5 Bathroom Trends That Are Staying In 2024 And 5 Trends That Are Leaving

Discover the decorative bathroom design trends 2024 that are successful today to update your bathroom, and also those others that will fall into oblivion.

5 Bathroom Trends That Are Staying In 2024

1. Round mirrors

Decorating with round mirrors is a trend. And not only in the bathroom! Also in other spaces of the house such as the bedroom or the hall. Choose a model to your liking and hang it over the sink. Want to keep up? Get a backlit mirror, a way to light up the bathroom that is a hit in 2024.bathroom trends 2024

Ikea under-sink cabinet and sink. Zara Home mirror. Silestone countertop. Fantini taps. Opal model tiles by Cifre Cerámica.

2. The wallpaper

In 2024, wallpaper in the bathroom continues to be the most topical. Although years or decades go by, it does not lose a bit of interest and that is explained by its enormous potential to decorate any corner. The bathroom is no exception, although here you should use vinyl wallpaper, capable of resisting splashes of water and humidity.bathroom trends 2024

Basin unit designed by interior designer Pablo González. Zara Home mirrors. Leroy Merlin wallpaper. Baskets from Maisons du Monde.

3. The black griffins

They have been in the fray for a few years and it does not seem that this is going to change in the short term. Now that we are already in the middle of the first quarter of 2024, we can confirm that the black finish for taps is still valid in the  most modern bathrooms. If you combine them with the screen profiles, also in black, the result could not be more elegant.bathroom trends 2024

Porcelanosa tiles. Taller de las Indias stool.

4. The double sinks

If you have a large bathroom, do not resist placing two identical sinks instead of just one. So you can share the space at certain times without morning discussions. The symmetrical effect is also very decorative. A trend for the bathroom in 2024 that is also still valid.bathroom trends 2024

Vanity unit made to measure according to a design by Antima. Corian countertop and sink. Sconces and mirror by Sandon. Travertine marble flooring.

5. Suspended furniture

Leave the legs aside and opt for suspended furniture, both for the space under the sink and for other corners. They are modern and light, and convey a feeling of space. In addition, since they do not have legs, they facilitate the daily cleaning of the bathroom. You just need a good system of fittings, plugs and screws to fix them safely.bathroom trends 2024

5 Bathroom Trends 2024 That Are Leaving

6. Total white bathrooms

We know everything that this color can do for a space. However, despite the rise of neutral tones, completely white bathrooms have fallen slightly into oblivion. It is not that they have no place in the decorative panorama of 2024, but now is the time to bet on intense and elegant colors: dark blue, deep green, grays and blacks, pinks, etc.bathroom trends 2024

Formani under-sink cabinet. Mirror by Affini Bath. Grohe faucet.

7. Subway tiles

They have occupied a prominent place in kitchens and bathrooms for decades and, although they are still decorative and elegant, in 2024 they will take a backseat. Today, other types of ideas are opted for, such as large-format tiles, pieces with texture or marble coverings.bathroom trends 2024

Furniture designed by Deulonder. Catalina House towels. Mirror by Devon & Devon. Neoceramic Tiles.

8. Retro-style faucets

In terms of taps, the variety is enormous. Among so many options, the models with classic lines lose their validity in this new season, replaced by black, gold or white faucets with a more modern style. These are the ones that attract all eyes today.bathroom trends 2024

9. Pedestal toilets

Just as suspended furniture is highly appreciated today, the same goes for sanitaryware. Those of pedestal lose bellows in favor of those that are fixed to the wall. The latter lighten the space, which is much better in small bathrooms, and allow you to clean the bathroom floor more easily.bathroom trends 2024

Furniture designed by Luderna. Shooters on Etsy. Rock sink. Grohe faucet. Maisons du Monde mirror. La Maison wallpaper.

10. The built-in bathtubs

One of the trends that is bound to disappear in 2024 is that of installing built-in bathtubs. Freestanding models, sculptural and voluminous, take the cake today. These bathtubs decorate themselves and are perfect for spacious bathrooms.bathroom trends 2024

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