Current bathroom furniture helps to keep the bathroom tidy thanks to a well thought-out interior.

Where in the past it was primarily about practical storage space, the focus is now more on optics. Modern bathroom furniture is available in different colors and shapes, so that a uniform ambience is created in combination with the fittings and tiles. A modern bathroom should look like one piece.

The current trends at a glance:

  • Gray is the new basic color: Whether mouse gray, stone gray, dove gray or cement gray – as a neutral tone, gray can be combined well with many other accent colors and also with the currently sought-after vintage designs.
  • Minimalist design: cupboards and shelves are minimalistic, which also offers numerous combination options and fits well into any bathroom, even with particularly challenging architectural conditions.
  • Black bathroom as a new all-rounder: Where white used to be the color of the bathroom, black is also in demand today. Whether black tile mirror, black accessories or current bathroom furniture in black – the color black currently offers numerous variants and will be more and more common in the bathroom in 2025.
  • Handle-less fronts: In line with the minimalist design, bathroom furniture 2025 shows itself with simple handle-less fronts or discreet handle strips. In the first case, doors open by gently pressing the door.
  • Floating furniture: in 2025, bathroom furniture will be hanging more and more directly on the wall instead of standing on its feet. This floating lightness also underlines the desired minimalism, but is also very practical when cleaning the bathroom.
  • Wood for more naturalness: Wood is also a popular element in bathroom 2025. Whether it is furniture made of wood or in a wood look or accessories made of wood – the warm wood color ensures more naturalness and comfort in the bathroom.

Trend No. 8: Smart designs for small bathroomsTOP Bathroom Decorating Trends 2022

Make optimal use of small spaces

Setting up small bathrooms is a particular challenge: the smaller the room, the better the planning should be. In order to make optimal use of the available space, a washstand should be selected, for example, which has practical storage space in the form of drawers or cupboards below the washbasin. On the other hand, no more storage space furniture should be used in small bathrooms; It makes more sense to outsource as much as possible from the bathroom and, for example, to store it in a closet in the hallway or in the bedroom.

A clean design should be chosen to make the small room appear larger. Bright, large ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles make the room appear larger; dark areas should be avoided. Good lighting of the room is also important; mirrors also ensure optical size.


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