10 Ways to Deal with the Tiny Size of Small Bathroom

ways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom“Most people didn’t think too much about the size of the bathroom until they were stuck in a room the size of a matchbox.” An overview for those who live in a home with a small bathroom.

Urban development is booming, which certainly means that a lot of new, often small apartments are being built and bought. As a result, bathrooms in apartments with new layouts are already slightly larger than in old houses. But all the same, the desired room with a window is still far away. Therefore, photos of small bathrooms and 10 topical ways to solve the problem will help to cope with the space.

1. First, prioritizeways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom

There is no reason why your towels, shower caps and cosmetics should be stowed away in closets. A simple shelf can look great if neatly filled with rolled towels. Accordingly, other items for the bathroom will also perfectly fit there. But, unfortunately, over time, the bubbles of nail polish lined up on the shelf do not look very attractive. In addition, vintage men’s razors double on the rack as interesting artifacts.

Think about what items you would like to keep in your closets. Then, without hesitation, prioritize the space for more aesthetically pleasing items. Take some time for some visual examples in the photo, here are stylish interiors of small bathrooms.

2. Second, install the shelves where they work bestways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom

Most bathroom items are light enough that you can temporarily install thin shelving anywhere. Tip: think high. For example, if you install a simple shelf directly under the ceiling, you will have ample space to store spare rolls of toilet paper and other essentials.

3. Third, be creativeways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom

You can use hanging bags, boxes, or vintage fruit crates. Agree, plastic, glass or metal shelves are the ideal solution. In addition, ceramics for storing accessories will decorate a small bathroom. Don’t forget, the spice racks serve as an excellent holder for cosmetics. Accordingly, clean hanging pots can be a great place to store combs and hair products. See creative examples in the photo of small bathrooms.

4. Perhaps put the rotating makeup organizer in the cabinet

Another alternative to the labeled box method is to put a rotating organizer in your closet. As a rule, everyday little things are stored in it. The rotating organizer is a small circular plate that sits on top of another smaller plate so it can rotate around and provide 360 degree access. It’s an easy way to keep everything you need close at hand. Plus, it prevents your tiny closets from becoming a common disaster area.

5. In particular, use labeled boxesways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom

So, buy small boxes and divide them into categories that suit you. For example, “skin care”, “children” or “shaving”. Store these boxes on a shelf or closet and label them clearly. When you need a specific item, take the box, use the food inside, toss it back and naturally, put the box back on the shelf.

This method completely removes clutter in the bathroom and keeps closets and shelves tidy. Obviously, order is a must for a small but neat bathroom.

6. Then install the storage jars and containers on the walls

There is no reason you can’t store things like pads, cotton balls, and cotton swabs in gorgeous jars that are attached to the wall. By the way, stylish jars are sold with wall mounting options. To secure them, it is enough to use heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape. Look at the photos of small bathrooms, here are excellent examples.

7. Also, use the area above the toiletways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom

This area is often neglected, but if wisely, it is a treasure trove of free space. You can purchase racks above the toilet and use them as a place to store spare rolls of toilet paper, towels. Obviously, they have room for cleaning equipment and boxes of various items. Photos of small bathrooms, we hope, will inspire you with new ideas.

8. Use magnetic stripes

Also, stick a small piece of metal on the packaging of the cosmetic. Next, attach a strip of magnet to the spare wall section. Great, just attach the contents to the magnet and keep it clean, tidy and out of the way.

9. Meanwhile, don’t forget the back of the door

The back of the door is one of the most inconspicuous areas of the house, especially in a small room. In all likelihood, there are many hanging shelves and hooks that can be used on the back of the door to save space in the bathroom. Keep in mind, they are ideal for storing appliances like hair straighteners as well as towels and bathrobes.

10. Install the holders for electrical appliancesways to deal with the tiny size of small bathroom

Consider purchasing holders or accessories for your appliances, such as hair dryers and shavers. If you have a place to store these things, there will probably be more order in the closet.


Are you enough ideas? If not, then visit the impressive photo gallery with various chips for a small bathroom.

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