15 Inspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

From fluted finishes to forest green, these are the latest bathroom trends for 2023 to consider when updating your bathroom – or just updating the room. And while who follows – and applies – the latest trends doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a timeless look, they are, in our opinion, stylish enough to stand the test of time. So, browse our selection of 15 inspiring new looks for your bathroom.

1.The return of bathroom color and paperInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

The bathrooms are now less white and no longer resemble clinical white, polished ceramic and a contemporary and refined atmosphere.

Instead, people are increasingly confident to be busy and daring in bathrooms and powder rooms.

2021 will be about bringing the outdoors in with biophilia, creating spa-like sanctuaries with intricate murals, and merging vintage and modernity with stunning installations.

Bathtubs in the Victorian style will remain a crucial element in having a chic bathroom in 2021, but they will be harmoniously mixed with modern and elegant alcoves, shiny tiles and the latest technology.

2. A LUXURY INTERIOR SPACEInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Turning an indoor space into a seamless experience to create more satisfying use is key over the next twelve months.

As homeowners we tend to use our bathrooms at least twice a day, studies have shown that the average woman spends at least 29 minutes in this space each day, so it has become a necessity to make sure that the design of the bathroom provides a home spa.

It is necessary to create an atmosphere so that we can linger longer.

The new trend for bathrooms is to include an element of nature as the focal point.

The goal of creating a rich and sensory connotation with nature is increasingly popular.

The connection between water and wellness has never been easier with waterfall showerheads and walk-in showers to replace overly aging bathroom elements.

3. A COCOON SPIRITInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

It’s hardly surprising that after the year 2022, bathroom trends in 2023 are largely dominated by the home spa trend.

The bathrooms are now more areas of well-being to relax.

“We call this trend ‘cocooning’ because it’s a way for people to wrap themselves in comfort and a sense of quiet luxury. ”

Cocooning is an atmosphere that can be created with simple moments that make us take a break, such as the ritual of lighting a scented candle or wrapping ourselves in a warm bathrobe.

Or it can be fully enjoyed with facilities that offer spa-like experiences, such as massage showers, hydrotherapy baths, and state-of-the-art steam rooms and saunas.

4. RIBBED FINISHESInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

A visual and tactile pleasure, the ribbed surfaces have received a contemporary touch in the bathroom. Fluted finishes are in the spotlight in the interiors. The look is reminiscent of Art Deco glamor – think pillar lamps – and now the flute is reinvented.

Delicately ribbed surfaces on vanities and cabinets provide subtle interest, and decorative vertical-grooved glass shower doors provide instant privacy while letting in light.

5. GREEN FOREVERInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

In cabinetry or in plants, this perennial shade can create an invigorating link with nature. The wide variety of eye-catching bathroom tiles, furniture and ceramics in verdant tones provide the opportunity for strong new looks.

In soft tones, green evokes a natural sense of calm and harmony, while bolder, darker tones bring individuality and depth.

Try walls in saturated paint or tile color, or a contemporary vanity or countertop sink.

6. HOT EARTHInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Adopt natural pigments to increase the heat in your bathroom.

Along with the spirit of comfort comes the move towards warmer tones, including terracotta, rust, caramel and biscuit.

Look for tiles in earthy colors and tactile finishes that are the perfect antidote to cold and clinic.

Try contrasting them with black faucets or a black vanity to add definition. Untreated wood also works well, this time echoing the warm, natural vibe.

7. MINIMALIST MOODInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Architecturally and visually, it’s best to keep a bathroom open and not cram too much into it. Change your equipment often, hang your towels on bars or hooks, keep patterns to a minimum, and in general keep things simple.

The room will appear larger if you use a pedestal or wall-mounted sink rather than a bulky vanity, a clear glass door rather than a shower curtain, and reflective surfaces such as large-scale shiny ceramic tiles.

8. LUXURY LIGHTINGInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Oversized or crystal, total glamor is the way to go. The latest innovations mean you don’t have to completely overhaul a drawing to tell the difference. Don’t be afraid to think big.

It takes a bit of courage, but you can afford to use larger lights than you might first think. Tall chandeliers, drum pendant lights and giant floor lamps are all very fashionable for those who like their lighting to stand out.

9. BOTANICAL WALLSInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Embrace bold colors, add lush foliage, and finish the look with some quirky details.

10. INTELLIGENT MEASUREMENTSInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

From fog-proof mirrors, built-in charging and USB ports, LED temperature displays, and automatic hand-wiping sensors, the bathroom is a haven for smart technology. The future is now.

11. THE STRENGTH OF MARBLEInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Marble is definitely enjoying its moment in the limelight. It is a beautiful natural material that comes in a wide variety of colorations, marks and veins. You can never find two identical pieces, which of course adds a lot to its appeal.

Although ‘book-matching’ and ‘vein-matching’ are still popular at high-end properties, especially for those who want something unique.

We are also more adventurous in the choice of marble by incorporating greens, blues, yellows…

12. DARK ARTSInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Keep the look modern and fresh by opting for textured porcelain tiles. This look will also be at the forefront of kitchen design for 2021.

13. WINDOW CLADDINGInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Window treatments play a crucial role in a successful interior design, and bathrooms are now taking note.

A well-chosen curtain can add drama and elegance to a bathroom, as well as warmth.

14. LIVING COLORInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

It’s the return of colors in the bathroom.

15. BECOME BOLD WITH SINKS AND CONSOLESInspirational New Looks For Bathroom Renovation 2023

Choosing a sink can arguably be one of the most difficult tasks when designing a new bathroom, as there must be a balance between aesthetics, functionality, installation and budget.

Designs will also include more alternatives to ceramic basins using new materials such as glass, concrete, pressurized surfaces and mineral cast basins.

The Brave New World Year of Color goes hand in hand with warmer toned surfaces, real-looking wood and more curved lines as opposed to the cold, hard surfaces normally found in the bathroom.

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