6 Latest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Are you looking for inspiration for renovating your bathroom? Do you want to know which interior design and architecture trends will dominate in 2024? In this article we give you the keys to a trendy bathroom.

Trends are evolving and with them the decoration and furnishing of the home. Our house has changed a lot in recent years and adapted to the current situation. In this line, spaces will continue to transform, taking some of the decorative trends that were already present in 2023 a step further.

It’s time for an overview of the interior design and architecture trends that will take center stage in 2024.

These are the 6 bathroom decorating trends to watch in 2024.

Trend 1: Eclectic interiors in modern bathroomsLatest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Why commit to one style? Eclectic spaces will continue to be a trend in bathroom design. Eclecticism is about combining styles from different eras in a way that preserves the history of their elements. For example, we can mix modern bathroom furniture with vintage furniture, minimalist finishes with retro patterns, technology with craftsmanship… and so on, thousands of possibilities.

This means that it is not necessary to completely renovate the bathroom in order to adapt it to the latest design trends. With a proposal based on personalization, Acquabella presents a wide range of products that, through finishes, colors and shapes, allow us to adapt our bathroom to any style, creating spaces rich in details and personality. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

Trend 2: Organic and natural designLatest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Designs inspired by nature will be much more widespread in the next year. Organic and sustainable materials will prevail as a trend in bathroom design in 2024: wood will be the protagonist, present in bathroom furniture, walls, floors and decoration.

We are also witnessing the rise of craftsmanship, with a commitment to km-0 production and handcrafted manufacturing, as a throwback to our origins. And it is the most artisanal work that inspires Acquabella to create the Arabba surface, embodied in the Tempo shower tray model.

Trend 3: The era of wellness in the bathroomLatest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Once upon a time, the term “wellness bath” may have been reminiscent of cold, aseptic rooms. Instead, the concept has given way to a more intimate and personal approach that maintains the minimalist architecture, but this time with a commitment to warmer colors.

So the warm minimalism will have a lot to say, with a clear inspiration from Japanese decoration like Japandi or Wabi Sabi style playing with neutral, soft and earthy tones like beige, cream and tan. In this sense, Acquabella is able to achieve this feeling of well-being thanks to its Standard and Naturally Made color palette, perfect for creating relaxing and cozy bathrooms.

Trend 4: Open-plan shower roomsLatest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Regardless of whether the bathroom is small or large, the latest trends in bathroom design are all about spaciousness and avoiding overcrowding. In this area, custom-made shower trays are the best option to create open-plan spaces. The shower trays, made of resin and mineral fillers, allow a recessed installation that can be adjusted anywhere.

If you prefer the bath (or a shower tray and bath combination), we’ve seen this classic redesigned to take new modern and elegant forms, as a freestanding or freestanding bath. Simple and elegant lines like the bathtubs of Acquabella ‘s Acquawhite collection or much more innovative like the Opal Quiz bathtub, also created by the brand and whose hypnotic geometric design has won numerous international awards.

Trend 5: Neo Art Deco in interior designLatest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Living culture and architecture with curved lines will not only survive in 2024, but also gain momentum. This style trend is inspired by a new take on the sumptuous Art Deco of the 1920s, full of bright colors, exaggerated curves, arches and linear patterns. Slightly eccentric rooms will also be seen in much calmer versions, with bright colors and pastels. Soft-edged furniture and décor complement other edgy pieces and add a touch of romance to rooms.

Following this trend, for 2024 Acquabella proposes bathrooms with a curved design alongside the On-Top XL collection of countertop washbasins in round, square, oval and rectangular formats.

Trend 6: Natural stone and marbleLatest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Large format wall tiles will also be an important trend in interior design in 2024 and therefore we will see their application in the most elegant bathrooms. Luxury and sophistication are brought to life with natural stone and marble on the walls and floors.

Nowadays there are technologies that make it possible to obtain technical materials that convey the elegance of natural stone with additional advantages such as greater lightness, adaptability, antibacterial treatment, easy repair and slip resistance, and much more. This is the case of Akron®, the material developed by Acquabella to recreate the beauty of natural stone in bathrooms: bespoke shower trays, bespoke worktops, wall cladding, countertop washbasins, freestanding bathtubs, bathroom furniture and accessories.

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