10 New Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

New Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This FallThe fall brings the new trends for the house and the bathroom is no slouch. The new course also brings new ideas to decorate the bathroom with style and that, from what they seem, will continue throughout the winter and will conquer 2023. New ways of lighting, of using coatings, finishes that give warmth and accessories that provide of elegance. We analyze which are the bathroom trends that will conquer this fall.

Large formats in coatingsNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

We saw it last season and this fall, this trend is making a comeback. The oversized formats tiles are the most popular for swimming and no wonder. They expand the space and offer a greater feeling of cleanliness thanks to the fewer number of joints. In addition, the effect is much more elegant and sophisticated. And it is something that we will see on both floors and walls.

Wood conquers the bathroom againNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

And not only in bathroom furniture. Also coatings have conquered wood finish walls and floors in order to add warmth and style to the bathroom. And it is that the current finishes are very realistic and welcoming. Thus, the large formats that we talked about before conquer the shower area, but also the floors.

And, as we mentioned, in furniture they have become the star material. Thanks to the treatments applied to the wood, they are resistant, decorative and perfect for decorating the bathroom.

Rear-lit mirrorsNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

In recent years lighting has undergone a radical change thanks to led lights. Thus, new designs that incorporate this technology are more efficient and pollute and spend less. The bathroom mirrors have been one of those elements in which led lights have been a revolution. The backlit models offer a warm and pleasant lighting in the bathroom, as well as creating a much more welcoming atmosphere.

The shower and the bathtub, together but not mixedNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

Another solution that we have seen with the arrival of autumn has been how the shower and the bathtub have made peace and shared space again, especially in large bathrooms. On the one hand, freestanding bathtubs do not lose their own prominence, although now they share the space with the shower. And it is that its new location is protected by the shower panels and they are next to each other.

Shower panels with black barsNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

We have seen them in the walls and glass panels that are used to separate environments in the rest of the house. Now, they are also transferred to the bathroom through the fixed shower panels. It is a resource that gives the bathroom personality and gives it a certain industrial point. There are also models that carry the bars inside the glass, preventing it from getting so dirty and helping a lot in cleaning.

The wall-mounted faucet that gains centimetersNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

If you are considering renovating the bathroom, do not hesitate to change the countertop faucet for a wall- mounted faucet model. The great advantage of these types of in-wall faucets is that they offer a cleaner image in the sink, they accumulate less dirt and they save space, which makes them perfect for small bathrooms. In this mini bathroom they have placed a model in a gold finish, which offers elegance and sophistication.

Marble finishesNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

And no, not only on the walls or through countertops and decorative details. Now also sinks and bathtubs have a marbled finish that gives the bathroom elegance and, at the same time, adds a lot of personality. This is something that new materials such as quartz and synthetic resins such as Silestone, Technostone or Corian facilitate. Ceramic also offers new finishes that imitate marble with incredible results.

The combination of black and whiteNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

Although it has never gone away, now the bathroom is once again the protagonist of this elegant trend with a more modern and sophisticated point. And is that with a clear predominance of white and details in black, this mix regains strength. Details such as the taps, the profiles of the screens and even the frame of the mirror in black will give the bathroom a modern and trendy image.

Tiles with glossy finishesNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

In smaller wall coverings, tiles, the glossy finish has become one of the most used by interior designers. It is a resource that allows color to be included in the space while lighting it up thanks to its finish that reflects light and makes the space more luminous. Now, it only works with small-format tiles, with which you can play with their placement, horizontally or vertically, to direct the light beam.

The lights are revolutionized in the bathroomNew Bathroom Trends That Will Triumph This Fall

The backlit mirrors in the bathroom are already a reality, but we have also seen how other lamps have been included with a decorative objective. Until now, bathroom lighting used to be purely functional and for a practical purpose. On the other hand, the new trends in bathrooms bring stylish designs, typical of a living room or a dining room, that raise the level of the room and give character to the space.

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