11 Practical Bathroom Design Trends 2025

Practical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Obviously, creating stylish interior designs is not a skill. In fact, it is an art that not only speaks differently, but is perceived by everyone as unique. Good bathroom design trends 2022 are those that create a comfortable, functional and practical interior. What should it define or reflect? First of all, mood, lifestyle, personality and taste.

Several combinations of paint, texture and fabric can be used to create great designs in very different ways. Often, simple, clean and straight lines are enough mixed with modern furniture. And now, the impression is created, the new project is ready. All of this is true, but most bathrooms in an urban environment are small.

1. What we need from a bathroom design?Practical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Space requires careful planning of the interior, which must be practical, functional, and use every centimeter of space. But at the same time, we must not forget about the aesthetics and ergonomics of the bathroom.

The following will help you to achieve the required interior:

  • artificially created sensations or illusions of space;
  • brilliantly decorated pieces of furniture;
  • practical storage ideas;
  • well-thought-out organizational plans.

Of course, all of the above will only work in conjunction with basic interior design principles for small spaces. About them, about ideas for bathroom design, and will be discussed.

2. Create the illusion of spacePractical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Typically, choosing the right colors and creating the right hue combinations can optically increase or decrease the space. It is always advisable to consider the optical influence of color in a given area before making a final decision. Obviously, the colors of the walls and floors are the basis of any successful interior.

Light colored walls make the room feel airy and larger. On the other hand, darker colors have the opposite effect, absorbing light rather than reflecting it back. A white ceiling with cool bright hues on the wall (like a cool bright blue), or maybe wallpaper of the same shade with small patterns can give the room an expanded look.

The use of bright cool colors optically raises the ceilings. When it comes to using a color picker, the safest approach is to keep the walls and ceiling the same light shade. If you’re short on space, avoid wood paneled bathroom design ideas. Wallpaper with large patterns or very dark colors on the walls will not work. These techniques give the impression that the room is smaller than it actually is.

3. Maximize your areaPractical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Instead of giving up hope over a small space, focus on maximizing the space you already have. So, pick the right wall and floor colors. After that, use large-sized light colored tiles on your bathroom floors. To make it look less cluttered and, accordingly, more spacious.

Using the same light color on walls and floors can make a space seem more voluminous and airy than it actually is. Choose tiles in neutral colors and simple patterns. It should be borne in mind that light shades, fewer seams and a finer texture, combined with the appropriate color on the walls and ceiling, contribute to the creation of more open and spacious interiors.

4. What do we do with the window? If it is of course therePractical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Unfortunately, this part of the review is only for happy owners of bathrooms with a window. Perhaps natural light in the bathroom is one of the best tools for creating the illusion of a large space. Therefore, to maximize sunlight penetration, leave the window completely open. The idea is that the design of the bathroom merges with the environment. The result is an illusion of depth and space.

Use light, light-colored curtains in case the windows are better closed. The main thing is that the windows are minimally closed. Consider that blinds, roller blinds and other curtains blend in with the color of the bathroom walls. Although a lighter shade is allowed. It also works to visually increase the space. Open curtains and blinds whenever possible. This will ensure maximum sunlight in the room.

For small rooms, do not get carried away with too fancy curtains. They tend to disrupt the integrity of the bathroom interior. In addition, excessive drapery visually divides the room, creating a closed appearance.

5. Create a center of coordination or focusPractical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

The main idea behind creating a focal point is to focus on one place. A focus on one point draws our attention to it, allowing our eyes to ignore what is happening in the bathroom.

A coordination center will help distract attention from the environment, thus creating a sense of spaciousness. The next bathroom design idea is based on achieving the maximum sense of space through a focal point. Place the focus where your eyes tend to automatically draw. Hence, the rest of the decor is overlaid around the point. Thus, the eyes no longer deviate into individual elements.

Bathroom focal points can be any noticeable d├ęcor, object or function in the room that can draw all the attention to the point.

6. Use vertical spacesPractical Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Installing hanging shelves and cabinets on the wall can help us use free vertical spaces. Tall shelves and cabinets not only help create valuable storage space, but they also keep your bathroom free of many unnecessary items and distractions. This makes the room seem spacious and less busy.

In addition, tall shelves and storage compartments make the bathroom look taller as we look up. Make sure the height of the cabinets or shelves are light in color and don’t contrast too much with the walls. Strong contrast or solid color will create the feeling of being sliced into smaller pieces. And as a result, they will not let the eyes slip and feel the spaciousness.

7. Use mirrors

Mirrors are without a doubt the best tool for creating the illusion of space. They have the ability to amplify both natural and artificial light and then emit it throughout the room. The idea is that the effect of the mirrors adds expression to the bathroom design. At the same time, the room itself looks much larger than it actually is.

Creating space through this illusion is critical when designing any small room. It is safe to say that there is no better friend than a mirror for a small bathroom.

Large floor-to-ceiling mirrors, mirrored cabinets and door fronts, as well as wall-mounted mirrors make a tangible contribution to creating a spacious look. To create the illusion of depth, which in turn leads to the illusion of spaciousness, place mirrors behind the light source or towards the focal point of the room.

8. Digital printing on canvas

The next bathroom design idea is digital canvas printing. Beautiful and modern prints can create interesting and unique accents on the wall. Various prints will shape any desired look and mood. From traditional wall designs to vintage style designs. These accents can enhance or create any style you want.

Natural backgrounds, including natural and seascapes, bring nature to our home. Landscapes cheer you up and give you a sense of tranquility. These paintings and posters, when thought out and placed in the right place, can serve as a tool for creating the illusion of space in a small bathroom. Also, focus can be created using prints.

For example: a vertical striped canvas running across the height of a room can create the effect of taller walls. Walls can also be stretched across horizontal stripes of canvas prints. This visually achieves a large width. The trick is to make the decor of the room very simple and straightforward. It’s easier to say that the stripes work like magic.

9. Placement of furniture

Placing furniture in a bathroom can be a tricky decision. Especially if the room is small. After all, furniture should be placed in such a way that the room seems spacious and not cramped. As a rule, all objects are placed along the walls to create free space in the center. And here you can not do without fresh ideas in the design of the bathroom. Take into account the fact that by leaving a little space around the furniture, you can get the effect of opening the space.

In small areas, keep the space open and avoid subdividing it into smaller areas. The fact is, larger pieces look better when surrounded by space. But keep in mind that nothing should block the view in the room, disturb the open space or visually divide it.

10. Transparent furniture

Transparent glass and acrylic furniture is a great option for placing in a small space. Glass partitions and curtains, as well as transparent furniture, tend to blend smoothly with other interior items, creating a feeling of spaciousness. Transparent elements not only create the illusion of extra space, but also stand out to accentuate the style.

If you cannot reduce the number of items in a small bathroom, but are afraid that the room will look overloaded, transparent partitions, curtains, furniture and even plumbing may be the best solution.

11. Intelligent storage in the bathroom

Practicality and functionality are two basic requirements in bathroom design. If you have a small bathroom but don’t have extra space outside to store toiletries and other everyday items, you need to create smart storage spaces inside the bathroom. All intelligent storage takes up vertical space, which means it doesn’t take up much space. Use walls wisely, placing storage areas so they don’t look unkempt or cramped.

The shelves above the toilet are one of the best solutions, making excellent use of the vertical space left above the toilet. You can store towels and other items inside drawers. Or use open shelves for attractive arrangement of items. Thus, this idea enhances the beauty and maintains the color scheme of the bathroom design.

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