10 Original Toilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

What decoration idea for original toilets in 2024?

Toilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

An unloved and often neglected space in the interior, the WC can also be considered as a room in its own right. Difficult to revamp them? Quite the contrary! The toilet does not have to be in keeping with the styles of other rooms in the house. So, it’s the ideal space to let go and give free rein to your decorative desires without necessarily doing major work. A few adjustments and decorative tips are enough to radically transform it. The proof in 10 original toilet decoration ideas for 2024!

10 original bathroom decor ideas for 2024 to copy to chic-ize yours!

Are your toilets looking gloomy? Want to give them a second life in 2024, but your budget is limited? Carefree ! A few small decorative changes are enough to transform the most intimate room of the house. Here are 10 to copy for the chic-iser without spending too much.

Wallpaper in the WC, why not?Toilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

And if you let yourself be tempted by the trend of tropical wallpaper to decorate your toilet at a low price? Well chosen and well laid, this type of covering has everything it takes to give a little too sad a bathroom a twist. The key is to find a trendy model with waterproof properties. If your bowl is in the bathroom, it is absolutely necessary to look for a “washable” mention. In this case, two options are possible: vinyl wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. A good alternative to these? The wall decals! Declinable at will, they will make you smile when you wake up while brushing your teeth.

Original storageToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

Generally, in the bathroom, we prefer closed and classic storage. But why not a small wooden bookcase in your toilet to read in peace? Natural and always in style, wood promises to create a warm atmosphere in your toilet. If the room does not allow you to install large designer furniture, consider the storage spaces integrated into the wall.

A fresco on the ceiling for original and arty toiletsToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

Wallpaper in the bathroom is more trendy than ever! But for a change, make your cabinets an arty and chic place with a mural on the ceiling. A marble floor covering and a few vintage decorative objects will only refine the whole.

Decoration original toilets 2024: A cozy carpetToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

You don’t like the floor of your toilets, but you can’t afford to change it? The kilim rug comes to your rescue. If the size of the room permits, consider having several to camouflage your old siding and instantly brighten up the space. Another decorative option? An imitation cement tile vinyl floor. It is an excellent idea to dare to define the space of the toilets when the latter are in the bathroom. In this case, you can also change the shower curtains. Easily messy and not always too decorative, however, the bath curtain has great potential to transform your sad little bathroom.

A chalk wallToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

In recent years, in decoration as in the world of DIY, raw materials are booming. So why not invite slate paint into your toilets to enhance the walls? Original and economical, this idea will delight the whole household. Drawing on the walls becomes possible and even a decorative asset in its own right that will amaze young and old.

Wood, white and black – The winning trio for original toiletsToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

Looking for an original and timeless bathroom decor idea? The wood-white-black trio has worked wonderfully in toilets over time. The extra touch? Some beautiful green plants!

Original graphic toiletsToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

Geographic shapes are a safe bet in the bathroom with toilet. With a tile pattern (but in a different color), you can create a graphic and original WC decor. In order not to overload the mood too much, combine white with pastel or nude tones, focusing on one wall. Avoid the total look!

Original toilets 2024: A wooden wallToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

In interior decoration, wood no longer has to prove its charm, even in the toilet. Whatever its essence, it makes all the difference. The wooden slats dress the whole room giving it a warm atmosphere. As for the green color, it animates the space and brings a playful touch.

Original toilet decoration 2024: A two-tone wallToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

Small and devoid of windows, the toilets are often exempt from natural light. To illuminate them, you have to play with the right colors. Here is an original decor idea that can make the room bright and optimistic at the same time: a nice gradient of light blue and orange.

Ikea hack for the toiletToilet Decoration Ideas For 2024

For an original flap that changes, bet on the KULLARNA model from IKEA and decorate it with stickers or masking tape. These are also very suitable for making a wall of frames  without opting for frames.

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