10 Bathroom Trends 2025 – Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion DesignPlanning a bathroom renovation? Before you start, check out what trends are on your way in 2025! Bathroom 2025 is a huge selection of fashion trends, among which there is always an idea that catches the soul.

Perhaps this is a design inspired by the love of green plants. Or sophisticated and detailed tiles in neutral natural tones. Or bathroom accessories that highlight the individuality of the owners. To help you decide what your new space should look like, this overview brings together bathroom trends 2025.

1. Biophilic bathroom designBathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

If you’re a nature lover, be sure to check out this biophilic design trend! This direction helps to find relief and relaxation through natural tranquility. It has been proven that we are much more efficient, calmer and more focused when we are surrounded by nature.

What does biophilic bathroom design 2025 give? It’s a quick way to make the space look like it was thrown out into nature. Here, of course, many plants will act as a decor. You can create a wall full of greenery or choose tiles made from natural materials. Alternatively, opt for a stand-alone bathtub and sink with an unusual shape, inspired by nature. When it comes to colors for the space, choose soothing tones with shades of white, gray and green.

Wallpaper with greenery is best for a ladies’ washroom. When we connect with nature, lighting also plays a pretty big role. An additional skylight will only enhance the bathroom’s connection to nature. Although even in the absence of windows, installing a dimmer will allow you to simulate natural light.

2. Bathtubs and sinks: bathroom trends 2025 for cultural fitBathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Freestanding bathtubs are relevant and a popular trend for bathroom 2025. Typically, designers are only rethinking cultural traditions. And the inspiration is, firstly, the Japanese bathrooms and secondly, the natural asymmetrical shapes and artisan atmosphere.

This back-to-basics style brings our origins and culture to the fore with its imperfect yet sophisticated forms.

How to integrate this? Your separate bathtub can be installed against a wall, in the center of a room, or even in a corner. It all depends on the location you have. For washbasins, use natural, rough materials such as stone, concrete, marble. Preserving the natural appearance of the stone is perfect and collecting stones with many convex veins is wonderful!

3. Simple decor means light on the fixtureBathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

If you love minimalist bathroom designs, this look is for you. In addition to lighting on fittings, use open showers with glass walls. Keep in mind, many plumbing companies have gone out of their way to create many minimalist details. And you just have to choose according to the style. Undoubtedly, the new models are unique and interesting. Goodbye chrome! It’s time to choose between black, gold, copper, matte or shiny.

What’s important in minimal bathroom design 2025? The main thing is to create a simple interior with emphasis on accents. For example, unique bathroom fixtures need to be paired with simple-looking tiles so they can be at the forefront of your bathroom design. Alternatively, it is better to install a shower with a glass wall.

4. Popular colors for your bathroom 2025Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

According to the Milan Design Show, champagne, light yellow and pumpkin red are in vogue for 2025. Given that yellow and orange are pretty close to your face, it’s important to apply them discretely.

It is important to understand the peculiarities of using these shades. It is not worth painting or revealing the walls with these tones; it is enough to purchase colorful accessories.

5. Terrazzo is still a favorite material in bathroom trends 2025Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Back on trend in 2019, terrazzo remains a favorite material from Venice for many designers. The combination of natural stone, cement and marble can now be found everywhere: in decorative accessories, wall surfaces, countertops and more.

For the bathroom, this material is most commonly found along shower walls and floors, or replaces a ceramic sink. This Italian material is definitely never boring with its unlimited mix of colors and materials!

What’s new when integrating with the bathroom trend 2025? Terrazzo is a durable material, which makes it naturally tinted options favorable to use. Since it is made from different materials, it has a fragmented texture. Therefore, it is better to settle for rather small fragmented terrazzos.

6. Outdoor shower in the bathroom 2025Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

When it comes to shower options, there are many different types on the market. However, open concept showers are quite popular, especially multifunctional and fully equipped ones. For example, built-in bench, exterior lighting, fog mirrors, linear drain, etc.

For the new bathroom trends 2025, there are also shower and bath combination options. Typically, a bath with shower can be separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall. The advantage of this view? The bathroom looks much more spacious.

Before creating such a project, it is important to think about practicality. A shower can be a great idea, but not nearly as practical for daily use. If they are both combined into one whole, then any remaining water or soap ends up not only on the bottom of the shower, but also on the bath. If space permits, it is more comfortable to have an open shower and a separate bath.

7. Furniture and console fittings in bathroom trends 2025Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

2025 is still about console furniture, which is fundamentally different from massive cabinets and cabinets. Ergonomic furniture fits perfectly into small bathrooms and offers a number of benefits. First, the consoles make the room look much larger and free up space from huge pieces of furniture. Almost all bathrooms benefit from this trend.

What is valued in the bathroom interior 2025? If there is a place where we collect a bunch of groceries, this is definitely the bathroom! To be able to integrate this look and feel, you only need to store the essentials. Considering that bathrooms are warm and humid, it is advisable to keep anything that can “spoil” (for example, perfume) away.

8. The huge potential of tiny bathroomsBathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Do you need to remodel your washroom or toilet? In this case, the genius of the designers is especially evident. After all, decorate a space of 2-3 sq.m. really hard. But, it’s real, and as a result, these rooms look just as great as full-fledged bathrooms. By the way, oddly enough, there is an advantage here. Since the area is small, a selection of luxury materials is more affordable. We also see wallpaper on accent walls in ladies’ rooms or floor-to-ceiling tiles. In addition, you can install unique sinks with interesting shapes and structures made of concrete or marble.

What’s new in bathroom design 2025? To make the most of your space, storage can be positioned up to the ceiling. If the size of your bathroom doesn’t allow you to fully express yourself, make it a well-organized space with personal touches.

9. Exquisite and sought-after tilesBathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

When it comes to tile selection, it’s all about the details. Extravagant looking tiles are almost entirely absent from 2025 bathroom interiors. In the foreground are neutral color palettes in grays and matte blacks. For a slightly more dynamic look, you can opt for textured tiles. If not, then there is a high quality tile that has both matte and gloss properties. Luxury in subtlety!

What does tile look like in bathroom trends 2025? It’s nice to have expensive tiles in your room. But trends are not about that. Designers enjoy new styles, but it’s always best to opt for a more elegant look that will stand the test of time. If you definitely want to choose colored tiles, stop at options that can be described as “nothing special”.

10. 2025 bathroom lightingBathroom Trends Of 2022 - Step By Step Guide To Fashion Design

Lighting is incredibly important in your bathroom. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for practicality. The trend next year is towards minimalist and linear lighting that allows other elements in the bathroom to shine brightly. Fixtures and appliqu├ęs are also popular, but will feature simple and clean lines.

Which is preferable in 2025? If you are planning to remodel your entire bathroom, consider installing light strips between the walls and the suspended ceiling. If this is not possible, choose a mirror with built-in lighting.


Probably the most up-to-date of the galleries is the 2025 Bathroom Photo Gallery. Bathroom designs are constantly being added, where there is always an idea for a stunning design for your space. Designer bathroom interiors 2025 is the key to your success without involving specialists.

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